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Best Positions for Baby Making

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Many people are constantly inquiring about the best sexual positions for baby making. There are some positions that are more popular than others; however not all positions are optimal for baby making. For instance, when a woman is sitting upright on top of the man, once he ejaculates the sperm immediately begins traveling back towards the entrance of the vagina.

See, any position that leaves sperm around the cervix is a good position for baby making. The goal is to get as much sperm as possible close to the opening of the cervix during a woman’s ovulation cycle. Generally, if you’re trying to conceive you should know when you are ovulating. There are different ways to go about charting your cycles, however the most popular are the ovulation kits you can buy over the counter at any local drugstore (usually next to the pregnancy tests).

So, if you’re ovulating and you plan on having intercourse you should know there are certain positions that statistically work better than others. The best positions are said to include the missionary position, from behind or “doggy style” position, and the spooning position. The worst positions are said to include when the woman is on top, or when both people are standing or sitting. Gravity plays the major role in these positions, as they don’t allow the sperm to hang around the cervix for more than a few minutes.

Women ovulate for up to 72 hours. During that time, only one egg is released. Therefore, if there isn’t any sperm waiting to fertilize the egg when it’s released, conception will have to wait another month or cycle. I encourage women who want to get pregnant to chart or track their ovulation cycle, and during those 12-72 hours, I would make sure there is plenty of sperm hanging around the cervix by having sex in positions that are consistent with allowing deep penetration.

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