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Best British Rock Albums

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Kerrang! the Brit rock mag – the largest-selling rock music weekly has announced the results of its poll for the best British rock albums ever. They also host the Download music festival, which this year, incorporates Ozzfest in June at Donington Park, Uk

Black Sabbath – Black Sabbath tops the list, with Ozzy garnering 6 albums – the most – out of the 100 item list. This was a reader-voted poll.

The Top 25:

1 Black Sabbath – Black Sabbath

2 Iron Maiden – Number Of The Beast

3 Sex Pistols – Never Mind the Bollocks

4 Led Zeppelin – IV

5 Black Sabbath – Paranoid

6 Muse – Absolution

7 The Clash – London Calling

8 Queen – Sheer Heart Attack

9 Iron Maiden – Iron Maiden

10 Manic Street Preachers – The Holy Bible

11 Led Zeppelin – Physical Graffiti

12 Judas Priest – British Steel

13 Def Leppard – Hysteria

14 Black Sabbath – Volume 4

15 The Darkness – Permission to Land

16 Ozzy Osbourne – Blizzard of Ozz

17 The Wildhearts – Earth vs The Wildhearts

18 Lostprophets – Start Something

19 Queen – A Night at the Opera

20 Muse – Origin of Symmetry

21 Ash – Free All Angels

22 Motorhead – Ace of Spades

23 Stereophonics – Performance and Cocktails

24 Manic Street Preachers – Everything Must Go

25 Feeder – Echo Park.

Brit Rock has contributed much goodness to rock. One would have liked to see some Jethro Tull in the top 25.

A masterful list of lists of best albums is at Acclaimed Music

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  • me

    The guy who dissed def leppard is a knob head, as they are fuckin quality.

  • earformusic

    wat abt modern bands lyk coldplay,oasis n arctic monkeys

  • Lynn

    No Pink Floyd? The best live act ever on stage! Your Nuts!

  • rick irby

    How about the Stones?

    Sticky Fingers – 1972, yeah I am an olde guy.

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  • what the fudge is this poll playing at

    this poll is so so bad i dont know wheather to laugh or cry. Real bands like the beatles, the smiths and countless others dont get a look in.I know its a kerrang poll so what about heavy stuff by jesus and the mary chain or new bands like 80’s matchbox b-line disaster, no after drilling home the fact that the poll is catered for heavy music they put f**king ASH there the worst kind of indie pop like stereophonics. They as well as every other band on this list bare four exeptions black sabbath, zeppilin, sex pistols and the clash are sh*t.The other 21 must have been picked by total f**king idiots. The thing is there are truly great bands from england that have affected and changed music as we know it, ands its a travesty that this list contains only four of them and replaces the ones that should of been there with bands that are not even worthy to even be mentoined in the same breath. its a disgrace

  • >>As with any such list, it says more about the readership of Kerrang than it says about anything else.

    and we’re back at the beginning. πŸ™‚

  • It’s nice to see a top 100 list that isn’t:

    (a) Overloaded with late 60s baby boomer icons (As you’d expect from Rolling Stone or Mojo)

    (b) Overloaded with recent ‘flavour of the month’ artists who won’t stand the test of time.

    (c) Full of overrated 80s indie bands (As you would expect from the NME)

    As with any such list, it says more about the readership of Kerrang than it says about anything else.

  • SFC Ski

    I humbly submit the premise that Rock ‘n’ Roll has grown too large, and too diverse, to be defined so narrowly in a “Best Of” list.

  • I honestly believe that the rash of “top 100” or so lists that we’re seeing from music magazines is a sign that they are hurting for quality content. These lists are pretty meaningless. But, they are meant to generate discussion and here I am responding when I should be ignoring.

    There’s no Deep Purple in the first 25 in list above. Tsk, tsk!

  • godoggo

    Not that I’m any kind of expert, but my impression is that McLaren likes to take more credit than he deserves for the Pistols.

  • that Earth Versus The Wildhearts is in the list is something to be praised. It should’ve been much higher, though.

  • Eric Olsen

    thanks Rodney, yeah, I really love a lot of Sandanista, in some ways more than London Calling, which is certainly more consistent, though. It’s ironic that London Calling is the choice here as it is just a “rootsy” as most anything by the STones, who aren’t included here, presumably for being too rootsy.

    Re the fist two Clash’s: the first is straight punk, the second is some weird hard thrash more like Motorhead than punk or the later rootsy/funky they moved into

  • yea, yea! Give ‘Em Enough Rope starts off with the blazing “Safe European Home” and never lets up. a great record.

    can’t agree on the Black Sabbath Paranoid/BS4 vs. the self-titled thing. the first Sabbath record is friggin’ killer.

    course, eric sez that he rules so who am i to say? πŸ˜‰

  • Eric — I have the early Clash records on vinyl and so haven’t heard them in years, but I think I agree with you. They’re rougher, more purely British and snotty and rude than London Calling, I guess. I should go back and hear them again, I’m sure I’d enjoy it.

    By the way, referring to one of your earlier posts, I like “Lose this Skin” a great deal too. One of my favorites. I play it often.

  • Eric Olsen

    from the hard rock angle, both The Clash and Give ‘Em Enough Rope are much harder rocking than London Calling

  • Rodney – I agree with you regarding the Pistols and today’s music. Who cares how a band comes together as long as the music inspires/rocks/causes excitement of some variety.

  • My fav Queen song is “White Queen”, from Queen II, I believe. “Jazz” wouldn’t qualify in this list, I guess.

  • Eric Olsen

    also, Queen 1 is vastly superior to either Sheer Heart Attack (which I like) or the excremental A Night AT the Opera

  • It looks to me like a pretty stupid list, all in all, save for 3, 4, and 7. And, Marty, who cares if the Sex Pistols were “manufactured”? I wish someone would manufacture something as dynamic that would set a fire under music today, don’t you?

  • Eric Olsen

    I would imagine the Stones are too “rootsy” for the Kerrang crowd, pretty shocking to not see the Who, especially Live At Leeds, which is about as hard as rock gets, anywhere

  • I find the absence of the Rolling Stones in the top 10/25 surprising – can British musical tastes have changed that much?

  • I agree with Eric on the not awful tip. However, the lack of all Led Zep, all the time in the Top 10 is shameful.

    I’d put the Sex Pistols in the Top 10 just because of their influence on punk rock. And, I’ve been listening to “Pretty Vacant” lately, which is really a very nice song to shout along to in the car.

    What about love for The Damned and Stiff Little Fingers, though?

  • Anyone checked out the list of lists yet? Good shizzle!

  • I am sure it will be soon. The issue its in went on sale today I believe.

  • Eric Olsen

    from their hard rock/metal perspective this is an interesting and not awful list, although how Phys Graf can be seen as better than LZ1 or 2 is bewildering, and Paranoid BS4 are both vastly superior to the self-titled debut – it would be interesting to see more of the list. I wonder if it’s up on any boards or fan sites yet.

  • Shark

    Shark’s Top 5 Best British Rock Albums (for people with eclectic, discriminating taste):

    1) Soft Machine, Vol. ii
    2) Soft Machine, Vol iii
    3) National Health, (self-titled)
    4) Hatfield & the North, (self-titled)
    5) Hatfield & the North, Rotters Club


  • This is a 100-item list – I do not have access to the complete list.

    The images are something to do with mt, Temple

  • Um Kerrang! is a metal/hard rock magazine not a pop one (ie no Beatles, Rolling Stones, the Animal or Elvis Costello).

    I would scratch the rubbish that is the Sex Pistols. Bet none of the numbnuts who voted for them realise they were a “manufactured” band (by Malcolm McClaren).

    Interesting choice of albums from several of those bands.

  • My, that list certainly is farcical. Talk about no musical taste, good lord.

    Where are these:
    Singles Going Steady – The Buzzcocks
    This Year’s Model – Elvis Costello

    Where are any albums from:
    The Rolling Stones
    The Beatles
    The Animals

    Once you scratch the absolute crap there ought to be plenty of room for these actual quality rock bands. And the crap to scratch would be all entries by:

    Def Leppard
    Iron Maiden
    Judas Priest

    These bands define loud, talentless, sucky music. What the hell are they doing on any list except ‘the best of really crappy music’?

    I mean, come on. You put Def Leppard on the list and not the Beatles? Were they handing out drugs with the ballots?


  • Kerrang always had good taste. It’s what do PEOPLE want to listen to – not other musicians (who, OK, are usually people, too).

    Gotta love ’em.

    PS the images are to small to be much good. Never mind the bollocks is the only I have a clue about because the writing is big.