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Best of Television 2005 – Blogcritics Style

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Readers and editors worked together to come up with these fine lists of all that epitomizes the best of television over the last year. I think each selection is valid in its own right and dispute none of the nominations.

Perhaps the strangest part of the whole nominating process is that I wasn’t the first to suggest Craig Ferguson in any category. I think that shows great restraint on my part. Fortunately, someone else stepped up to the plate and made sure his name appeared on the list at least once.

[ADBLOCKHERE]Actually, there are so many wonderful shows on TV anymore, so many great moments, and such talent, we’re lucky we can pull ourselves away from the glowing box long enough to check out what’s online! Many thanks to all who participated. Your input was invaluable!

So, without further ado, here are the nominations for the Best of Television 2005:

Best TV Show Nominees:

  • Rescue Me (FX)
  • Surface (NBC)
  • West Wing (NBC)
  • The Wire (HBO)
  • Six Feet Under (HBO)
  • My Name is Earl (NBC)
  • Criminal Minds (CBS)
  • Battlestar Galactica (Sci-Fi Channel)
  • The Shield (FX)
  • Monk (USA)
  • Lost (ABC)
  • Boston Legal (ABC)
  • The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson (CBS)

Best TV Personality Nominees:

  • Geena Davis as President MacKenzie Allen on Commander-in-Chief (ABC)
  • Baby sea monster Nim from Surface (NBC)
  • Terry O’Quinn as John Locke on Lost (ABC)
  • Danny Bonaduce of Breaking Bonaduce (VH1)
  • Larry David of Curb Your Enthusiasm (HBO)
  • Craig Ferguson of The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson (CBS)
  • Crab Man from My Name is Earl (NBC)
  • Stewie Griffin of The Family Guy (Fox)
  • Stephen Colbert of The Colbert Report (Comedy Central)
  • Tony Shaloub as Monk (USA)
  • Tyra Banks of Tyra and America’s Next Top Model (various stations)

Best Moment on Television:

  • David Letterman and Oprah Winfrey sit and chat on The Late Show with David Letterman(CBS)
  • The scene from Surface when an enormous sea monster emerges from the bathysphere to eat a ship (NBC)
  • The opening of the hatch on Lost (ABC)
  • Coverage of Hurricane Katrina (multiple stations)
  • The return of The Family Guy after its long hiatus (FOX)
  • James Spader’s acceptance speech at the 2005 Emmy Awards (CBS)
  • Craig Ferguson and Sharon Stone openly flirting on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson (which led to dinner and speculation in the press) (CBS)
  • Joy and Crab Man’s wedding on My Name is Earl when Joy gets hit in the face with a soccer ball. (NBC)
  • Tyra Banks’ final walk down the runway on the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show (CBS)

Step on up to the “ballot box” in the comments below and register your votes based on the lists above.

I have to run. It’s prime time and I have to set up the VCR so I don’t miss a minute of my shows.

By the way, anyone who chips in for my new TV gets two or three votes.

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  • Fantastic list, shows that there is great stuff going on in TV-land !

  • I like how the actor who plays Crab Man is referred to here as… Crab Man !

    My wife reminded me that Crab Man is the star of a popular commercial, I think the one where the dude is walking through an office with a cart… office supplies, maybe?

  • -E

    If I have to vote based on this list 😛

    Stewie or Locke. I hate babies, but Stewie is cool.
    Opening of the hatch.

  • 1. The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson- predictable? I think so.
    2. Craig Ferguson, although Nim was a very close second.
    3. The scene from Surface when an enormous sea monster emerges from the bathysphere to eat a ship – OMG! How many nighmares did I have with that exact scene ever since I saw the Jaws commercial when I was a wee kid? Many, many nightmares. That scene gave me chills!

  • Best TV Show: The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, followed closely by Lost. And Joey (which isn’t on the list, but fans of LLS will get this one)

    Best TV Personality: Craig Ferguson

    Best Moment on TV: Opening the hatch on Lost, followed by Craig and Sharon flirting on LLS

  • JR

    Colbert, all categories.

  • 1. Battlestar Galactica
    2. Craig Ferguson
    3. Hurricane Katrina

  • Wait, where’s Jon Stewart’s name? I’d give him the award over Colbert any day or especially that
    poster, O’Reilly.

  • Bennett

    Crab Man, aka Darnel is an amazing character. Endearing and prone to unexpected outbursts of philosophical wisdom. Kudos to the writers for giving such great lines to what I thought would be only a bit player in this surprisingly funny TV show.

    When the best of America comes to you via the trailer park, you know the world is getting to be a better place…

  • 1. Rescue Me (fantastic show!)
    2. Larry David (funniest man alive)
    3. Return of Family Guy (for lack of a better choice, what about one of Larry David’s infamous looks?)

  • Rhiannon

    Craig Ferguson, Craig Ferguson, and Craig Ferguson! Even though a interview with major flirting makes me somewhat jealous, Craig’s audacity and creativity in his monologues makes him the best pick for all catagories.

  • I think The Office really needs to be given mention here. It’s blossoming into one the best sitcoms on television.

  • I’d give awards to The Wire and The Daily Show.

  • Can’t disagree on The Wire, though I haven’t caught the most recent season. Both times I’ve sat down with the first two seasons on DVD, I got sucked entirely and completely into that world.

    And I bumped into Bubbles (Andre Royo) at my local supermarket about six months ago. He agreed to do an interview, but never got in touch with me… maybe he thought I was a stalker. Just getting some milk and bread was the truth of it!

  • Ack. Already-out-of-steam Boston Legal nominated but not Desperate Housewives, Grey’s Anatomy, or Medium? Sheesh.

  • Desperate Housewives is overrated. The mystery man escaped, Edie is sleeping with Susan’s ex, we know who Zach’s biological dad is, and the death was hardly a mystery.
    I’ll back Tony Shaloub, though.

  • Doing research for subject2discussion, realized that the most recent season of The Wire originally aired within 2004…

  • Scott Butki

    Which character was Bubbles?

  • The endearing yet tragic junkie CI.

  • Mel

    Lost, Locke and Lost for me.

    I really can’t believe there’s no Arrested Development, The Office or Veronica Mars on the list… These three, along with Lost, are by far my fave TV shows on air this season (and the previous one, for that matter)…

  • Totally agree with the last comment.

    Larry David IS indeed the funniest man alive.

    And “The West Wing” has ALWAYS been overrated and is now a mediocre-to-poor show. Anyone with any discriminating taste for drama OR any knowledge of politics finds the whole show insulting to their intelligence. I’m saying this as a huge political geek/junkie who never found anything about that show remotely interesting.

    “Boston Legal,” on the other hand, IS the worst show on TV, hands-down. The worst writing, the worst hammy acting, the worst odd moments of liberal pathos ruined by contrived plots. Not funny, not smart, not interesting. Yes, we get it. Spader’s good at being snarky. But if he’s such a great actor, how can he look himself in the mirror after reading such horrible lines?

    And “Surface”? Give me a break. Is that piece of crap canceled yet?

    Was my darling Teletart a part of these nominations? She would have made things right and just.

    Dave + Oprah was just plain boring.

    That is all.

  • Kristina

    Battlestar Galactica, Nim (but I don’t agree with the nomination for Surface), Katrina

    Where are the noms for Veronica Mars and Arrested Development? They’re far better than Surface and Boston Legal

  • Lynn

    No Arrested Development? No Veronica Mars? Someone out there thinks that Surface and Criminal Minds are better shows than Arrested and Veronica??!!! Who put this list together?

    The two best shows on network TV are Arrested Development and Veronica Mars. Any list that doesn’t even include them as a nominee is a joke.

  • mamasan

    Love, love, love Stewie Griffen. The whole “you shall continue to dienfect my crevace and be damned gratefull for the opportunity” bit almost made me pee myself.

  • Sorry to see that many don’t agree with the shows that were nominated. Everyone had the opportunity to nominate their favorites. EVERY show, personality, and moment submitted is on this list.

    Next year, check in sooner and nominate your favorites!

  • Scott Butki

    I’m finally going to catch up on Lost soon, now that the library has it so I can see if it’s worth all the hype

    I’m curious how the Office (the U.S. version ) differs in storylines from the British version. Or are there any similarities beyond the title at this point.

  • jill

    1. Rome
    2. Jon Stewart
    3. Katrina coverage

  • My favorite T.V. show is Surface. I love that show. I aslo love Cater Jenkins that plays Miles on the show.