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Best In Television 2003

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1. Angels In America – An amazing journey.
2. Alias – Started out shaky; it’s now full throttle.
3. MI-5 – The British are back.
4. Arrested Development – Comeback of the year – Jason Bateman.
5. Gilmore Girls – Emily & Lorelei Gilmore’s relationship is done perfectly.
6. 24 – It’s still got it. Watch it get even better when Sherry & Nina return.
7. The Office – Subtle is perfect.
8. Will & Grace – As long as there is a Karen, it will make my Top 10.
9. Sex and the City – So sad to see the girls go.
10. CSI: Crime Scene Investigation – Murder done well.

Honorable Mention: Miss Match, Everwood, Without a Trace, Nip/Tuck, Everybody Loves Raymond, Wanda At Large

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  • I too would like to see Sherry and Nina come back in 24. Is this just a rumour or has it been documented somewhere that this is going to happen?

  • I have to start by saying I watch teevee with bunny ears and the internet (geez, it’s starting to sound like some apostle’s creed) and live in a foreign land, so I wanna give big ups to Alias which, by wiping the slate clean allowed me to get on board (plus Cronenberg, how good was that!), Angel (ditto minus Mr. C), DaVinci’s Inquest, The Wire, Trailer Park Boys and Firefly.

    A shout out to bittorrent, Pastor Manbridge and our man Doyle at the G&M. See ya all at The Paddock.

  • My favorite scene and only one I have seen, as I plan to rent the DVD, as all my time is now spent keeping track of all you Clowns. Anyway, It’s where the Angel has sex with the one of the Main (?) Characters, did you see that MWhore? And please don’t scold me I am sure there is meaning deeper than One can imagine, I just thought I’d chime in…Z

  • Eric Olsen

    MW, thanks very much for your contributions – I like your thinking.