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“Best Civil Ceremony, Ever!” Says Prince Harry

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The long national nightmare continues.

Written by Joe Wilson

LONDON, England (PoopyCaca.com) – The heir to the British throne Prince Charles has finally retired his mistress Camilla Parker Bowles, who is best known as the home wrecker who destroyed his relationship with the late, beautiful, kind, giving, charitable, warm and dearly missed hottie, Princess Diana.

“Best civil ceremony, ever,” said Prince Harry, who commented from the window of a mini-bus as it passed by reporters and a members of the “Blind Camilla Parker Bowles Fan Club” who all tapped their walking sticks in approval as they passed. Harry did not wear his Sadaam Hussein costume, as was reported earlier, but did plan to get drunk, take off his suit and streak through the reception in a bra and panties.

“Never have I wanted to see something so much,” said Erin Jones, President of the “Blind Camilla Parker Bowles Fan Club” after the mini-van drove by. An emotional Jones explained, “I lost my sight after the wedding in 1981 and I am sure that this was just as glorious as Princess Diana’s.”

Prince Charles then brought his ball and chain to George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle so that the Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams could participate in the charade and say that God was fine with the new arrangement.

Royal watcher Leslie Robbins observed, “I thought Prince Charles’ comb over never looked more like a full head of hair and her Royal Highness the Duchess of Cornwall looked very Matrixey,” referencing the popular movie, “The Matrix.”

The most exciting aspect to the union of Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles is the possibility that there will be additional heirs to the throne. Robbins said, “I am sure Andrew and Harry will have a little brother to babysit. I think the larger challenge for Prince Charles is keeping a mistress after he’s married a former mistress, who knows all his tricks.”

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