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Best ways to live your Life – youarenotgod style

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Apparently, life has so many ways of living it that much of our time is spent thinking about what to do about it that we don’t usually do the things that make an impact to our lives. Here’s some ways to buff up that half hanging life and boost up the adrenaline youarenotgod’s style.

Age 0 -21 : Do whatever you want, don’t even think too much, just enjoy while you can just don’t fail your exams. Remember, at this stage. AVERAGE IS OK. Good is enough.

Age 22-33 : A young Adult’s life is very much different, mediocre will be punished, good enough is NOT good enough. It’s a good time to start something and make some serious networking or you’ll be left behind like an elephant in a cheetah race or the other candidate in the presidential race.

Now is pretty much a good time to stop all time wasters you did in your younger days like playing video games for a week till you complete it, battling in Counterstrike, drinking, smoking, slacking at coffee outlets, pubs, clubbing, sleeping the whole day, watching TV just for company, 24/7 dating, soccer…

Maynas’s Recommendation of the day pin points the activities an adventurer should consider doing:

Work for half a year, stop work for half a year.

Now is promptly the best time of your life to learn something useful that you can apply to the rest of your whole life. Working half a year without a life (work is work) for the cash so you can concentrate on building a business & investing the later half of the year. During those 6 months, spend 40 hardcore days to hone up to each new set of skills.

The Best Skills – some suggestions …

For Worldly Network: Learning a new language,

For Exercise :Dancing

For Self Worth :Painting

For Ego :Public speaking (in a beer hall about political things, philosophy)
For Leisure : Cooking, Photography, Good software.

No, reading is not included because one should read every day of the year and I don’t reccomand marriage.

Ponder over each point above for a few seconds and you’ll discover that these skills are actually selected as life long skills. An example of not a life long skill would be Soccer, there’s a reason why soccer players retire in their early thirties. Anyone wants to add in anything that we can all learn ?

Age 33 – 40 : Build up your reputation

Age 40 and above : Time for some serious stuff, go for president, write the greatest book, save a country, film the greatest movie, build a clone, discover the secret to cure incurable diseases, discover Immortality so you don’t have to feel old.

Any comments ?

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  • Eric Olsen

    excellent and perceptive analysis ot life’s stages – thanks and welcome! I’m both behind an ahead of your schedule

  • Thanks Eric, nice to see your comments here and also would like to compliment you for a good job for overseeing the site.