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Betrayal? Astrology-based Advice

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librapurse niceHi Elsa,

The last two relationships I have been in ended badly because both were not honest with me about their feelings for their exes. I felt horribly betrayed by them. What the hell was the point of our relationships anyway?!

I have since moved to a new country and everything is going really well. I have great friends, and am greatly enjoying being single. Still, I would really like a man’s companionship.

I’m just wondering if you see anything happening in terms of my relationships. Will something happen soon, or do I still need to rebuild myself from these past betrayals?

Single Gal

Dear Single,

Looking at your chart, I don’t see you going without a relationship for long. You’re simply more happy and comfortable when you’re partnered up. And I am not trying to minimize your pain. But since you’ve had this same scenario constellate twice in a row… well that is a lot of information and you only need to use it.

At this point, I’d suggest you lose the “victim” position completely and take responsibility and control for your love life. By that I mean, forget about feeling something has been done to you, or perpetrated against you. Instead of seeing it as a betrayal, understand you’ve made choices and screwed up twice here. So make a vow to yourself that you’ll keep your eyes open next time.

For example, if you meet a guy and he talks about his ex all the time, then run for the hills!!! Sounds pretty simple, huh? And can you see how this puts you in the position of power? You can be in the land of “been there, done that” around this issue at any time. So why not today?

Good luck.


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  • RJ

    Warning signs that your current boyfriend might not be completely over his ex:

    – He still carves fresh “homemade” tattoos of her name into his ankle/wrist/forehead

    – Just as he climaxes during sex, he looks up at the wall above the headboard, where he still hangs her picture

    – Whenever she calls him on the other line, he lets you go. And then you don’t hear from him for days. When you do hear from him again, he is a sobbing mess. Also, he has the clap.

    – His ex-girlfriend is Angelina Jolie.

    – His “ex-girlfriend” was a post-op male.