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Best Guilty Pleasures of 2003

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Here’s my last minute Best of List. This one is a little different, I could go and list what my favorite albums are of this year but that would be fun for me, but probably not that entertaining for you. Anyway, here’s a list of the best guilty pleasures of 2003. By this I mean the albums that you might be embarassed to let other people know you’re listening to or own. I have no shame, I enjoy all these.

Here we go, in no particular order

Dannii Minogue – Neon Lights – Recognize the last name? If you’re looking for a temporary Kylie Minogue fix, you can always turn to her sister. Their voices are very similar and they both create great dance/europop music. Key tracks: Put the Needle on it and Creep.

Britney Spears – In the Zone – What best of guilty pleasures could exist without this being included. Regardless, it’s an actual decent album, not as great as her last one, but equivalent to her 2nd. Only thing is, the songs are either really good, or aweful, good thing the majority are good. Then again, by now, if you don’t own a Britney Spears album you probably never will. People either love her or hate her and there’s no convincing anyone to swing either way. Key tracks: Breathe on Me, Toxic, Touch of My Hand, Shadow, Brave New Girl, and Everytime.

Atomic Kitten – Self Titled – They’re barely known here in the US, but they’re famous everywhere else (I believe they’re the first female pop group to sell out stadium tours worldwide since the Spice Girls). Their music isn’t innovative, edgy or anything, it’s pure good clean pop, which is a relief in the pop world now-a-days. It’s something you can pop into your car and sing-along to while you’re stuck in traffic, which is excellent after a long days work right? Key tracks: Oh heck everything except Right Now.

Mandy Moore – Coverage – This album shouldn’t really be a guilty pleasure, but simply because it’s being sung by Mandy Moore it automatically is. The album is an album consisting entirely of cover songs, and these songs are nothing to feel guilty about. They’re excellent songs being modernized but not at all butchered. It’s worth a listen no matter what age you are. It’s a generation bridging album. Key tracks: Everything.

Jewel – 0304 – This artist shouldn’t really be considered a guilty pleasure, but because of the buzz surrounding her selling out, she seems to have become just that. Anyway, the album itself, despite a few songs, aren’t all that different from her past offerings. I wouldn’t call this album selling out, but rather experimenting. It’s a healthy offering of folk pop songs, with a little bit of electronic experimentation thrown in. Regardless, her statement about making this album was simply to put out something that would be fun and put a smile on people’s faces in these dark times. In that it succeeded and isn’t that what music is for? To provide people with joy? Key tracks: Leave the Lights On, 2 Find U, Doin’ Fine, 2 Become 1, Yes U Can

And there you have it, the best guilty pleasures of 2003. Now go out and have a listen and despite the title, don’t feel guilty about it, just enjoy.

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  • BrownBoognish

    I can proudly state that i am not guilty of owning or listening to any of those albums.