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Bengals Yearn For Discipline

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Queen Elizabeth, the Virgin Queen, stymied by a war between the Protestants and Catholics, needed a person to step in to restore some measure of order and discipline. Afterwards a powerful Queen, she felt no one capable of carrying out her wishes with respect to the removal of those opposed to the crown. Enter Francis Walsingham. A master at the cunning art of deception, he attacked the undisciplined court vigorously.

Upon reading the news of yet another Cincinnati Bengal being arrested, further embarrassing the organization, it became clear Marvin Lewis needs help. He is not capable, or willing, to step up and do the dirty work. Whether he does or not will determine his future because other players are speaking out.

Perhaps Lewis could use a Walsingham type figure, minus the torture and murder. A coach or front office person willing to say we will take a cap hit and suffer just to show we are part of the civilized world. Granted, we are talking football here and marijuana charges are minor. However, in the eyes of the fans, the Bengals practices must begin with firing drills.

If the Bengals were coming off a 12-4 season, Marvin could say — smile firmly hidden — “We’ll take care of it.” Sadly for the coach, 8-8 with Carson Palmer enrages those who look at the roster and wonder how so much talent could go .500. Enter discipline.

Too often, the image of a disciplinarian is Tom Coughlin. He does not fit the mold because discipline in football is telling the players to show up on time and not having to berate them or fine them. Discipline is respect because a player does not wait for you to threaten to cut him or fine him; he knows it is a done deal. The Bengals lack respect for their head coach, or else they would attempt to represent him in public. Step up, Marvin, or say goodbye to your reputation.

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