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Ben Moody who?

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CMU reports:

The frontman of rock band Seether, label mates of Evanescence, reckons he might have been responsible for the departure of co-founder Ben Moody from the chart topping band. Seether’s Shaun Morgan has been dating the other co-founder of Evanescence, Amy Lee. He reckons it was their relationship that angered Moody, leading to the guitarist to break his creative partnership with Lee and quit the band midway through their European tour.

Writing, somewhat vitriolicly, on his band’s website Morgan writes an open message to Evanescence fans: “Right now you need to A.)Blame Ben Moody’s shitty attitude, and subsequent leaving of Evanescence on somebody, namely me. (Feel free to look up any big words in the dictionary or ask your Mommy). B.) Consider the fact that the guy really isn’t the greatest guitar player in the world and that Evanescence might be better off with somebody else. (Oh my God, did I actually dare to write that about the great Ben Moody?) C.)Grow the fuck up. The only person I have to care about in Evanescence is Amy, and I really couldn’t care less about Ben Moody or any of the skanky hoes he bangs on the road. Get a life and try to understand that your hero is nowhere near as cool as you think he is.”

He ends up his rant with a message to Moody: “Now, drink your milk, have your cookies and go to bed before Mommy gets angry”.

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  • CarbonDate

    Seether still blows. Because Shaun Morgan so blatantly imitates Chad Kroeger, Nickelback will always be the second-worst band out there.

  • DrKnowledge

    Good lord… Look at all these people who don’t know a damn thing about this topic sounding off on gramar and who did what to who…

    Freaking weak. Get a life people.

  • lori

    Ok LAUREN! perhaps when you stop arguing with 12 year old kids you might come to realize that people have different opinions than others. I don’t have the time to argue with you about other peoples lives i just say what comes to mind. And guess what? i can do it without being a bitch too! isn’t that awesome! Happy life to you.

  • dave houk


  • dave houk

    Seether is just another “Nirvana-ish cookie cutter bad” like a million others. Amy Lee has one of the greatest rock and roll voices since Ann Wilson and Pat Benatar. Ben,I feel your pain.

  • Lori


  • Duane

    Well, sure, maybe that’s all true, but I thought this was a post about grammar. What’s all this talk about .. what is it … Excrescence? Coalescence? Putrescence? Irridescence? … something like that. And who is this Ben guy? Anyway?

    Now, let’s get back to the juicy grammar (not “grammer” — grammer is someone married to your grampa) discussion.

  • You Wish You Knew

    Wow. I spent the last few hours reading these comments, and needless to say, I am surprised and overwhelmed out of my mind. And this is going to be long, but I have intense opinions on the subject of Evanescence and Ben Moody. So be prepared for the extensive response.

    First off: I think what Shaun Morgan openly wrote on his website was completely misinforming and doubtlessly fallacious. I don’t think that he exactly knew what was happening with Ben Moody leaving in the first place. Yes, Ben Moody and Amy Lee were formally engaged: I am completely aware of that. But doesn’t anyone realize that their relationship was a thing of the past? Amy Lee began dating Shaun Morgan long before Ben departed Evanescence. They just decided to keep the situation fairly private for the time being. Doesn’t anyone realize this? Shaun didn’t cause Ben Moody to leave the band. He has no hostile feelings towards him at all for his and Amy’s relationship. Ben left because of a different reason, not because of the two’s relationship.

    Now, I’ve had a chance to sit down and speak with Ben Moody personally. So don’t explode on me and say that I don’t know what I’m talking about. His reasons for leaving Evanescence was not because of Shaun. It was because of the way Evanescence was being sold. I know, I know, the lead vocalist is almost always portrayed the most when it comes to bands. (Examples: Lacuna Coil, Metallica, Korn, Nickelback, Linkin Park, etc). But Amy just took things too far. And even though I know you people are going to stand by Amy Lee and say things like, “Oh, Amy is so fucking talented, you’re just jealous!” and bullcrap like that, you know that it’s true. Take a look at the jacket cover of the Fallen CD. You see how Amy’s face was plastered all over the cover? Watch a few Evanescence videos, as well, and you’ll see that the record company is selling Evanescence through Amy. (Watch My Immortal and Everybody’s Fool for verification. They focus their videos solely upon Amy Lee). Now, I know: record companies will do whatever it takes to make their music advertise well. But they were only selling a beautiful face and charismatic vocals of Amy. What about the rest of the band? Where does that leave them?

    I’m surprised that Rocky Gray (the drummer of Evanescence, if you morons don’t know) didn’t leave the band with Ben Moody. If anyone deserves more credit than they’ve been given, it’s him. He has a fantastic talent in what he does, and yet, if you listen to Evanescence’s Fallen CD, there are hardly any drums in the base of the songs. Mostly it’s just technical rhythms, that makes you believe that someone’s playing drums. (Listen to Going Under, My Immortal, Hello, and Missing if you want good evidence). What does this have to do with Ben Moody? Really, I don’t know. But he’s part of Evanescence, and he should have left the band to work at something better with his time.

    What you people have said in the beginning and middle of this forum has really pissed me off, beyond words. A lot of you claim that Ben Moody is not a real guitar player. Hell yeah, he’s a string rocker, but that doesn’t mean he can’t play. Just because his chords are different, you say he sucks. Let me inform you imbeciles who can’t tell a good guitar player from a bad one: Ben Moody has a load of goddamn talent, whether it’s being songwriting or guitar playing. (Look at Nirvana. That was a bunch of grunge music, and see how many people liked them? I didn’t think the music was that spectacular, and it wasn’t. Ben Moody can play a hell of a lot better than they ever could, and he could do better than a lot of other people’s guitar playing). I don’t know what kind of musical shit you have been listening to lately, but if you think that Ben is a horrible guitar player, then you must be listening to a load of trash.

    Don’t get me wrong: I see everyone’s opinion on this argument. I have no problem with Seether and/or Shaun Morgan. Their band has talent, every one of them. And I’m not bashing down on Amy Lee, either: I think her vocals are amazing and pure, and she can pull off a lot of inclusive notes. But it’s the way she is portraying herself in Evanescence that I don’t like. People say all over chat rooms, “ohhh i luv evnesnce!!! i luv her music!” when it’s NOT her music. It’s their music – all five of them. Amy Lee wouldn’t have lasted this long in the spotlight if it wasn’t for the four supporters behind her, providing her with the haunting music. Amy’s vocals in itself isn’t enough. If Amy decided to leave the band and go solo with her music (which she probably should have done in the first place, honestly), then she wouldn’t make it. Each member in the band has provided to Evanescence’s success, and all the money and recognition is going to Amy Lee. That’s not right, and people should know that Amy isn’t the ONLY member in the band.

    Like it or not, Amy Lee is better off by herself in the spotlight. But if truth be told, she already is alone. Evanescence is never going to survive. Never. They might still sell copies of their music because they’ve persuaded so-called “goths” to buy their albums, but they’ll never be anything. In my opinion, they never were anything to begin with.

    I agree with the person on here (I am too lazy to scroll up all the way and look for the name) who said Amy had just as much talent as Avril Lavigne. If you look at it perfectly (which none of you are bothering to do), then you’ll see that it’s true. Avril sings, and is loved by a fan base of would-be “punks” and sells a lot of music because of a good-looking face and clean vocals. Amy does the same thing. Sure, Amy has better vocals, but not by far. Not at all.

    And for all of you who will bash me and say that I’m wrong about things that I’ve said here – don’t even waste your time. You people are brainwashed by MTV and useless garbage articles that can’t depict the truth from the fiction. I won’t be coming back to this forum, either. Your insults to me, defending Amy Lee and whatnot, will be useless to my time. I simply came onto this forum for a bit of amusement to get a point across that I’ve been trying to get out for the longest time. Nothing more.

    If you want to e-mail me and you wish to talk to me about this issue some more, feel free to do so. But don’t spam up my Inbox with pitiful messages that don’t mean anything to me. If you want to contact me, do it for something important and please have a point for doing so. My e-mail is bluebear24@earthlink.net

    Ben Moody is here to stay, no matter what. He has more talent than the remaining members of Evanescence put together, hands down. He brought and co-created Evanescence, and managed everything about it. Without him, nothing will be the same for that obnoxious, so-called “band.” Right now, he finally feels free on his own without the burdens of the band, and he’s going to be here to stay.

  • silverr

    Billculle, I would be totally with you; your delivery of your opinion was great, except for the fact that I definitely don’t think Amy should hire a bunch of proffesionals. Then it wouldn’t be Evanescence, it would be ‘The Amy Lee Show, and the Rest of her Hired Performing Monkeys’ and would be as bad as Ashlee Simpson or whatnot. I think the other band members simply feel hidden, and maybe they do want to say, “I was there, too,” but they *should* want to. What would Evanescence be without the music part of it? Frankly, Amy Lee singing a capella wouldn’t really charm me. I think she should find band members who are okay with the fact that she’s going to get the attention, like Lacuna Coil did, but the rest of the band should click with her. Otherwise, what’s the point of even having a band instead of selling records under your own name? So, now that Ben has left, it really isn’t Evanescence. It’s just a young girl who seems to have charmed everyone. I, however, won’t buy it. I need music.

  • Lauren

    aww…looks like someone doesn’t like it when you point out the fact that she’s just as uninformed as the rest of the masses. boo fucking hoo.

    and the name’s LAUREN.

  • umm laura. Quit acting like your the shit. Cuz your not.

  • Ahh the beautifully flame-ridden world of open anonymous forums.

    Here’s my take on the whole ordeal, with a few tasty jabs here and there for good measure. First of all, you grammar nazis need to hit IRC where you can bot-flood each other into nothingness.

    Second, fame is very new for Evanescence, as they have been in the spotlight for roughly a year now. First off I don’t know anybody’s producer or other bullcrap, I am simply a music enthusiast who happens to enjoy the “Fallen” album. I have been to their show in Montreal, which was shortly after Ben’s departure, and that’s when my appreciation for this young group flew out the window.

    It started off quite well, with Seether putting on a respectable show, then wowing us all with an impeccable cover of Nirvana’s “Rape Me”, down to Cobain’s raspy teen timbre. Then came Finger Eleven with a mind-blowing performance (as usual). But when the main act came along, after a very long technical delay, what I saw was this lost little girl singing her heart out, backed by a bunch of angry monkeys. It didn’t hold together at all, all you could hear was the saturated mixing deck and the roadie’s futile attempts at finding the panic button. The band members were deliberately playing _against_ Amy, drowning her voice with their noise. But the little girl kept on singing and gave it her 110%.

    What I saw was not a band, just a bunch of emasculated teens fighting for a spotlight that was never theirs. A glorious example is the “band” version of My Immortal, a blasphemous rendition of an originally touching piece, now littered with lackluster rock sounds just so the other musicians could say “I was there too!”.

    This bright young singer would be much better off with hired musicians, professionals defined by contracts and dollar signs, people who are paid to perform, and thus can be replaced if needed.

  • Lauren

    ummmm….Lori, please don’t try to act like you know every detail of Ben and Amy’s relationship. You. don’t.

  • to that Sarah chick who thinks that all of the facts are on mtv.com. Have you ever herd the saying “don’t believe everything you read?” Maybe Ben said certain things in his interviews becuse even though he left the band he doesn’t want to totally fuck the band over. Amy isn’t evanescence. She is a big part of it. A part in a band that she was offerd to join. She wouldn’t even be in evanescence if it weren’t for ben. I get my stuff from actuall sources. My brother-in-law is in a band and the producer of evanescence told his producer that AMy took off with that ugly dude from seether for a week without telling ben or the other guys in the band. To me thats pretty shitty to leave and not tell the other band members that your gonna head out for a week. anyway i love amys voice and bens musical talent. Best to both of them.

    And i have a question for anyone who knows. Who is the male singer in the songs from origin? Is it Ben? That would be so cool of it was. Thanks

  • Hey people. Okay this is not about grammer or anything boaring like that, but what the hell is going on! Okay, Ben wrote the “music” in the band and amy helped with the lyrics. For all of you who don’t know some of the personal facts about ben and amy here it is. Ben had been with amy since they were 15 and were once engaged to be married. Then along comes this ugly mother fu@*er and she takes off with him on his tour bus for a week without telling ben. If that were me i’d be messed up and just a bit mad too. I sympathize with ben. It really sucks that he left but i would’nt want to see my ex smooching all over somebody else either. Amy has a wonderful, “real” voice and i respect the fact that she had a chance to share it with all of us. But i really think that Ben had every right to leave, and amy really shouldn’t have been so surprised at his decision to leave. I mean, when they won the grammy he didn’t even get a chance to say HIS thank you’s. And he wrote most of the friggin music. Well i’ve said enough. Don’t mean to offend anyone. Thanks

  • Amy

    What I don’t understand is why each message on here is almost the same…surely if it’s ben written before it doesn’t need writing again??

  • silverr

    This is getting kind of out of hand, isn’t it? It’s over. What’s done is done. Talking about it isn’t going to change it. Ben was the heart of Evanescence (or was in my opinion).
    In a way, Shaun Morgan’s only hurting himself by doing that duet with Amy, since she basically stole the show, both on the radio and in the music video. Then again, I guess Morgan himself is like that, since I only saw one shot of the rest of the band in the “Broken” video.

  • ben

    I hope the wwe superstar Big Show can throw Shaun morgan from on top of Malaysia’s petronas towers right on to the bottom into a truck below full of durians!


  • ben

    this message is to all fans of shaun morgan and seether……

    [personal attack deleted]

  • ben

    Leave amy alone [personal attack deleted]

  • ben

    [personal attack deleted]

  • ben

    this message is to chris,
    [serial personal attacks deleted]

  • ben

    [personal attack deleted]
    Ben moody is such a talent and a good song writer. Evanescence wouldn’t be the same without him. All the nice song we’ve heard from them so far will not come back again, [personal attack deleted]

  • Lauren

    Shut up, I’m twenty-one, I know more than you think.

    aoignrihnotiha~@@$^!!!! I am through with this crap.

  • silverr

    Shutup, I’m twelve, what do I know?

    The thing is, Ben wasn’t supposed to leave during the middle of a tour. The subject had been brought up time and time again, but if it was planned, why would they cancel the shows? Either somebody here has the wrong idea, or I have the wrong sources.

  • Lauren


    What on earth in that statement led you to think I think Ben is just some goofy guy? I KNOW he has more than one side to him, belive me…I was just…eh, forget it.

  • silverr

    I get what you’re saying in the fact that he’s goofy, that’s why I like him, but just because he’s goofy doesn’t mean he only has one side to him. All I mean to say is that his timing could have been better. What’s done is done, though, I’m just evaluating it. Maybe drama queen isn’t the best word for it, but I’m young, so I wouldn’t know what the best word is.

  • Lauren

    Aaaaaactually…Ben isn’t a “drama queen”. I actually think he is the furthest thing from it, sure he likes to be goofy a lot, but I wouldn’t call that being dramatic. And it wasn’t abrupt, as it’s been stated time and again, they had been talking about it. But…whatever, you’re just gonna believe what you want.

  • silverr

    In my opinion, Ben was a drama queen about leaving. Not that he made a scene, but because it had been so abrupt, and that it was while they were on tour. You dig?

    In a way, Ben is rather dramatic; he has such an ego… I dunno where he gets it from, but, whatever. On the Evanescence official website (bio section), Amy Lee states about Balsamo: “There’s no drama– it’s more about a celebration than a struggle.” So, could she be referring to Moody?

    You know what? I don’t know. Neither do any of us here. We’re all just fans who are trying to look deeper than the words that were set by the musicians thought would be exploited, because the celebrities we are talking about have no idea that this forum discussion is going on. It’s as if we’re trying to dig deeper through a concrete surface, and we keep throwing sand over top of it just so we can keep digging.

    I don’t feel the need to say this anymore, because we can’t bend the truth.

  • Lauren

    haha…You say you like Ben and then you say he was being a drama queen. He didn’t even say ANYTHING about leaving until months after, so I don’t know where you got that crap from.

    Also, Amy was not overweight. I don’t think she’s ever been. Yeah, she’s skinnier now than she used to be, but not THAT much.

    Danm…this thing is like a train wreck. It so horrid and yet…I just have to look.

  • silverr

    Okay, here I go. First off, I’m a Ben Moody fan (and I don’t like Amy whatsoever), and yet I know when to quit. Face it, we can’t tell each other what we want to hear. That being said, during the split, Ben was being a drama queen. But what exactly does Morgan have against Ben? From what I heard before, it was a Ben Moody FAN who said Morgan was the reason he left Evanescence. Morgan then began spewing out insults at the fan and at Ben. Why would he possibly do this? Ben and Amy were clearly not right for each other (face the facts) and even if Amy had not dated Morgan, Ben would have left soon afterwards anyway. Here’s why: I know kids who go around my school saying, “I like Evanescence; she sings well.” All of us here know that Evanescence is a band, not a girl, but many people don’t. This doesn’t sit right at all with Ben’s ego. If we go way back when for a moment, Amy and Ben met at some summer camp when Amy was, what… Thirteen? At thirteen, (so I’ve heard) Amy was an overweight brunette. Now she’s a skinny little goth chick and Ben’s just the hottie’s friend. Ben will move on, and this discussion has nothing to do with anyone’s career.

    And “End Has Come” does rock.

  • Juan

    I just want to say that I might not know everything about Evanescence, but I know there sound is pure. Amy Lee has to be by far the best singer I’ve ever heard, so any bullshit about her not being able to sing is just that bullshit. About Sean Morgan, don’t worry I’ll giving a good ass kicking in a soon time, just remember my name. Sean is like 30+ or something and has already gotten divorced whatthe fuck is he doing with a 22 year old beautiful girl who he doesn’t deserve. He is one ugly motha, and the song “Broken” totally blows, which isn’t surprising considering no ones heard of Seether until he stared dating Amy. In conclusion, keep writing shit about Sean, most of the stuff is going to be true anyways. I’m the lead singer for a great band and when I get a chance I’ll take the girl and drop kick this biatch we call Sean Morgan. Ben Moody, more power to you bro! Juan

  • gefullhos

    To Brooke,

    I hope you know that it will be hard for a lot of people to believe that Ben’s your little brother. You just have to remember that people will say what they feel like saying about, and to, anyone they feel like.
    Ben is a fantastic musician and I certainly hope that he reaches his full potential. However I have no sympathy to Amy Lee, I think that she is a great singer/song writer but as a person she seems a bit self centered and spoilt. (But like you said, I wouldn’t know anything because I was never there)
    I expect to see great things from Ben Moody and all of his real fans will remember his name and his contribution to the rock world forever.

  • brooke

    You know, I just ran across this blog by accident and starting reading some of the things said about Ben, Amy, adnd Shaun. It’s unreal what people will say even though they have NO clue. Ben’s my little brother and some of the shit said about him, or Amy is way off. But, everyone has their opinion I suppose and no one can stop people from saying what they think. I just think it’s crazy how people can say something that they obviously know nothing about. I’ll say this…. Ben is very talented. He will go on to produce some of the best music and no matter what people say about him, the name Ben Moody will be known all over and remembered.

  • James Emblen

    Evanescence used to be called Childish Intentions then they were called Stricken then they were called Evanescence.

    The Album “Not For Your Ears” does excist but is not called that it is called 2002 Demos and it is songs they were planning to put on Fallen and is not there first Album.

    There albums are: in order of when they were first released.

    1997-1998 Demos – Released in 1997

    Evanescence EP – Released in 1998

    Sound Asleep/ Whisper EP – Released in 1999

    Origin – Released in 2000

    2001-2002 Demos – Released in 2001

    2002 Demos – Released in 2002

    Mystery EP – Released in 2003

    Fallen – Released in 2003

    If you want more info I have every song to all those albums and the rare tracks so email me at James_Emblen@hotmail.com

  • Anonymous

    Y’all that think that Shaun Morgan is hot…and Seether rocks…you’re a bunch of freaking crack heads…and I have made my point…AMEN!

  • Translash

    I hate Shaun Morgan. I mean who the hell does he think he is to sweep Amy away?? Fuckin asshole of Seether. I wish they would break apart because i think Amy is better off alone without teaming up with Seether. I also would like Ben Mody to come back because i think he is cool.

  • Kerry

    i dont know about you, but i am a fan of Amy/EV, Seether and Ben….. I dont know about Evanescence (coz they havent released any new material yet), but Seether have written some great music and Ben writing The End Has Come is a good song too. From an outsiders view, there probably doesnt seem to be a huge difference to Ben leaving. We will just have to see what the next Evanescence album is like. Anyways, big up to Shaun, Amy and Ben – all of you rock!!

  • Lauren

    uhmmmmm, Bob? I tried to email you = /

  • gefullhos

    Shaun Morgan can go and jump off a bridge for all I care. Ben is a great musician and if it weren’t for him, Evanescence wouldn’t exist.

    We all have to accept that shit happens. I wanted Ben and Amy back together until I read the posts on this site. Now I just think that Amy Lee can go get f***ed!!!
    She’ll just have to learn how to look after Evanescence by herself or let it die.

    I say go Ben for giving the Grammy’s a good shove up Amy’s ass. I will follow Ben where ever he chooses to go. (Except to Avril – yuck!!!) And I believe that he will go ahead a produce some great music, and those of you with any taste will believe that too.

    This is just a war between Amy/Seether fans and Ben Moody fans.

    GO BEN FANS!!!

  • Lauren

    “If it is true that he is the reason Ben left HE should have been more responsible and leave them be. Ben and Amy were best friends until he dropped by and floored ms. Lee
    they’ve known each other for some 8 years or so. ”

    OMG quit spewing this nonsense. Shaun Morgan is NOT the reason Ben left. Ben and Amy were NOT friends until “he dropped by and floored Ms. Lee” they hadn’t been friends for quite some time, as they BOTH said in the MTV interview.

    “Ben quit working with Avril and rejoin Evanescence”

    Yeah, Ben, quit doing what makes you happy and go back to being miserable!


  • Sarah

    thank you ACB i like being a bitch.but anyways.i have my story straight.i know what happened i dont have to guess anymore.because i read it at mtv.so whatever.and was your name included anywhere in that post to Louise? no i dont think it was.so why dont you stay out of it.anyways i was kidding i dont like being a bitch.but when im made out to be one.then i might as well be what you all want me to be right? anyways i am done arguing with all of you.im going to be nice from now on.but yeah i just wanted to say.that as much as i dont want to admit it.Broken is a very good song.and video.i was shocked.lol.anyways cant wait for Everybodys Fool.ive already seen it cause if you are on the E-Team at ev.com than you can see it.its cool.anyways.bye for now.

  • ACB

    *Site under construction* I have to go through all of my lyrics and make sure I get the background and everything…this could take a while. You know, like NEVER. My mfkin computer doesn’t open. Apparently there’s a file missing and the damned thing goes to a blue screen which shuts down the computer automatically. So basically, life ain’t great. Yes, I know that ‘ain’t’ ain’t a word. *grins*

  • bob

    ACB- where is this site of yours? and Lauren- any help would be totally appreciated, but i have no way of contacting you. i put my email in this time but i don’t know if you can see it displayed (not really sure how that works). anyone with a clue, please post or contact me. Duane- you are a character (and i now realize that i started a sentence with a conjunction) -oh well -later kiddies

  • chris

    Evanescence is better off without Ben. Seether rocks!

  • Metal Revived

    Does any one know if amy has any tattoos? And does any one have any info on the song “Catherine” Amy and Ben’s first song.?

  • El Nuño

    Who the F*** does that Shaun Morgan MF think he is. He is the only one who needs to grow `the fuck’ up. He should get rid of his ego. If it is true that he is the reason Ben left HE should have been more responsible and leave them be. Ben and Amy were best friends until he dropped by and floored ms. Lee
    they’ve known each other for some 8 years or so. Perhaps Ben isn’t the most brilliant guitarist on this planet, but he does have talent and what he contributed to Evanescence is IRREPLACEBLE. Amy and Ben are Evanescence and no-one else can replace them, so Amy GET REAL and ditch that MF and Ben quit working with Avril and rejoin Evanescence

  • Louise

    Ahhh Sarah . . your so negative . . .and i have been living under a rock for the last two months . . .so . . . who gives a flying fuck about your insults/patronising nature?. . .i know for certain i dont.
    Hello . . .im a student and how often do i get the chance to go on the web? hardly ever. so before you shout your mouth off at me, get your facts right.

  • ACB

    There Sarah goes being a bitch again…*sigh* I’d appreciate it if she’d stop using plural pronouns. Anyhow, how many times has she told US that we don’t know what we’re talking about? I think she needs to get HER story straight. Ha-ha…yes, I’m bored and no one’s online to talk to.

  • lilly

    Ben Moody isn’t a child. So he can decide what’s wrong or good for himself. So no one can say that it’s Shaun Morgan’s fault if Ben Moody has left evanescence !!!
    shaun morgan never change your mind.
    Don’t make attention to those who can’t understand you.
    you’re the best.
    I love you.

  • Sarah

    okay louise..in case you hadnt noticed..they have told the story to the public..both sides.as ive said at least 20 times not..GO LOOL ON MTV.COM! under “the split” it explains it all..so like you said..get your info straight before you post it…because it looks to me like WE are the ones who have our info straight..im sure not going around assuming things when i read the whole damn story..so thank you very much and goodbye.

  • seth

    Shaun Morgan has talent and Seether rocks. Disclaimer is one of the best cd’s I have, and I have hundreds.

  • Lauren

    you guys need a laugh…

    Thanks to the jive translator.

    Right now yo’ ass need t’ Some.)Blame Ben Moody’s shitty attitude, an’
    subsequent laivin’ o’ Evanescence on somebody, name-like me. (down low, Feel
    free t’ peek down no big-ass words in da dicshunary o’ ax’ yo’ Mommy). B.)
    Consida’ da damn fact dat da damn guy tru-ly aint da damn greatest guitah’
    playa’ in da world an’ dat Evanescence might be betta’ off wit’ somebody else.
    (down low, Oh mah da damn Lord, dun did I actual-like dare t’ scribble dat
    about da damn great Ben Moody?) C.)Grow da fuck down. Da only sucka’ I got’ta
    care about in Evanescence be Amy, an’ I tru-ly couldn’t care less about Ben
    Moody o’ no o’ da damn skanky hoes he bangs on da road. Git some life an’ try
    t’ dig dat yo’ hero be nowhere naih’ as diesel as yo’ ass think he be.

    Now, drink yo’ milk, have yo’ cookies an’ go t’ bed b4 Mommy gits angry


  • Duane

    no wa ur not goeen 2 get awa wit it dat ez ur gramer sux pik up a book 1s in a wyl

  • Louise

    Ok . . .it seems that this entre page is nothing but bitching about Shaun and his grammar . . .so fucking what!there is no problem with it! its just bad grammar . . .not the end to of the world!
    Plus who knows why ben left, the only people who do know are Amy, Ben and possible Shaun if the whole article is true, but at the end of the day it was Ben’s choice to leave. No one forced him to leave, no one packed his bags but BEN . . .so leave it at that.
    If he want to go to the press and say why then cool, fair enough, in fact this article may be true, but we wont know until the public is told, and until that time, people shouldnt be jumping to asumptions.
    Please note if i have bad grammar and spelling i dont care so dont say anything about it ok?

  • Lauren

    “you ppl need to look at the info propaly”

    You need to take your own advice, dear. If you had looked at the info PROPERLY you would have seen that Ben and Amy haven’t been friends for a long time. And working with Avril isn’t the only thing Ben is doing.

  • KT

    OMG seriously, how can you guys say amy lee can’t sing how can you say ben can’t play guitar or amy has bad taste in men. u are all a bunch of jelous fuks.amy obviously see’s something in shaun and shes done a song “broken” with him. ok i agree that what shaun said was harsh and totally uncalled for but he and amy are in love and i wish them well aslong as their happy.amy and ben are evanescence and they both are excellent songwriters,and they will both do well. As for ben he is happy working with avril and i’m sure ben and amy will remain good friends, they have been friends for ages can’t u ppl remember, ben wouldn’t let 1 of amys b/f make him leave the band, and amy was not a bitch! you ppl need to look at the info propaly b4 u start critising them, amy you totally rock girl and your voice is so heavenly and i love it. rock on!!!

  • Kerry

    I personally think (despite all you lot in here), that Shaun Morgan rocks!
    Hes clearly talented and weather or not hes ugly doesnt come into it. Hes in the rock genre. We will leave all the pretty boys in pop – who have no talent whatsoever.

    P.s. Shaun is hot! If you dont like him, dont go out with him. Leave that to Amy.

  • coda

    shaun morgan needs to stick to livejournal, or better yet, dying.

  • Little_tortilla

    As a hardcore fan of evanescence, yes i was sad that Ben had left and i was looking forward to seeing him onstage on the tour. But with angry people blaming Morgan for it, you cant blame Morgan for wanting to say something back. I actually thought the post was quite funny and alittle romantic (when he said the only person he cares about is Amy).
    People shouldnt dismiss Seether so quickly. If you listen to Seethers songs you might change your mind.
    I dont think anyone here has the right to judge wheather Amy should or should not be in a relationship with him. Clearly they’re doing something right they sound great togther on ‘Broken’and if they’re happy together thats all that matters

  • Lauren

    If you want I can take a look at your site and tell ya if anything’s wrong or missing 🙂

  • ACB

    Thanks Lauren, I appreciate it. Now my site is halfway respectable! lol

  • jessica

    hes right if he left evanescence hes not worth it he gave up now all we can do is hope evanescence stay in the music business for a while

  • Lauren

    In the SA Understanding she is saying “I’ve tried so hard” and then there’s some AHHHAHHHHH and something I can’t understand, them more AHHHHAHHHHHHHH stuff.

    “Not for Your Ears” is not the correct name, that’s just a CD put together by some dumbass. It’s just called 2002 demo version. It’s something like “the dynamic of the symmetrical social pattern can be sewn together in broad statements and those become one portfolio and all have been reduced to the space of one”. I don’t know for sure, but that’s what I hear 🙂

    The Latin hymn is called “The Morning Hymn” and it is featured in the Sound of Music. As for what Ben is saying “As the days pass by me, as wars rage before you, I find in myself, these last days, parasite, forced, darkness, fields of innocence, is me…” are the words and phrases here and there that I can make out. Ben is a mumbler. haha

  • ACB

    *sigh* don’t wince at the sight of my name…haha. Anyhow, I know this is irrelevant (oh well) but does anyone know what Amy is saying in the background of the Sound Asleep version of Understanding between the times of 4:16 and 4:38? Or what the radio transmission-like thing halfway through the Not For Your Ears version of Everybody’s Fool? I have most of it, but still…
    And lastly, in Field of Innocence, what the Latin hymn is that starts about 3 minutes in? Or the very soft male vocals at the very beginning (more evident in the Origin intro)?
    ….well, C.S.I is on, I’ll be seein’ you.

  • Lauren

    Bob (and anyone else for that matter), if you have questions about songs I’d be happy to help you out 🙂

  • Amy Grant… classic Duane

  • duane

    Do research before you make a comment.

    Oh, OK. I won’t comment anymore on this pop band … what are they called again? …uh… Effervescence? … yeah…. anyway, I won’t comment anymore until I’ve thoroughly researched everything there is to know about them. I’ll go to the library, yeah. We should all learn as much as we can about the singer Amy Grant and this Ben guy. Then I want to research Outkast…and then …wow, so much to learn!

  • Fool


    I don’t know if its been said yet because I haven’t taken the time to read this entire (I would be old and grey) posting list… >>> Morgan didn’t make these comments to Moody. He made them to a Moody fan who had posted on some silly site. This whole quote was merely a joke (although rather cutting) meant to ooze sarcasim for the purpose of crass entertainment. It is quite possible that Morgan was not the speaker in the qouted materiel; the sources are very unreliable. Do research before you make a comment. Listen before you speak.Its wiser.

    By the way, Ben’s departure was a terrible event, though Evanescence will not likely suffer. But some of the core fans will cry. A sad story, really

  • bob

    i am officially retired from the grammar police, mainly because i’m at work and have like three seconds to post this. I am most amused by everyones broad generalizations about the band, everyone’s level of talent, and who wrote what tunes. At this point it doesn’t really matter. I am more concerned with owning every peice of music written by amy, ben, david, or whoever the hell else was in the band. I’ve got 34 mp3’s of songs not on fallen and but i’m not sure if the info on exodusevanescence .com is correct as far as discography is concerned. There are also different versions of songs and i’m not sure which ones go on which albums. Any help from anyone would be greatly apreciated. I know we’re all bickering in here over dumb @#$%, but i think we can all agree that we all love this band and want to here more of their music, and that Shawn Morgan can’t sing for @#$% and looks kinda like a disgruntled muppet. SEACREST OUT!!

  • bob

    i am officially retired from the grammar police, mainly because i’m at work and have like three seconds to post this. I am most amused by everyones broad generalizations about the band, everyone’s level of talent, and who wrote what tunes. At this point it doesn’t really matter. I am more concerned with owning every peice of music written by amy, ben, david, or whoever the hell else was in the band. I’ve got 34 mp3’s of songs not on fallen and but i’m not sure if the info on exodusevanescence.com is correct as far as discography is concerned. There are also different versions of songs and i’m not sure which ones go on which albums. Any help from anyone would be greatly apreciated. I know we’re all bickering in here over dumb @#$%, but i think we can all agree that we all love this band and want to here more of their music, and that Shawn Morgan can’t sing for @#$% and looks kinda like a disgruntled muppet. SEACREST OUT!!

  • kyle

    ben is Evanescence. He wrote My immortal.
    He may not be the best guitarist but he has more song writing ability than Amy does.

  • isaywhatiwant

    F**K seether! Where does that guy get off sayen that crap. i don’t care if ben was an ass or not, he helped start the band and got that it sound good. Shaun Morgan sounds like an ass and needs to get over his ego

    that bastard

  • Lauren


    I forgot to tell you that when John first wrote it, it was called C Sharp.

    = )

  • Lauren

    “Forever Gone, Forever You” is really just “Forever You”. Whoever leaked it, got the title wrong. It is a song that John wrote a while back. He got with Ev, Ben and Amy added their own style to it.

    “Not for Your Ears” is a CD put together by someone that decided it would be cool to take Ben and Amy’s demos and use them for their own profit.

  • Liz

    You know, I was really bothered when Ben left the band. Evanescence was the first band in a VERY long time that I actually looked forward to seeing. I could listen to the whole album all the way through, and never once did I want to skip a track. When he left, I felt like, oh well, it was nice while it lasted. I even hunted up all their old stuff just to have a little bit more of them to listen to. Now comes Punisher. Though I care nothing for the self proclaimed ass that Amy is dating, the song “Broken” is a very good song, least the version with her singing is. However, I believe they need to rethink this “Seether feat. Amy Lee” HELLO it’s a duet. But besides that, I liked it. Then I heard “The End Has Come” YOU GO BEN. I loved it! Both songs were very good, both on the same soundtrack (See, Amy, there’s no gettin rid of him). Looks like to me they are both going to continue pleasuring our ears even separated. Just one more thing I have to say though, and yes, I’m going to do what I ususally don’t like to do and that is take a slam at somebody. Amy, after this song goes big (Not that it will, but it very likely could), boyfriend is going to get a big head, decide that he doesn’t need to be “tied down” the the gothic queen anymore and he’ll leave. And he’ll suck and no one will hear from him again, but you will still have your talent and you’ll still have a bond with Ben that started oh so long ago. Maybe I’ll see ya’ll together at Juanitas 🙂

  • ACB

    Ignore me and my typos. I can’t be bothered lately; it’s too hot outside, which makes my room into a sauna.
    And I tried to correct my first entry, and as you can see, it didn’t work and double-posted. Sue me.

  • ACB

    I know it’s late and that’ I’ve commented in between and can’t say that my internet wasn’t working (well, it flickers. Very often….) but I was re-reading here and there and someone (don’t care who, it’ deson’t matter) said the songs are all the same. Sadly, you can tell they’re burned/hacked/whatever tracks, because you hear it skip on a brand new, unblemished, straight out of the case, CD, or else the wrong version of a song is on there. I’ve got a copy of the Ukraine release of Origin with the skulls on the cover art and many bonus tracks and crap, and the version of Whisper is from Fallen, not Origin, there’s a skip in Missing, Field of Innocence has little beeps in the background, and other stuff here and there.
    On another different topic, where did the song Forever Gone, Forever You come from? I know it’s probably unreleased, but I was curious. It’s not even on Not For Your Ears (probably a fake bootleg, too, but I bought it anyway on eBay) which has the original versions and demos of songs, most unreleased.

  • ACB

    I know it’s late and that’ I’ve commented in between and can’t say that my internet wasn’t working (well, it flickers. Very often….) but I was re-reading here and there and someone (don’t care who, it’ deson’t matter) said the songs are all the same. Sadly, you can tell they’re burned/hacked/whatever tracks, because you hear it skip on a brand new, unblemished, straight out of the case, CD, or else the wrong version of a song is on there. I’ve got a copy of the Ukraine release of Origin with the skulls on the cover art and many bonus tracks and crap, and the version of Whisper is from Fallen, not Origin, there’s a skip in Missing, Field of Innocence has little beeps in the background, and other stuff here nad there.
    On another different topic, where did the song Forever Gone, Forever You come from? I know it’s probably unreleased, but I was curious. It’s not even on Not For Your Ears (probably a fake bootleg, too, but I bought it anyway on eBay) which has the original versions and demos of songs, most unreleased.

  • Sarah

    omfg..you are beyond pathetic you little twit.how dare you come on here and say that amy lee has about as much talent as avril lavigne.that is just.wow.are you aware of the fact that amy lee has won MEDALS for her singing?
    and thats BEFORE she was famous..yeah.in high school she was in Mixed Chorus,Select Ensemble(you have to be VERY good to get into that),All-Region Choir,and Choir Council(PRESIDENT) so dont sit there and tell me that the girl doesnt have talent..she has one of the best female voices ever to hit airwaves.and id really like to know who you think in females has a better voice than her? britney is your choice i suppose.you are a pathetic little idiot who needs to get your facts straight..beacause that is the whole story there on mtv.com..i read the whole damn thing..and it is BOTH sided..you know nothing of this band..and if you dont like them then you really need not come on forums about them you idiot savants freak..anyways whatever..you are dumb..and im through..bye

  • bob

    anyone know where i can find a complete discography of the band? i’ve downloaded everything i could find off of Kazaa, but i’m still missing some tracks. any help would be apreciated.

  • Someone

    “Amy Lee has about as much talent as Avril Lavigne.”

    Lmao, what a fud.

    1. Do I really need to say anything? They just made an ass of themselves by saying that.
    2. Why bother replying to this if you have no interest in Evanescence? I swear I will never understand the thick arseholes who go on Ev-related sites and start whinging.
    3. I’d like to see you do better than Lee. You obviously don’t know a good voice when you hear it. Loser.

  • Smenkharon

    This band is so overhyped! Why would anyone believe what they read on mtv.com? Both sides of the story my ass! Amy Lee has about as much talent as Avril Lavigne. This “band” relies on slick production overdubs, similar to the machine that makes the boy-band in the Simpsons episode with N’Sync sound good. They are as fake as Milli Vanelli, especially now that Ben Moody is gone. I am sure that they will have a long career of songs for movie soundtracks!

  • METAL!!!!

    And for others who have been “ripped” off by a certain “evanescenceclub.com” sorry guys. THe deal is that once you buy something from the site you can no longer access it from that particular computer. And yes it is a Ukraine site… never trust a Ukrainian, money hungry bastards! They tell you it’s the real deal when it’s worthless crap. I went on Ebay and bought the Sound Asleep EP for $100 (which was already to much for any cd) and i got a burned copy of “Limpy Bizkits” I guess i didn’t learn my lesson on Ebay b/c i paid almost $200 for Origin Which was not a fake it is signed by Amy and Rocky Gray. alright guys later.

  • METAL!!!!

    With no dis-respect to Amy, does any one knew the name of her little sister. I’ve been looking for months. It makes me feel so bad to be digging in her buisiness. Idon’t know i’m just curious. Off of that subject, The video for “Broken” w/ Shaun (even though i don’t like him) the vid was awsome, Amy was amazing, shinning in all her radiance. The article in “Blender” was so informing it really showed amy’s “true side” what i mean is that she must have had to open up so much and pour her beautiful heart out. The pictures are also amazing. Thanx for listening guys.

  • Sarah

    lauren. i know exactly what you meant by the “put words in my mouth” thing..i was just being a sarcastic bitch..its what im best at..but either way..you know youre right..and i know im right..so whats the point of fighting about it anymore..this is just sad..but anyways..thanks about my nephew..but can you please next time spell my name right..it ends with an H..SARAH..its not that hard really

  • Lauren

    Ok, Sara…I’m sorry about your nephew and I really do hope he gets well soon.

    I now I’m typing…I’m not stupid I was speaking metaphorically when I said you “put words in my mouth”. I assumed you could figure that out. And I don’t THINK I’m right. I KNOW I am, but whatever. You all can just continue to ignore the truth.

  • Sarah

    okay holier than thou..look i really dont need this shit anymore..i have other fucking problems in my life..my little nephew that was just born has got pnemonia and is in critical condition..so mr ACB..did you happen to think that maybe its not my hormones thats the problem..maybe its the fact that my nephew is sick..yeah you asshole..go around assuming things about ppl..and lauren..it is impossible for me to “put words in your mouth” when you never “SAID” anything..duh..you typed it..either way like i said on my last reply..im done with this subject..i think im right..you think your right..so whatever..nothings gonna change that…anyways whatever bye

  • bob

    can’t we all just get along?

  • Lauren

    HAHA “lil miss priss” I am so hurt!! Whatever shall I do? HAHA

    Grow up, Sara…and stop putting words in my mouth. I NEVER said Ben was sick. And NEWSFLASH: AMY IS “SICK” ALL THE FUCKING TIME. That really has nothing to do with him leaving…it’s not like she was on her death bed and he was like “ok, Amy, have a nice last few minutes”. Give. me. a. break.
    As for him stranding them without a lead guitarist. He TAUGHT John his parts, so he didn’t leave them without one. He left them WITH one.

    If it wasn’t for Ben you probably never would have heard your precious Amy. So give him a little credit.

  • ACB

    Before the Grammar Beasts maul me and leave my carcass for the buzzards, that eleventh-to-last word was expose, but the special character is different on here, obviously.

  • ACB

    Jesus Christ (forgive me for the religious crap) but people honestly think I have an attitude problem. Sarah, go masturbate. Lose some hormones.
    The rest of you, go read the fucking article on MTV.com. It’s all we have now, and I’m tired of hearing about it.
    And I’m sorry (not) about the Ukraine stuff. If eBay did pass that crap off, then Vero wasn’t contacted to take it off. Some people who don’t care about authenticity and dignity or whatever don’t think it matters and just want the CDs cheaper. My reason behind the little exposé is that I’m very materialistic. Can’t sue me for that.

  • Sarah

    “LAUREN” lil miss priss..im only going off of what i READ on MTV.COM.where it actually gives you the whole damn story..BOTH sides..so if you are gonna be a bitch to someone because they got information from actually reading things THEY said..then go ahead..neither of them wanted to leave what they had each created..and they HAD been talking about which would.sure she might have said..im not..but then again he didnt have to agree that it would be him to go..so as far as i can see it..it was his decision..and only his.its not like she held a knife to his throat and said “youre the one leaving ben whether you like it or not” and either way..if you still want to say im wrong..you were wrong about one thing..and that was that HE was sick and she didnt care…thats bull and you know it..SHE was the sick one.and what does he do? he walks off right before a show..thats what..how gentelmanly..and thats after the fact that she thought that he would at least be staying until the end of the tour.but no. he had to leave them stranded without a lead guitarist.anyways whatever.im done arguing with you about this patheticness..and know youre right i dont know ben moody..i wouldnt want to.working with talentelss twits.as opposed to amy lee who has a helluva lot of talent..in more ways than one..anyways whatever..bye

  • Anastasia

    Hehe…but that is true

  • Lauren

    “lauren..yes i do know what im talking about..so what if it hadnt been what it was before when they were young..hes still the one that decided he didnt like her anymore because they were different..and yes it was he that decided..they had been talking about which one would..and they hadnt made a decision and then he decided that he would..”

    Um…no…you just THINK you do.

    How do you know he “just decided he didn’t like her anymore”? Do YOU know Ben Moody? I didn’t think so.

    AND how do you know they hadn’t made a decision when he left? Amy = “Well, yeah, one of us needs to leave…but I’M not going” Sounds like a decision to me…

    In the words of Ben himself “I’m not holding you responsible for your lack of knowledge here, but simply for presuming that you have it.”

  • Anastasia

    Bob, I agree totally.

  • bob

    you can listen to “broken” on seethers website under the audio section. if you click on the one on the top amy is on it. she sounds great, but he still can’t sing or write, and i’m quite sure he’s still pretty ugly.

  • Anastasia

    Uh, UCB you really need to CALM DOWN!! What’s the big deal if it isn’t the “real” Evanescence cd? THE SONGS ARE THE SAME!!!! And that’s what makes the cds so great…so what if the track lisitngs aren’t perfect or if they make their own, the point is that you can purchase a cd with very hard to find Evanescence songs on it for much less than you could if it was all perfect and shit. And no, Ebay DOES allow Evanescence cds from the Ukraine to be listed. I’ve seen like six in the past two weeks.

  • Sarah

    hey bob..no problem..glad i could be of help.the song that she sings with seether is called Broken..i havent heard it yet. but i know thats what its called from articles and stuff..so yeah anyways..glad i could help ya..bye

  • bob

    thanks for the tip Sarah. I got some great songs not only from origin but new unreleased stuff as well. i don’t have the entire album yet but i am working on it. which seether song has amy on it? i would like to hear it. later kiddies.

  • Sarah

    okay first of all i didnt put any words in your mouth because hello.you didnt actually “say” them,you typed them.so correct yourself.shit dude you have got one bad attitude.take a freaking chill pill.so yeah anyways thats all i have to say for now.bye

    freedom of press thank you.i can type whatever the hell i want to.if you dont like it.dont read it.

  • ACB

    I never said I didn’t have faith in the band. Learn to read, and stop putting shit words in other peoples’ mouths, Sarah. Also, I’d like to point out that in order to end a sentence, you use ONE period. No matter what country you’re in.
    and I would like to let all you little bastards know that Ukraine is where all the fake Evanescence CDs are from. They make them all themselves there. You can tell, because the track listings and shit are all wrong, not to mention that the wrong versions are on the CDs. They even make totally new compilations, like ‘The Best of Evanescence’ and ‘Singles and Remixes’ and similar items. Have you not wondered why eBay won’t allow Evanescence CDs to be listed that are from Ukraine? I’m sure there are people in that country who have genuine CDs, but I wanted to give you all a heads-up. After all, I myself was ripped off…three times. Good thing stupid people will buy them right off me from school regardless.

  • Anastasia

    Sarah, thanks for the acknowledgment. I know that’s probably spelled wrong. Oh well. You can find Origin on Ebay for like $250 or you can skulk around to downlaod it. Here’s a site that although may not be the best out there, DOES have some decent MP3s.
    There are a few songs from Origin, the demos, and the song Amy did with Seether.
    Or if you want to purchase Origin cheaply you could email this guy: ubl661@atomix.dp.ua
    He sells like every Evanescence cd ever made, (and TONS of others) rather cheaply. The only catch is the cost of registering a letter to the Ukraine which is like $10. I personally got my copy of Origin from him and have no complaints.
    If anyone could tell me how to turn a cd into mp3s I would put my copy on the Net and let people download it. If anyone can help me with this, I will er…be grateful and stuff…
    Hopefully that helps all the Origin Hunters out there, because I spent MONTHS looking for a decently priced copy of that cd without any help whatsoever.
    And yes, Seether is a really bad band. (Not sure who all said that)
    But the song with Amy is cool…or it might just be that I like her voice so much…
    (Yes, I will shut up soon) I read also on some website, I think it was MTV that sometime next year Ben was making his own album. Now this will be interesting. Hot guitarist makes solo album..Hopefull, he will anyway.

  • Sarah

    lauren..yes i do know what im talking about..so what if it hadnt been what it was before when they were young..hes still the one that decided he didnt like her anymore because they were different..and yes it was he that decided..they had been talking about which one would..and they hadnt made a decision and then he decided that he would..sure why the hell would she want to leave..they might have both created the band..but without her voice what is there? alot of the same shit you here these days thats what..Korango..yes you can find out why he left..like i said last time..GO TO MTV.COM and look under evanescence theres a title called “the split” it explains everything..so go check it out..and anastasia thanks for trying to make it seem like you were the first one to know about the mtv thing..if you hadnt read..ive said that at least 2 times now..and bob..the only way i can think of to get origin would be Kazaa..and other stuff too..they have alot of evanescence songs on there..so i would try for that..anyways..im done..bye

  • bob

    wow- its been a while. i think i’ve corrected enough grammar. props to cancer, and duane you are friggin hilarious. feel free to fix my punctuation. i was wondering if anyone knew when the new album was coming out or if they even began recording it.i am also wondering where i can find all of these EP’s and the first album which i knew nothing of til i came here. feel free to email bout the band or if you want me to correct shaun morgan’s grammer once again. The dude’s a total bonehead, he’s ugly and his band sucks. despite her awesome voice, amy’s a total “mall goth” so they deserve each other. -later kiddies

  • metal

    did yall see Avril’s new music vid for don’t tell me. Ben is playing for her in this song. one more thing does Evanescence have a stable bassist? or like an on off thing that they use when they need him?
    Thanx guys.

  • Anastasia

    This board is HILARIOUS!! But I’d just like to say a few things:
    1( Check mtv.com/evanescence there’s a four page article on WHY Ben left Evanescence.
    2) It also says that they did NOT write somgs together. Ben says that only like 3 time in eight years did they ever write together.
    4)He’s a great guitarist, and a good songwriter, and hot, but the band CAN survive and CAN still kick ass WITHOUT HIM!!!!!
    5)After this, I’ll shut up. Ben also says that he and Amy had been having disagreements about the band for a long time, it wasn’t just a “fame” thing.
    Feel free to comment on my grammar, I don’t care. Email me if you want to discuss Evanescence or Ben. GrndDchAnastasia@aol.com

  • Korgano

    Duane> I never said my spelling was perfect, infact I live in denmark, not england, so I think I´m entitlet to have some spelling problems! 😛 Spelling was never one of my awsome abilities! sadly though! 🙁 the language English is! 😉
    – Duane, I agree with u, offcourse the right dude shold be creditet for his/her work, no question about that, i just think Ben had his reasons to leave the band, nothing more, and since we don´t hear about them, all we can do is speculate! no more, no less! 🙂

  • Lauren

    Sarah…you really have no idea what you are talking about. Ben did not end their 8 year friendship…it was over for quite sme time before he left. AND he didn’t just “come to the deciscion that it was he that would” leave. AMY said she didn’t want to. She might as well have TOLD him to go…talk about one of them leaving and then say “I don’t want to” HELLOOOOO

  • Sarah

    okay i was wrong i do have something else to say…to A Friend..uhm it was not spain to begin with it was Berlin..and secondly it was not ben that was sick it was Amy..she was suffering from Viral Brhonchitis..come on here and say ppl should get their facts straight when yours are the most far-fetched ive read..he left because they had been talking of one of them leaving..and he came to the deciscion that it was he that would..so dont go around making amy seem the bad person when shes not..and she had every right to act stuck up to him at the grammys when he just abandoned her like that..hes the one that walked away from their 8 year friendship because he decided they were diff ppl..not her…so maybe youre the one who need to learn things before you say them..

  • Sarah

    all i have to say today is to korgano..mtv.com has the whole story..just look up evanescence and then news and then it should be under “the split” it tells the whole story…both sides..amys and bens…oh and to the person who said..this was a while ago but i dont care…to the person who said ben wrote hello..get your facts straight..she wrote that all on her own about her 3 year old sister who died when amy was 6…so yeah..anyways..done for today..bye

  • A Friend

    I don’t know where you people get your information but, Ben left Spain because he was ill, very ill….and no one cared, not Amy and not the record company. Because of this, he came home where he could recuperate after a grueling year on the road.

    What most of you don’t realize is that when a new band comes along and does well, the label owns you. They do not care if you are sick or not, they USE you up. All they are interested in is selling CD’s…..and in the midst of the world wide tour….they want the band to start writing & working on new material….in the meantime, while their expenses for the tours are covered, any other money is withheld. It’s a fact that while millions of CD’s are being sold, the actual band is paid very little. The whole scenerio was most maddening.

    Now, I do not know Amy Lee, what I do know though is that the actual talent, meaning songwriting-composing-artistry, etc., was BEN. He is a composing genius. He did all the arrangements, etc. While Amy can write & obviously she can sing, (all that you have witnessed so far is with the collaboration of Ben Moody) that will only take you so far….in a Band like Evanscence….otherwise, she would be sitting at a piano, singing her own songs.

    The “Label” decided to showcase Amy and they shoved Ben to the back when in reality, Amy cannot carry this band alone, and the others in the Band are just what someone else said earlier in this thread, hired musicians. You will notice a distinct difference once Ben’s influences are gone.

    Evidence of Amy’s conceit were most evident at the Grammy’s where she made no mention of anyone else’s contribution other than herself…..I also heard an interview with her where she proclaimed herself a “Rock-n-Roll star”….well, maybe she is….but the fact remains that she didn’t get there by herself, and the proof is coming that she will not be able to sustain the momentum. While song lyrics are important, of course….it’s the music that goes with it that makes it memorable, or great, or a commercial success. Ben did all of it, including playing the instruments.

    This Band started in Little Rock, Arkansas several years ago, with both Ben & Amy sharing the praise. They get to go “Hollywood” and Amy gets a big head….well, why not when you see that she was the one being showcased. Ben wasn’t jealous but the right person needs to be credited for all the WORK.

    My advice is to wait to see what comes from them now that Ben is doing his own projects, and impressive ones at that. Ben will do just fine, I will reserve my comments about Amy when I see what she will produce on her own merits.

  • duane

    “Boys and girls… Instead of bitching wheather or not a word is spelled in the right way, and yea I am aware my spelling sucks, u should turn your focus on the fact that Shaun Morgan admits that he might be the reason Ben Moody left! ”

    Look, Korgano. First, your spelling sucks. There is no such word as “wheather.” Second, how much harder is it to type out “you” than “u”? Third, you need to realize that your ability (or inability) to spell is much more important than the personal lives of pop stars. Go read. Read “Catcher in the Rye.” Read something — like a book, not People Magazine. That’s how you learn to spell. You will also learn about things that will help think independently and critically. Evanescence is not important. Just some friendly advice. Oh yeah… AND TURN OFF THAT TV!

  • Korgano

    – Boys and girls… Instead of bitching wheather or not a word is spelled in the right way, and yea I am aware my spelling sucks, u should turn your focus on the fact that Shaun Morgan admits that he might be the reason Ben Moody left!
    – Allthough I know admitting ones weak sides is a sign on strenght and character, I don´t understand why Ben Moody should be blamed for that! From my point of view Shaun Morgan is changing the focus from himself to Ben Moody, and instead of admitting he made a mistake, he made the lead songwriter leave the band, BRILLIANT MOVE Shaun Morgan!!!
    – I wounder if Shaun Morgan will be writing the songs from now on, it will be interresting to see if he can write better songs!!!!!
    – Is Ben Moody a quitter, I have no idea, I have not recieved all the facts, all I have is the statements from one man, a man who apparently hate Ben Moody, I cannot determine if who is right in this issue, but I guess Ben Moody would not have left unless he had a DAMN good reasons to do so!!!!
    – This just proves that separating personal life from musicbandlife is DAMN hard, and if u can do so, u are very very skilled!!!!

  • Sygy

    How dare he. that morgan dude is bang out of order. Ben Moddy is the most amazing person in the world of rock. What the mogan dude said is sickening

  • Sarah

    whatever acb..i say things because that is my right as an american..freedom of press..thank you..if you dont like what i have to say then dont read it..duh..and then dont reply to it..and if you really didnt give a shit about what i say then you wouldnt have responded in such an angry manner..and i will say whatever i want to say about the fan thing..true fans have faith..i have faith in them..im not obsessed..they arent even my favorite band..i just happen to love them…if theres anything wrong with that then well..theres lots of people who need help then..but whatever mr something crawled up your ass and died..im done arguing with you so if you write back i will not respond..have a nice life not having faith in a band you are suppposed to like..

  • Lauren

    “Ben Moody from Evanescence is really crap. I hate him for leaving the band and I hate him for everything. I thought the wanker was actually a good guitarist.”
    I’m sure he’d be really hurt to know your sorry ass hates him and thinks he’s crap…

    “All Amy Lee fans out there, keep cheering. Ben Moody is just a deserter. Bloody loser. In the first place if he knew he’s not going to get along with Amy Lee, then don’t even bloody start the band. What the? She can start her own solo act, mate!”
    Yeeeeah…I’m sure he knew this shit would happen when he was FOURTEEN. You know absolutely NOTHING about the situation so why don’t you keep your mouth shut. Ben is not a deserter…he is an amazingly nice, kind-hearted person. He did what he had to do. End. of. story.

  • ACB

    Then why do you just HAVE to say something every time anyone says anything? And don’t get me started on that shit about not being a fan. You don’t even know what a fucking fan is. It sounds to me that half of the people on here are either obsessed with the band or just want ten minutes with Amy…which is disgusting.
    And when you compulsively reply to this message, just keep in mind that NO ONE GIVES A SHIT WHAT YOU SAY!

  • Sarah

    uhm acb..if you pay attention at all you would see that i never said any of what you said was directed at me..i was just telling you that you said one thing about loving all their songs and then turn around and say that “miraculously” thing..that didnt make much sense to me..if you are fan you are supposed to have faith in them..not go around saying things like if somehow they “miraculously” make it without mr moody..anyways whatever..dont go around putting words in ppls mouths and im not an attention seeker either..if you knew me at all you would know that i am the exact opposite of that…and to josh…whatever..that doesnt make alot of sense either to use a males name..and being a girl too i have heard way more males make cracks about females than females make cracks at males..but whatever…you guys have no faith in this band you are supposedly fans of..whatever make just a lil more sense..

  • Ebony

    I just want to say that Shaun Morgan of “Seether” should not even attempt to talk about Ben Moody.. I mean he’s in the band SEETHER, hahaha..Ok I’m done laughing. Shaun wouldn’t give a fuck about the goings on of Evanesence if he wasn’t banging Amy Lee. When he’s finished with her, he’ll go back to not caring. He needs to concentrate on his mediocre band and it’s success like having a song on the Punisher soundtrack (No offense to the Punisher.) Amy Lee is a strong girl and she can fight her battles by herself, his immature comments reminded me of some lame high school rivalry. Ben Moody and Amy Lee built Evanesence together and I think it’s unfair that he won’t be around to see the band through until the end. Without Ben, I believe the end of Evanesence will come sooner than later — especially if Shaun keeps opening his mouth.

  • arcade

    well I think that Shaun and Amy will break up, and ben will come back…
    Seether definetily sucks, I mean REALLY SUCKS…. first, their songs suck, Shaun sucks, his voice sucks (is such a common voice)[sorry if my english is no good]… well seether suck

  • south african

    Shaun is actually an Afrikaans speaking South African. In other words, English is not his home/first language. I think he is doing wonderfully as his band have broken through the stereotypical “loser” SA band and infiltrated the American market. He is also dating one of the biggest stars in new music. As far as grammar goes, we actually do use, own, and consult those useful books full of strange and intersting words…dictionaries!

  • ACB

    Just because I made two comments in one fkin’ box doesn’t mean it was all directed at you. Hell, none of it was directed at you. Don’t be such an attention seeker. I really think you only post on here to see yourself ‘talking’.

  • Evanescence fan

    For about half way through the comments people just correct the first guy to leave a comment…but the fact of the matter is, its about what Shaun Morgan has said to Evanescence fans. It is ridiculous that he makes a mockery of Moody. For all of us, Evanescence fans, we just know Moody as a guitar player… so frankly we don’t give a flying fuck what he did off stage. If he left the band for such a reason, then it is his loss, but it isn’t right for Morgan to mention that. Ben Moody was a great guitar player to me because he made up 1/3 of my favorite band, and he is a guitar player that im sure will not be the easiest to replace. Now it looks to me as if Morgan is the one who should eat some cookies and grow up, and this is coming from a 14 year old…pathetic.

  • josh

    oh, just thought i would let u know, im not a guy, i put josh as my name cause for some reason no one would reply when i said something with my real name(which is a girl name cause im a girl, duh)u really shouldnt be so stereo-typical of guys. in my entire life(15 years) the only people ive heard say “raging hormones” are girls, about guys. so yeah anyway….i just thought i would let u guys know so u dont make the mistake and assume everyone is what they say they are, come on this is the internet, people lie all the time

  • Sarah

    sheesh ACB..someone has a bad attitude..i dont care if my information was correct..i was just plainly telling that person that the upcoming album would not be considered as their SECOND one..because if the EPS and whatever else dont count than i do know that at least origin does..so that would make the next one at least the THIRD album..i was just trying to explain that..that is all..i wasnt trying to get technical..and i have never said anything about not liking a version of a song..you give me an evanescence song to hear..whether its a diff version of a song or whatever..ill listen to it and like it..because i love evanescence..and for you to sit there and say you love all their songs and blah blah and then to add that little “miraculously” bit..well that was rather contradictory..dont you think? i mean really..shit.

  • ACB

    Okay people I’m sick of this shit. This site provides CORRECT information whether you assholes say it is or not. They may not have everything, but it has enough to dissolve these stupid fights over what album/EP came first.

    P.S. what’s with all this crap about junior and sophomore albums? If senior is the fourth, what if they miraculously come out with a fifth? I only said ‘miraculously’ in case they don’t last that long.

  • ACB

    Look: I agree with most of you on the whole ‘Bring Me to Life’ thing. I also hate how they ruined the song with Paul McCoy’s vocals–that’s why I like the Bliss Mix of the song which has no male vocals. The original version of the song (which is on their ‘Not For Your Ears’ demo) is much different. It also doesn’t have male vocals, and it is slightly different in lyrics, and MUCH different in the general mood of it. People who have only heard that one song by Evanescence say they are just posers (BY THE WAY: EVA CAME AFTER EVANESCENCE, SO DON’T EVEN GO THERE!) and are like ‘help me, save me, I’m worthless’ because the band didn’t exactly make the greatest video. Sure, the general message of the song is finding that special someone who ‘wakes you up inside’ (Amy Lee herself said that) but the video is basically finding someone you can depend on. A bit different.
    Also, I wish that the band had used the original version of My Immortal for the video. The band version sucks.

    A last word (for this post): I love all of Evanescence’s songs, and I just wanted to say that you can’t judge a song on just one CD’s version. There are different versions of the same song on nearly all of their releases (and unreleased tracks). For example: I have four versions of Imaginary, four of Bring Me to Life, at least three of Understanding (their 2nd song ever) and about five of Whisper. So if you try to trash a song, listen to another version of it.
    I don’t have any more to say right now.

  • Ben Moody from Evanescence is really crap. I hate him for leaving the band and I hate him for everything. I thought the wanker was actually a good guitarist. The other guy from the other band, Shaun Morgan, why does he have to get involved and put in his 2 cents worth.

    All Amy Lee fans out there, keep cheering. Ben Moody is just a deserter. Bloody loser. In the first place if he knew he’s not going to get along with Amy Lee, then don’t even bloody start the band. What the? She can start her own solo act, mate!

    umm ‘been moody sucks’ ben obviously got a long with amy since they were engaged for a while and personally i think he left thanks to that jack ass morgan honestly morgan go fuck ur mom not one cares wut u think abt ben in fact no one cares abt u. amy can do much better than a guy who looks like he has 12 foot dick shoved up his ass. BUt whatever floats amys boat (but i still cant see how shaun can float her boat)

  • OMFG shaun is really mean. that stupid fucking bastard. its not like evanescnece fans think ben is the greates guy on earth i personally think hes a good guitarist but i dont like worship him. I think shaun needs to grow up. Has amy read this? anyways we all have mistakes no one is perfect that goes for ben too shaun needs to realize ppl make mistakes, and i highly doubt ben goes around fucking hoes. Whatever os between amy and ben should stay between them. I say we leave their relationship alone and let them deal with their own lives.

  • Sarah

    okay i said nothing about ben moody in my last reply..i was continuing my convo with josh…thank you.

  • Lauren

    Are you people EVER going to let this die? For heaven’s sake it happened FIVE months ago.

  • Sarah

    no you didnt say their sophomore album flopped you said that “the sophomore album usually flops” and i was clarifying that the next album is not their sophomore attempt..thats all..so you must have got confused somewhere along the way..lol and i can freak if i want…it isnt my raging hormones..thats such a typical male remark..honestly..dont you guys ever come up with anything more original than that? sheesh

  • btw, i never said there “sophomore” album flopped(sp?), so i dont know where u got that. dont go off on me for something u found soemwhere else

  • calm down sarah…damn….i say one damn thing and u freak out. two words raging hormones.

  • Metal

    You’re right josh their first was “not for your ears”. For those who are looking for childish intentions there is no longer any trace of that name under evanescence unless by w.o.m. there is one w/s but they are bahing evanescence.
    Just thought ya’ll would like to know.

  • Sarah

    okay..why is it that ppl think that ben is like the worst guitar player on the face of the earth…he isnt…he does a damn good job on alot of their older stuff..anyways..fang you are hilarious…i love the “go back to your job at burger king, buy another jay z album, and quit your whining” that was great…anyways..so what if ben isnt like the next jimmy hendrix..hes good enough to have sold millions upon millions of albums..so id shut up if i were you..just jealous cause the guy has money? or what? hes not THAT bad…anyways bye..

  • None of your fucking business

    Morgan sucks, Amy deserves better…

  • Fang

    I think it’s a shame that Ben left. He may not be the best guitar player, but he was the lyrical source for the band. It’ll be interesting to see what they do now.

    And to the walking cum dumpster that said “both bands suck”…when your band is topping either Evanescence or Seether in sales, exposure or airplay…then you can run your suck. Until then, Mighty Mouth, go back to your job at Burger King, buy another Jay Z album, and quit your whining.

  • Eviscerator

    Gotta ask… since when the crap did Ben Moody suddenly become a “Guitarist”?

    He’s a string-basher who couldn’t play a real chord to save his life!

  • Sarah

    got some points there nick…but i dont think that just because ben is gone that the next record is gonna suck…i dont think terry is gonna be near what ben was..he might be a better guitarist..but the whole thing is..he didnt help build that band..it was amy and ben and david…and i do hope that one day in the future ben will see the error of his ways and return to at least just remaining friends with amy…i mean you dont just give up on an 8 year friendship because youve realized you are both different ppl…thats how the world is ben…no one is made to be the same…so obviously something else happened that neither of them are telling to the press..but thats my opinion..cause it seems rather stupid to ruin a friendship over such petty shit as being different…anyways..good luck to ben..hes still respected by me..cept for the whole avril thing..talentless twerp that she is…can only play three chords on a guitar..thatll get you really far…lol…anyways i still like ben..and dont think either of them are expendable..but i dont think that terry is a bad addition…anyways..im out..

  • Nick

    First of all I would like to say that Ben leaving is extremly sad. I just bought Fallen and I think it is one of the best albums of the last 15 years. There is so much meaning and feeling in all of it. The vocals have so much feeling coming through. The guitar is tastful and he has good tone. But the important thing is the recipe of Ben and Amy. Ben is not replaceable just like Amy is not replaceable. History has proven that everytime a band breaks up it is never the same. You do not have to be a great guitarist or vocalist. It is the feeling that you put into it. That comes out in the creativity. The souls of the people who make the music is imprinted into it. It is really sad that all this had to happen so soon in their careers. They will someday be together again it is inevitable. I know I have been there and done that. The sad thing will be missing out on what they would have done. You can never go back in time and do what you would have done and it is lost forever. Their breakup has something to with love. What level of love we don’t know but to have been together at such a young age and acomplished so much in a such a short time and to now be apart must be tramatizing on both sides.

    What really is the biggest bunch of bullshit on this site are these people who say either one of them is expendable. A band is a relationship. People should not be thrown away just because there is someone else out there who is better. If there is all these great guitar players out there why wasn’t this album made 5 years ago.

    To all those that say either one is expendable. I say when your mother gets cancer just put a bullet in her head because there are better mothers out there. RIGHT???????

  • Sarah

    okay JOSH..i never claimed that Sound Asleep was their first one i was just informing you of the fact that even if the EP’s and their own CD-Rs dont count ORIGIN did so either way that would make this upcoming album their JUNIOR album and FALLEN would then be their SOPHOMORE album..so wherever you got you info on the sophomore album flopping..well..i think the record sales speak other wise there..cause i dont care what you say..this upcoming album is most definetly NOT their sophomore album..cause fine say sound asleep and evanescence dont count..either way…no matter what even if it had the least amount of record sales at all..it was still an album..that being ORIGIN…thank you..and to all of you about the ben and amy thing..if you really want to understand it all..go to mtv.com right now..it has the whole story..i just read it the other day..and yes they had not been getting along for quite sometime..and it was either him or amy that was gonna leave he decided it would be him..but the way he left..was wrong..he shouldnt have stranded them right in the middle of a tour..that was wrong..no matter what hes doing now..and the grammy’s outfit? that wasnt to say whatever to shaun or amy that was in his own way to tell them that hes okay..i read this so i know what im talking about..so for all of you who dont know what happened or why..really go to mtv.com and read it..it explains everything..i still think that whatever happened he shouldnt have gaven up on an 8 year friendship just because he decided they were different ppl..ppl are supposed to be different ben..if we were all the same there would be no point to life..no that there is much of one right now anyways..but yeah…anyways im done

  • Point101

    Agreeing with Jack.

    However-“Ben wouldnt last a day without Amy”.
    1.) He wrote most of the songs, did backround music, and drums in the ep and demos. Amy just sang the songs. He wrote all the melodys.
    2.)He wouldn’t last a day? He is currently working with a number of artists, and has his own film(a film due april 2005) and record company. He is also working on several movie soundtracks. I think he is lasting just fine, thank you.

    And Cassie, BenMoody.com is getting a messageboard. I’m the official post whore though, tough luck chicka ;). MOE forever, no?

    Also, incase you all didn’t notice, the Ben outfit was a take of on Shaun Morgan. So take that you faggity ass ape.

  • Noe

    Mucho thanks… To get back on topic, ben and amy problems were happening for a while. in most pics and interviews they were so happy and joyful playing with each other,in recent ones they were more distant and quiet. One thing that I agree with the exodus web site is an article that said ben leaving was being told in the video because ben was distant from the rest of the band. For example in the first two music videos he played with the ban and the last he was playing alone. Its very interesting article. you should check it out.

  • oh, that last comment was to Noe, I just realized it was way off topic

  • the original name was “childish intentions” i think thats spelled right. i dont know. anyway, thats what it was

  • Diallo

    You’re right Ben & Amy should talk and it is a shame that he left like that.But Ben did want to work on other things, two movie soundtracks and other artists. So whatever happen to cause the split maybe in time they be able to forgive. So lets wish both of them luck on their seperate paths. As for Shaun Morgan, that was really low pouring salt on a wound there was no need for that .You already have the prize ,Amy’s heart!

  • Nathe

    Hey, who says that evanenescence sucks can go to hell. Bens out for good, hes not that good guitarrist, hes jealous, but…shaun morgan sucks, hes no right to write bout that, Ben and Amy should talk, agree in somethin, Ben screwed all his chances, dont blame Amy.
    Amy is all that greatness of Evanescence next with John and Rocky,
    so…Shaun, dont believe youre all that great thing, and suck my ass.

  • Noe

    I see many of the peeps here are very informed about the band. I hope one of you knows the original name before evanescence? E-mail me if you know thanks.
    P.S. Sorry about no commas I fell asleep in english class.

  • ok if u guys are angry about the whole “sophomore” album thing, u guys should check on exodusevansecence.com it has a full record of all the albums they’ve made and all the albums that they have been on (ex: daredevil soundtrack)and btw sound asleep wasnt the first one, but im not going into that, you can check it. the site is under construction(sp?) right now, but it still has a lot of good info. its http://www.exodusevanescence.com ….sorry if there are a lot of spelling errors in this, its online so i dont think grammar is that important

  • Sarah

    okay david..thats what you think..because apparently you dont know that despite not having any success before evanescence was a band before FALLEN came out..so in my opinion you have no idea what you are talking about..the songs are played on those stations because people play them on those stations..its not like they call a specific radio station and say “hey you are the only ones who can play our songs” because radio stations go and buy like every damn cd ever made and play what just happens to be POPULAR..just because the songs are popular does not make them a pop band at all..you gonna compare people in a band like evanescence who actually do write their own music and actually play instruments to what the likings of like NSYNC or something?who dont write their own music and dont play their own instruments who in actuality dont have any real music at all when its all digital crap..and evanescence never once claimed to be this hardcore nu metal band..all amy’s ever said is that we are a rock band..and they are…so just like everyone else on this damn thing..you need to learn about what you are saying before actually saying it..and anyways..its only YOUR opinion..so who really cares what you think..if you dont like the damn band then dont..no one said you had to..but do remember that just because YOU dont doesnt mean MILLIONS of other ppl dont either..and by millions i mean those who bought fallen…so compare your 1 lil statement to all the 6 million ppl who bought the cd..and see who comes out on top..

  • david

    who the fuck cares both bands suck and in a few years no one will remember either of them
    the whole genre of nu/alternative metal we try to act hardcore but our music is still played on pop stations blows

  • Sarah

    lol god niolos you had to read through alot of shit just to find my reply…lol..anyways..as you were..i was just defending my position as a fan too..lol ben moody sucks..thats teh whole thing..he started the band with her because he thought that she was an awesome singer and they were connected musically…he didnt know that in the long run he was gonna have a falling out with amy..dont get me wrong im not sticking up for him..cause im mad at his ass too for just abandoning amy when he said to her “and to my best friend amy,you will always have “all of me” WHAT A CROCK OF SHIT!..lying cocksucker..lol anyways..ev will always kick ass to me no matter what..thats all i got to say for the day so good bye

  • Niolos

    Well I don’t think I was talking about you Sarah but if you want to jump in front of stray bullets I can’t stop you. The talk about fans who are “too” into being a fan was general and w/o direction. You gave it direction. I was simply defending my position as a fan.

  • Ben Moody Sucks

    Ben Moody from Evanescence is really crap. I hate him for leaving the band and I hate him for everything. I thought the wanker was actually a good guitarist. The other guy from the other band, Shaun Morgan, why does he have to get involved and put in his 2 cents worth.

    All Amy Lee fans out there, keep cheering. Ben Moody is just a deserter. Bloody loser. In the first place if he knew he’s not going to get along with Amy Lee, then don’t even bloody start the band. What the? She can start her own solo act, mate!

  • Sarah

    okay Kayroon..first of all..you need to go read amy lees interview with undercover before saying that it was all ben..again…ill qoute her even and save you the trouble..”i have never gone this long with out writing..ive always been a writer,before ben,during ben,after ben, ben didnt just write the album,we did it together” anyways yes they wrote stuff together but shes also written songs by herself.thats my point…is dont give him all the damn credit..cause there would be no evanescecne without her..its not like she asked him to come up to her and introduce herself while she was sitting at that piano playin id do anything for love(but i wont do that)..no that was his choice all alone..and now he wants to abandon her when he used to be blown away by her..whatever..all im saying is give her credit too..and to Sarah2..please learn what you are speaking about before you actually say it..because if you knew anything about evanescence you would know that this upcoming album is not their Sophomore album..first they had an EP called Sound Asleep..then their own CD-R called Evanescence..THEN they put out ORIGIN..then they put out FALLEN..so i dont think that the next one is their sophomore album..youve been following them this long and didnt know that?and no amy lee does not need good luck..because with or without ben..you cant take away the fact that she has one of the best female voices EVER in my opinion..and to the ppl who say she cant sing..you all need to learn a few things..this girl was in Mixed Chorus,Select Ensemble,All-Region Choir,and Choir Coucil(PRESIDENT)..now you cant not be a good singer and be in all of those..which by the way my mother told me you cant get into select ensemble unless you are really good..and she would know since she was actually IN IT..so to all those who said she cant really sing as good as fallen makes it out to be….shove it up your gazingas…sorry if you dont know what that means..dont care if you do or dont..anyways im out..

  • Sarah2

    Just saw Evanescence in Boston. Their last show for this tour. So sad not to see Ben and the keyboard player there! I miss my Ben:(( The show was all about Amy this time. Saw them almost a year prior to this show with Ben- what a great show! All I can say is ..at least he’s being professional about the split. Perhaps his heart was broken by Amy and this Seether asshole, but Ben has bigger projects ahead of him! He’s a talented writer and deserves to keep moving. Good luck to Amy, too, she’s gonna need it. I hear sophmore albums usually flop!

  • kayroon

    amy lee also claimed to be a dumb chick behind the piano.i guess ben can convert avrils voice into goth metal maybe like evanescence. just wait and see who knows.ben really knows how 2 surprise us doesnt he?

  • kayroon

    miss sarah by major artists i also mean NICKLEBACK.If you check the net thoroughly.and look at the evanescence website carefully.even amy says that ben comes with the idea of the song while she just perfects it and adds gloss.!all songs hav been cowritten if u look at the cd cover maybe we should check ben moody site for the real logic.its still under construction though.somehow this dum debate is fun.this my first time participation.!

  • Sarah

    okay Kayroon..i think you are totally wrong..ben wasnt the glue to evanescence..AMY AND BEN were..again i say..HE IS NOT THE ONLY ONE WHO WROTE THE GOOD SONGS..freaking amy wrote the one that got them this famous in the first place..so maybe sometime some ppl need to give her a lil credit i mean really..she was there in the beginning just like ben..and with your MAJOR ARTISTS comment..what you like advil and kelly? the lil fake wannabe punk bitch and miss american idol? whatever…and to nicolas..dont just assume that i am one of the fans that has to have every piece of merchandise or have like 20 diff website up for them..cause in all honesty i dont…i dont have the money for that shit either..and you didnt say that you were disappointed..you said you felt like turning the channel…that is in my opioin..rude…and neither do i go running down the street..EVANESCENCE ROCKS AND ANYONE WHO DOESNT LIKE THEM SUCKS!..and never did i say that they rock so much they cant suck..cause yes okay that performance was not great..all i was trying to say at all was that ppl should give her a break i mean really..how long have they been on tour for? anyways..im done with this conversation too..and uhm SHAUN MORGAN IS THE UGLIEST THING IVE EVER SEEN..and amy lee doesnt not look like shes going on 40…god..rude..she looks 22 to me…anyways…evanescence will always have “ALL OF ME”..

  • OMG, Shaun is hot!! I can’t believe Amy’s so young though. I thought she was like going onto 40 or something.

  • Niolos

    Gees people love to start a fight. Just because I critique the music doesn’t mean I can’t like it. Analyzing a performance isn’t “talking shit” and doesn’t imply someone isn’t “loyal.”

    I don’t want to waste my time being a “devoted” fan like many are who buy all the merch (aint got the money), make their own crappy website about the band (aint got the time), and go around all day screaming “ ROCKS!” and religiously defending any near insulting statements with a stern “you suck shut up!” Not to mention the fans that go around talking like they know the band personally and chat with them every night on AIM and send each other greeting cards every holiday, they’re they most annoying.

    Anyway, the point is, I like to listen to high quality performances and if there just happens to be a sub-par performance, there’s no shame in saying “that wasn’t their greatest” or “i was disappointed.” It builds character in a band anyway to have bad performances. So don’t jump on my back or anyone elses who just happen to not like to smooth over every performance a band makes with “it didnt suck they rock so much they cant suck!”

  • thats me

    i think its kinda funny how seether truly sucks donkey balls…and when i saw them open for manson, they sounded like nirvana wannabes…and not to my surprise…they played a nirvana cover…

  • Kayroon

    You moron dont compare amy with britney!! Ben will go very far as a musician on his own.he is already collaborating with major artists.he is brimming with ideas which will definitely add to his current prowess and success.Ben will rOCK ON TILL dEATH.HIS physical presence is never on the Videos but His spiritual existence will always be fonund in Fallen.hope you listen to this Ben.

  • Kayroon

    i feel that evanescence will not go far Without BEN.no disrespect for amy or anyone else but he was the glue of the whole music. i can sense it intuitively that all the power and magnetism in Fallen was Simply Ben being himself. If he felt that this new fame thing was curtailing his creativity and some personal differenes were increasing,he considred it wiser to be free and explore himself rather than staying where he was stuck.its the essence of being a poet doin only what feels good.as for the authenticity of that shaun morgan thing i doubt it.although i wish shaun and amy good fortune.Ben cannot be so shallow.

  • josh


  • Sarah

    now..i never said i wasnt disappointed in the performance i just said it wasnt as bad as orgo made it out to be..you guys really dont understand anything about singing do you? i mean honestly you cant expect a person to sing just as exactly as their cd EVERY DAMN SINGLE NIGHT THEY PERFORM THE SONG..so i was just saying you should give her a little leeway..after all the nights of singing and what not..a persons voice isnt going to be in tip top shape..now im gonna say something about another band..and that band is no doubt..gwen was once ordered by her doctor not to even SPEAK because she got a sore throat from singing..so all i was saying was take that into consideration..yes the performance wasnt all that great..but i dont care..one bad performance doesnt make them the worst live performers ever..anyways..why do ppl come on here and say the like the damn band but then talk shit about them..thats one thing i cant stand..that to me means you arent a loyal fan..so ppl need to stop the arguing over WHATEVER..its stupid..

  • Niolos

    I was disappointed with the Letterman performance as well. I hate live performances on tv anyway since the current condition of the equipment and the drug usage of the sound man, and not to mention the audio compression dictate the quality of the performance. Definitely wasn’t at her peak. I’m still disappointed I didn’t get to see them at the Beale St. Music Festival cause they didn’t show for whatever reason. But yeah, Letterman, I was fighting the urge to change the channel. Not the best of nights.

  • Sarah

    okay RED whatever you say mister know it all..like i said im done with this conversation..or can you NOT READ..dumbass..fucking shut the hell up already..and again THAT is just YOUR opinion that shes not as good as the rest..cause in my opinion shes as good as the rest and even better..now for the letterman show..okay..that wasnt a very good performance then again it wasnt as awful as you make it out to be orgo..all she sounded was either nervouse or like she had a sore throat..it didnt look in any way that she wasnt happy or that they were about to break up..they are no where near done in my opinion..so ben left..she seems to be just fine with it..so obvioulsy THEY had the falling out not him and the band..him and amy..whatever happened happened..if they didnt think they could go on they wouldnt have had the guy from cold join the band..so the girl was worn out..shes been touring..that takes alot of a persons voice..if you sing and sing and sing every night..so you need to be a little more easy on the girl..sheesh..everyone has a bad singing night in their life..look at william hung..there was no way he was gonna make on american idol and he didnt but what happened? someone gave him a recording contract..hes one of the worst singers ive ever heard..all im saying is you need to be a lil more leanient to amy after shes been touring and singing so much..im sure your voice would have sounded just as bad if youd been as busy as her..anyways..one bad performance doesnt mean a damn thing..they did great at the big in 2003 awards..but the performance wasnt near as bad as you made it out to be..but whatever..now metal..no i do not have either of those songs..i will definetly try to get ahold of them…and thank you for saying that about ppl needing to listen to their old stuff which was independely released before coming to the assumption that the girl cant sing..and last night? that didnt mean shit..so what if she didnt sing that good..not every person is gonna sing as good as they did the night before..shit…anyways..im done..

  • Red

    Umm, Sarah, males actually do have the most octave range, check the Guiness Book of World Records. And Mariah Carey doesn’t have an 8 octave range. That’s actually ridiculous. Anyone who knows about vocal range knows that a legitimate 8 octave range is impossible. Hear me? IMPOSSIBLE. No really, IMPOSSIBLE.

    Amy Lee’s voice is not bad, I never said that. It’s good. Happy? I just don’t think it compares with the best. Since singing has far more to do with talent than instrument playing, I am usually more impressed with people like Steve Vai then I am Amy Lee. But then again, Steve Vai is a whole level above Lee; this comparison is almost an insult to him.

  • Ok. The Letterman performance (02/27/04) was frankly terrible. I found myself fighting a fight-or-flight type response to mute the TV or turn it off. Something is definitely up. I was also on the exodusevanescence irc channel at the time. It’s not an uncommon opinion currently that Evanescence is headed for a final dissolution. After watching that horrendous performance, I don’t disagree with the channel folks. Amy was not happy and didn’t seem comfortable at all. The rest of the band was uninspired and totally secondary. Yes they are exhausted and need to end this insane tour. What I am saying and describing goes beyond that. It was all so obvious to me watching that gut-wrenching performance. I hope myself and other Ev fans are wrong but the outlook is bleak…

  • Mel

    Actually I think he should dump amy. she’s like an infectious disease that turns everything she touches into crap

  • Metal

    Niolos. I have all of the ep’s every single, every unreleased track you could think of even the aspired “Remember”, which is “said” to be on thier next CD. You can’t even find the lyrics to this song and no i’m not talking about “You”. So e-mail me if you are interested. Or if you have Kazaa Lite ++ Then just look up my user name under search “BigBo”
    Good Luck!
    Remember the Alamo!!! Ha Ha Inside Joke.

  • Niolos

    I never denied that he was good…he’s just not the greatest. But its the nature of playing an instrument…there’s a good bet that someone else out there can play just like you. Of course they may not write riffs like you…but honestly…when power chords are the bulk of your compilation (as not to overshadow the vocalist)…there’s only so much you can do. But again…he’s expendable…yeah it sucks..but it’s not the end of the world (or the band). No need to get hostile with me…gees I clarified that I did enjoy their music.

    BTW, if anyone has any of the EP’s or Origin…email me…would terribly like to listen to them (at a non-crappy bit-rate.) I don’t feel bad for asking since Amy said don’t bother trying to get official copies. Just “share” them with other people.

  • Metal

    SARAH hey unless you have already there are two songs that i think you should check out. Anything for you, and Forever gone, Forever you.
    I agree w/ you on the old songs thing and people need to shut the hell up until they listen to her other songs. The only reason they are saying that, is b/c Bring me to life was played out and it anoyed them that it was played so much. Whatever to them…. She’s famous thy aren’t. Later days

  • Sarah

    whatever red..you keep telling your self that males have the most octave range..yeah mariah carey herself is an 8..sheesh..but whatever im done with that subject except for the whole insult thing..you said yourself you think guy singers are better so i was just using that as an example..because yes Amy Lee is one of the best female vocalist EVER..EVER..and justin is not one of the best males..and no way should he have won over george harrison..gah..but whatever im done arguting with you..as for cassie..you rock girl..i totally agree with you that ppl should listen to their older songs before determining that amy cant sing..or that her voice is digitally enhanced..its kind of hard to digitally enhance a cd that was made independently..you ppl need to listen to Forgive Me,October,and Anywhere before bashing amy..anyways..whatever im done..for today..bye

  • Cassie

    Most of these postings have made me laugh. I love Ben and Amy and Will and John and Rocky and David to death. The band would not have been Evanescence without them. I don’t think it was right for Shaun to bash Ben like that. He did that on the Seether message board because a lot of Evanescence fans were bashing him… It was rude. Ben is a great writer. He wrote My Immortal when he was 15!! Anyone who says that isn’t talent is crazy. And, as for you people who are saying Amy can’t sing… you need to listen to songs from Origin or from the Eps. They are amazing. I can’t wait until Thursday, they’re going to be on Letterman. I hope they do My Immortal. I think that will boost that song up the charts a lot when people hear Amy sing live with the piano. And, as for you people who come on here to bash Evanescence? Why do you waste your time coming here to bash a band? Do you have nothing better to do?

    Amy- don’t break anything on the letterman show!
    John- you’re hot
    Will- you look like the guy from “Dreamcatcher”
    Rocky- you rock too!
    Terry- you rock too man!

    BEN— I LOVE YOU! YOU ROCK THE MOSTEST!! (yes, I meant to say mostest for all you grammar nazis!)

  • Weird1

    shut the fuck up! you whining bastard!
    ben may not be the greatest guitarist in the world(maybe JB,KG or numerous other rock gods…) but he sure was DAMN good! Evanescence is just not quite the same without him… and might add he was quite good looking…

  • Niolos

    As a guy, I will testify to the tendency to listen to female singers as my age increases. In retrospect I imagine that most guys in their younger years listen to guy vocals because it might seem “uncool.” Of course this is due to the fact that guys typically sing about guy things, and girls about girl things. But as I’ve grown up I’ve quit caring so much about that and cared more about what has a sound I like when combined with the sound of the supporting music. I look at vocals as another instrument so listening to the words isnt so important as listening to the vocals from an aesthetics point of view.

    You can say Amy Lee isn’t that great of a singer…and that’s your opinion. She certainly isn’t “the best” even in my opinion. But I enjoy how her voice sounds with the rest of the music. Combine that with my typically conservative taste…and that shows you why I like Evanescence as a whole.

    Ben Moody leaving isn’t really that big a deal from a musical standpoint since he wasnt exactly the most fantastic guitar player. Musically he’s expendable…and I dare say that to a large extent, creatively he is as well.

    Of course the person that instigated this article the Shaun dude…he is really coming off as an asshole…I suppose he knows that and doesn’t care but file him in the category of people with attitudes that make me dislike them greatly.

  • Red

    Good points there, Pete. I am a guy and I like guy singers. I know a lot of people who agree with me, both guys and girls. However, I think it also comes down to the style of music you like – rock vs. metal vs. pop vs. rap will all probably have different preferences.

  • Pete

    The girl/guy singer debate may be just a little influenced by whether you’re a girl/guy yourself, and by how old you are. For instance, as a guy I get more satisfaction listening to female vocals, especially if they’re sexy; guys are OK if they’re singing about something important to you or you can relate to – this diminishes with age. If you’re younger you’re more likely to like a same sex singer because they’re aspirational – someday I’ll be as good as that – which you can’t relate to so well for opp sex singers.
    Or maybe it’s just me. 🙂

  • Red

    I really just plain think girl singers aren’t as good as guy singers, and your comparison of Justin Timberlake to Amy Lee is actually as unfair a comparison as you could possibly make. You compare one of the best female singers to one of the most nasal, whiny, overhyped male singers of all time. Take Amy Lee versus Dio. Now there’s something that can’t be beat. How about just plain facts? A man holds the world records for vocal range (4 octaves!). Not saying this makes him a good singer, but just an interesting fact.

  • NewsboysChild

    Hmm… Well, I hope I still like Evanescence, even though Ben is gone. I know that there is going to be MAJOR change in the music. Amy may think she can do it on her own, but she can’t. Her and Ben were like Scooby-doo and Shaggy, Batman and Robin, “Weird” Al and Harvey the wonder hampster! It just won’t be the same without Ben. I’m just amazed at how Amy is taking it. She’s like, fine with the whole thing. I’m sorry, but if my best friend left our band, I’d be a mess! You have to wonder what everyone in Evanescence is really thinking…

  • I was so happy to hear about Ben leaving Evanescence. He can go join another band and chunk that one chord that he knows. As far as Evanescence goes, I hope they will write songs that sound remotely different from each other. It’s pathetic that I can blurt out “Wake me up” over top of each songs chorus. Maybe now that Ben and his 1 chord is gone, they can write songs in different keys.

  • Sarah

    glad we are finally agreeing metal..lol..yeah i dont like this shaun character..and duane..the subject isnt grammar the subject became grammar after shaun messed up in his spelling..but the subject is about EVANESCENCE..its not really that hard to pronounce..and btw..they are not a fucking pop band..dont ever compare them to the fucking crap pop that comes into the mainstream..cause it sure the fuck isnt them..so you need to get a clue..and just stop coming on here if you dont like the damn band..and pete hope you werent thinking that i said girl singers sucked..it was red who did..so i was just telling him/her off..anyways thats all i got to say today

  • Pete

    “girl singers suck”
    Don’t think so somehow.
    Listen to Kathy Fisher (and visit http://www.fishertheband.com) and then tell me that girl singers suck. She’ll blow you away.
    I shared 2 long hauls to Nassau from UK with Amy and Kathy (digitally speaking of course) and its the BEST way to spend 9 hours. Well, almost.

  • duane

    Will you people please get back on the subject? What is it with you and this pop band …ummm…what is it?…Irridescence?… What the hell do they have to do with grammar? Jeez!

  • Metal

    Big news!!!! Amy did a duet w/ an aspiring new alternative band…(aspiring[big word]not normally used in my vocab.)The name of the band is called: “Big Dismal” I like some of their songs, I’m more of a heavy kind of guy you know Filth, Otep, Murderdolls… You know that kind of stuff… any way check out this band, pretty cool stuff. The song has major “chick flick” potential. No offense to the ladys.
    Signing off. Ha Ha

  • Metal

    I agree… and to who responded to my “duplicate item” dumb ass! That was not intentional. yeah if Ben getting back w/ the band would mean struggles between the two(himself and Amy). Then my opinion would be that they shouldn’t even think of it. Although losing Ben was a big deal, I have faith in Amy!!!!
    One more thing I think that it was Mr. Shaun Morgan that caused the split. “Now, drink your milk, have your cookies and go to bed before Mommy gets angry”.?! WHAT AN ASS!!!!

  • Sarah

    okay metal..i get ya but the song is credited to her..so at least give her that..all i was saying is thats its not only ben that writes the good songs..who wrote the song that got them this famous..that would be amy lee..with bring me to life..im not trying to be bitchy..i totally agree that ben is a great writer..he wrote my immortal and Anywhere which are 2 of my fave evanescence songs ever..all im really trying to say is that..it sucks ben is gone but ill always love evanescence..and to red..i shouldnt even stoop to your level cause you are so pathetic..yeah running with the devil is about their only GOOD song..and i mean that from the bottom of my heart..i dont care about your opinion sure you have a right to it..but some things are just better left unsaid..like all girl singers suck..no they dont..they got more talent than guy singers…nothing against guy singers..but youre gonna sit there and say youd like rather hear justin timberlake over amy lees melodic voice..thats crap..and if you do say that..you are on crack..but hey thats just my opinion so dont take offense..haha..whatever..

  • heather

    oh and he said he wouldnt join her band because it wouldnt satisfy(yes i know thats probably spelled wrong, dont even go into it)his ego because there were no guitar solos oh and i meant he in the other post, not hes…

  • heather

    if u go on benmoody.com he says that he just wrote three or so songs for her and hes isnt going to be part of her band, and he goes on about how she is such a great writer

  • Pete

    Oh no don’t start up the grammarians again!
    I think a conferentation is an intention to repost a duplicate item. Unfortunately it needs a deconferentation to stop an otherwise endless looping.
    Sorry about the Billy Joel thing, he’s OK. If we’re coming out of the closet here then I’m an Avril fan! (No kidding). I heard her way before Let Go and thought she’d do well. Her success is therefore kind of neat for me. If there are any Forgive Me fans out there – imagine it was an Avril song, not too far removed from possibility huh? (Listen to Tomorrow or Why). I can fully see why Ben has connected with the Avril camp.

  • Red

    Hey, what do you guys think of this one: “conferentation.”

  • Metal

    Sarah… Chill please! all i want to say is that they (Amy and Ben) wrote that song together.It was on an interview when David was still part of the band and John(LeCompt) wasn’t. And yes I have seen the hand written lyrics on their web site. I visit it almost everyday (my home page).
    Sorry for the conferentation.

  • Metal

    Sarah… Chill please! all i want to say is that they (Amy and Ben) wrote that song together.It was on an interview when David was still part of the band and John(LeCompt) wasn’t. And yes I have seen the hand written lyrics on their web site. I visit it almost everyday (my home page).
    Sorry for the conferentation.

  • Red

    Kind of what I meant was, there might have been a band out there like Evanescence, but better, but they took Evanescence because the band members were more physically attractive…that’s just one example of what I mean by “marketable.” The music industry knows it’s selling more than just music.

    Yes, I do like Billy Joel, thank you very much. I don’t get why he’s kind of a joke.

  • Pete

    And why are they marketable? Because people like listening to their music and are willing to buy it! And the concerts, and the t-shirts. Remember there was a huge amount of good stuff before Fallen – an album’s worth with Origin plus the EPs and self-cut CDRs – they were talented before the record company came along. The music industry makes money, sure, but it also means a lot more people get to find music they like.
    Yes, its a personal thing, but that’s half the fun – that’s why we can read in amazement that you like Billy Joel! (I knew there was someone…)

  • Red

    I’d have to say that Evanescence is nothing new, Amy Lee is another crap girl singer, and Ben Moody can’t play the guitar.
    Of course, this is coming from a someone who thinks Billy Joel is the greatest singer ever and Edward Van Halen is the greatest guitarist. Eddie wrote a song in the 70’s, way before Evanescence, called “Runnin’ With The Devil.” Not only is this song better than any Evanescence, it’s frikkin’ Van frikkin’ Halen.
    Face it – they’re nothing more than some people a recording industry decided to give a contract to because they were marketable. The music industry doesn’t care about anything except making money anymore. If the whole Ben Moody breakup was staged to draw attention to the band I would NOT be surprised.
    Remember this is just my opinion. And I don’t like girl singers.

  • heather

    u guys should go to exodusevanescence.com if u haven’t already, they have the history of evanescence, althought right now they are remaking the site because of the stuff thats happened, anyway, click on the history section or whatever its called not the site history the other one, i cant remember what its called ANYWAY u guys should go there.EXODUSEVANESCENCE.COM

  • Sarah

    i agree with most of these comments except i would just like to say..amy is not 20 she is 22..her birthday is December 13th 1981..that would make her 22..seeing as i was born only 11 days before that and am 22..i would know..anyways..whatever happened happened and it cant be taken back..well it could if they made up..which i hope they do..he doesnt have to rejoin..but theyshould at least talk to each other again..anyways..evanescence is great..i love all their music..Anywhere is really moving to me..but is that David Hodges singing with her? i have no clue but i would like to know..anyone who has that info..that would be great..ppl should really start learning how to get along on this place..i mean really starting shit over grammar..thats pathetic..but whatever..evanescence rox and always will.

  • Kendra

    Ben should kick shaun’s ASS…And Ben is hotttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!

  • Niolos

    Now that I think of it regarding the idea of singers having “pitch fixers” during live performances…That seems like the most stupid idea ever. People that can’t sing don’t go on tour. Now if you were thinking (whoever brought it up) that the in-ear monitors were pitch fixers thats incorrect. Hopefully you knew that. Would certainly hate to be a singer w/o being able to hear the band.

  • Pete

    I think Amy’s only 20 isn’t she? She’s burning brightly and I hope she always will – definite talent. The main thing is she and the band have created some wonderful music which I for one listen to all the time; since discovering that the only way to get Origin was to chance one on eBay for $200, which I can’t afford anyway, I’ve been scouring Kazaa for downloads and now have a fairly complete set of material – only Missing is missing! I love it – even the pre-Origin versions which probably the band cringe at artistically, I love’em. (Out of interest – mine anyway! – I came across another band in this process – Within Temptation – and some of its OK but there’s a track called Restless that I really wish Amy had done first – its evanescent!).
    Finally, I hope new Evanescence will still power along and ballad beautifully and keep me company on the road, at the desk and in my head for many albums to come!

  • Eric Olsen

    and what of Manny the Moody Mammoth?

  • HW Saxton Jr

    But what about James Moody?

  • Niolos

    Maybe I’m wrong here but I do remember reading somewhere that they both wrote songs for some part at least about each other. So just because on the official website you find her lyric journal with a majority (not all) of the lyrics in it, doesn’t necessarily mean that he didn’t have a part writing them. It’s a trivial issue anyway. Also in one interview with Amy I was having trouble discerning whether or not the band was happy about Ben’s decision to leave for the sake of him being gone (which seems most unlikely) or just supporting his decision. Maybe Ben isn’t the only one to blame. (not to blame Amy) Regardless it doesn’t matter, he wanted to leave, he left, the band goes on at least for a while. But it sure must have been a pretty big thing that caused him to leave since Ben and Amy ARE (“were” anymore) Evanescence. That just makes me think he really did have some thing for her. Not like that’s scandalous or shocking. BTW, last time I checked, Britney Spears has a natural singing voice. You don’t get auditions (especially when your crazy young) w/o packing something. I don’t like what she’s packing but whatever.

  • anonymous


  • Metal Republican

    From Arkansas: Here is the truth behind the Evanescence / Amy and Ben saga. The truth is that no one knows the truth except for two people and God. I have known Amy since she was 16. Her father and I are friends and she gave me a copy of Origin one day while her and her parents were visiting during the summer. The angelic, shy, creative teenager that gave me that CD is the same young woman of today. Just richer. If I were to bet on the reasons why Amy and Ben have failed to maintain a friendship, I would say that (someone) has put pressure on her in ways in which they may not know. (And I don’t mean someone from her family.) Amy can handle the price of fame but can others understand how she chooses to deal with it. We all loved Amy before the success and we all believe that she will make the right decisions for ‘Amy.’ Amy is a talented woman who can inspire the masses. We just need to let her do so and not judge or critize her actions. She knows what is best for her and for Evanescence.

    As far as Ben, let’s look at it this way. Amy and Ben formed a friendship and look what became of it. A powerful band that has the potential to have global acceptance for many decades. They hit a cord (no pun intended) with millions of people. They are both indepedant, creative, talented people and they don’t need outsiders telling them how they should react to suitations in thier lifes. If they choose not to speak then so be it. Leave them alone and let them settle their differences. I don’t think what happened was bad enough to create hate between them forever. Sure, Ben walked off on a European tour. Why? Here is the answer. He dealt with a situation the best way he knew how. Don’t fault him for doing so. Amy was right in saying what she said and showing her anger. But don’t read so much into the politics of the band. Things happen. It all boils down to the spark that ignited the fireball. It was just a spark. The fireball can be contained when and if Amy and Ben choose to do so. It isn’t the end of either of thier careers. I can assure you that it has only made them stronger.

    To Amy and Ben. Remember that your first reactions to eachothers talents were right. People grow and apart but they should never grow distant.

    Heber Springs, Arkansas

  • Bobsyouruncle

    I’m going to ignore the childish attacks that are coming out of the comment section and instead focus on Mr. Morgan’s comments. I must say, I have seen a lot of tactless and classless assholes online, but this fellow really takes the cake. Any respect I may have had for him is gone now.
    Ben was right in keeping his mouth shut about the incident. Quite frankly, it is no ones business but his own.

    As for Mr. Morgan’s band, he should keep his mouth shut before making comments about other people’s music. I listened to some of his tracks and they’re really nothing to brag about. Quite mundane, actually.

  • anonymous

    it doesnt matter, in the end it will always be ok, ben gets his solo stuff going, i’ll buy that cd, Evanescence does another album, i’ll buy that too, if they are happy whats the fuss about? and shaun? we dont know him, so how can their be any jugdements made on him, just let these folks live their lives, they’re personal lives are none of our business, and if i was grammatically incorrect anywhere here, my apologies, i dont even know why i posted this stuff, its not like me.

  • Sarah

    ben did not write Hello…go to their website and it tells you…it has Amys hand written lyrics..and SHE wrote hello…get it straight..and i dont care if origin was their first cd or not..i was just saying FALLEN WASNT thank you..am i right about that? uhm yes..and theo..the band did not split where did you get that info..i dunno what happened between amy and ben but i dont like it one bit..its shitty..theyve been friends since they were 12 and 13 and they are gonna let some petty shit get in the way..thats ridiculous..but yes amy should leave shaun hes ugly..and stupid..either way i still love evanescence with or without ben..though it is different..but whatever keep em coming evanescence..i still love ya.oh and P.S. if you dont believe me that she wrote hello just look it up..she wrote all of these going under,bring me to life,haunted,taking over me,hello and my last breath.and as you said metal..get your facts straight before you post something…

  • the way the band split is very strange.

    on the jacket of the record we can read from Amy thanks at the end :” And ben, my best friend – for seeing me across a crowded room.”
    from Ben thanks at the end : “And finally…Amy, my best friend. You will always have “all of me”.”

  • Hi
    I’m really sad about the departure of ben moody, but I’m sure that Evanescence is going to grow as a band. Anyway, I hope too that ben moody will come back after a few years with amy lee in order to write songs. (I wish that he works with somebody else than Avril Lavigne…becaue when he says in an interview on radio that he left ’cause he was disgusted of the industry and there was no friendship and artist connection since a long time with Amy, you don’t go work with a girl like avril who just a produce like britney spears.And next you don’t say harsh comment on your old friends that he was loving carrying there was 2 month.)
    Anyway, I think that they’re both down earth and nice people but I don’t like the way he explains he’s departure. It suggest that it was between him or her to leave of the band. he says that he was a good guy, not a poor rich girl and that he doesn’t need a succeful band to define who he was.
    I think that those words show his anger. Something happened…none of our business.But I love too much Evanescence so I’m a little curious.
    (the love affair seems true : look at the face of moody at the grammys when Amy thanks her boyfriend shawn Morgan, the motley crew side of Ben could be true too, the fact that he doesn’t wanted to let the musicians compose new songs and the dictator thing about music seems right but I don’t want to dish on him and first I don’t no him and he seems to be a good guy. And you know what everybody makes mistakes !!! It’s human to not be perfect.

    But the grammys were very strange and unhealthy with him and david hodge on the stage. The mood was really creepy.Ben was disgiused like a pimp. Amy was feeling bad.I think he should not come. He’s the one who walked away during tour and when you leave a band like this I think that’s a shame; and you have no respect to come to a show to get an award. That’s no respect for Amy.
    I love both of them and the band but Ben should apologizes or do something…and work with true artist and not act like a pimp and earn money on a kid idol as Avril. I hope that it’s not going crazy and that he’s going to do a good record by himself to show his skills and I wish a long life to EVANESCENCE. BEST BAND EVER.

    PS :
    I wait the next album of Evanescence. The guitarist of limpbizkit is going to work with Amy and her bandmates.

    and look at Resident evil 2 (ben is doing a cameo) and I think that he works on the soundtrack of a Mel Gibson’s movie (hope that’s not too Christian).

  • Eric Olsen

    I will stick with my statement that clarity, meaning and style are more important than rules if and when they conflict, which shouldn’t be all that often.

  • ClubhouseCancer

    I meant no offense, but everyone thinks they can punctuate the way you describe. Your readers would much rather you follow the rules, believe me. And the rules cover everything.

  • Eric Olsen

    Alrighty then, thanks.

  • ClubhouseCancer


    Then I’m glad you don’t work for me.

  • Eric Olsen

    CC, I am a firm supporter of the rules and wish everyone knew them, but there is also a fair amount of wiggle room in punctuation, as long as the writer follows THE cardinal rule of punctuating for clarity. There are times I want the reader to stop, and pause, before moving on, and the only way to achieve that is through punctuation even if the rule says it is more proper to not punctuate at that juncture.

  • ClubhouseCancer

    I’m just amazed anyone found something to discuss about this pissy feud among wimpy rockers and their wispy-singing girlfriends.

    Even if it’s just grammar. Nice bloggin’ at ya.

  • duane

    Thank you, CC. I stand — er — sit, sedentarily, corrected, or, perhaps, I sit sedentarily corrected.

  • ClubhouseCancer

    Well, it doesn’t matter what you prefer, the fact is, most everyone eschews the serial comma, which is the grammar rule here. It’s not discretionary.
    In your alternate example, you’re right, you don’t need a comma either. But it’s not because of your explanation of the sentence’s meaning, it’s because the sentence you provided has two verbs, but the same, non-repeated subject, so no comma needed.

    Fact is, “discretionary commas” are almost never discretionary. There is always a rule to follow.

  • duane

    That’s the spirit, Cancer. You were referring to my post (#5) above, right? I still prefer a comma after “cookies.” If he had said, “Now have your cookies and milk, and go to bed…”, no comma, because then milk is something the writer is suggesting “having” with cookies. To say “…have your cookies and…” suggests that what follows the “and” is also something to be “having,” which isn’t the case, so a comma seems appropriate.

    Beyond that, a nice bowl of ice cream works wonders in these situations.

  • ClubhouseCancer

    Warning: Grammar only. Don’t care about these bands.
    Bob, you have the grammar only a little mixed up. “Leaving” in this case is what’s called a gerund, or a noun that is made from a verb form. So modifying it with an adjective is perfectly OK.
    However, “subsequent” implies that the previous action (Moody’s having a bad attitude) is over, and that the new action (leaving the band) then started, which isn’t really what’s intended.
    So, to me, no on “subsequent leaving,” but it’s more a diction issue than a grammatical one.
    How about “eventual exit”?
    As to the commas, no comma after “dictionary” — in general, you need a comma separating clauses only when the subject changes or is restated, and the subject here (implied second person) is the same and omitted.
    I agree about the comma after “word” for the same reason: subject change.
    No comma after “cookies.” This is the infamous serial comma, the comma before the “and” in a series. Usually, it’s left out.
    You’re correct that you need a comma after “website.”
    The commas around “somewhat vitriolicly” are nonstandard, but kind of “writer’s choice.” I’d take them out (and rewrite it “with significant vitriol” as “vitriolicly” is nonstandard, of course), but I get it that emphasis is intended. Maybe dashes.
    Keep in mind that the intro was ostensibly written and edited by professionals, and should be judged by higher standards than the scribblings of an egoist guitar player.

  • All I want to add is that Amy has extremely bad taste in men. Shawn is one UGLY MUTHERF***ER.

  • pete


  • Treacy

    Evanescance is a band that provides music for Human Beings entertainment. As far as most people are concerned, a band comes a band goes and another will take its place. Then before you know it its 2020 and we are all labeled with numbers and don’t have to remember anyones name, so therefore we don’t need to worry about who is with who and who has left.
    As for the petty bitching from Shaun, anyone in his position would have said and felt exactly the same. Don’t be so two faced!! It’s just another male bitching about another male. We all do it. They’re just as bad as females!!!!

  • duane

    Hey, what happened to this post? I thought it was supposed to be about grammar, but everyone keeps talking about some rock band — Effervescence? What gives?

  • Gigglingmonk

    ok….i know this might be a stupid question, but what were you guys talking about when you said that thing about ben still “loving” amy? as far as i know they were never a couple, but im probably wrong.

  • Sara G

    I hate Shaun Morgan, Amy should really break up with him. But I don’t think he has the right to say anything about ben Moody for all we know it could really be shaun’s fault, thats why he is reacting the way that he is.Because if he had nothing to do with ben leaving why does he even care.

  • Trigga

    I for one have just begun to hear about this band “Evenescence”. I absolutly love their music, and it doesnt really matter to me who plays the instuments, as long as they love what they are playing. In the case of Amy, she has the beauty and talent to succeed in any path she chooses. I hope to hear more from this band in the future. Keep up the hard work and dont let anybody get you down Amy!

  • Grammy


    The two had a cold reunion onstage, then told reporters in separate sessions how glad they are to be free of each other.

  • Metla rkcr

    BOB #16 um ben writs the slow pretty songs dugh My immortal, Hello. Hello! no pun intended.he wrote both of those including Forever gone, forever you, not so slow one of my favorites.But get you facts straight b4 you post stuff.K?

    P.S. i agree w/ you that they woun’t be the same w/ out him. but i have FAITH in amy!

  • metal rckr

    sorry sarah but heir first cd was The Sound Asleep EP thank you. Origin was their 4th cd! their 2nd released record.

  • metal rckr (seftyheavymetalrckr@yahoo.com)

    Hey yall e-mail me if you have any info on the Ben incident(spell?)

    And the dudes w/ the grammar issues chill!

  • Metal rckr

    Did yall se Ben at the grammy backing Amy Up? What the hell?

  • Sarah

    my god..all but 2 of you are complete fucking morons..i mean come on…first of all to those who said fallen was their first cd..get a fucking clue..it was Origin..i dont know why ben quit i think its one of the saddest things..i didnt only think of her as evanescence..i knew him and amy were evanescence..only origal members..and omg for that moron to compare amy to britney..someone should slap you and id like it to be me…dont you ever dare say that again..amy was the freaking CAPTAIN of her choir..so gee i dont think you can be the captain if you dont have a good voice..and yes please listen to forgive me and ocotober which are not on fallen which were put out WAY before fallen..and are pretty much independently made and then tell me that amy doesnt have a good voice..you fucking idiot…god…and as for ben joining Advils writing team..please ben i love you but get some sense…and yes i said advil not avril because i need advil before listening to avril thank you and good bye..we miss you ben..

  • Dwaine AKA Scooter AKA D.J.

    HA. Like I really care about what you insignificant humans say about some band that will cease to exist. Answer me this question: What is the meaning of life?

  • bob

    Hi Staarr. Don’t be so quick to judge others, my friend, for you are the one who is ignorant. Upon reading your unnecessarily verbose response (more than likely created with a thesaurus on hand) I e-mailed Shaun’s quote to a friend who happens to be a Professor of Intercultural Communications at the local community college. Sorry, Staar. Shaun is a fucking moron…in any country. On another note, the guy from Cold is here to stay. However, I do not remember his name.

  • -J

    First of all, stop being a narcissist. Ben Moody never blamed you for anything. You are not the reason he left, get over yourself. Secondly, do you have nothing better to do than write crap about people on the internet to make yourself feel superior and knowledgable? like I said before….narcissist. The truth is, you don’t know the reason he left so A.) you make yourself look ignorant. B.) Consider the fact that he is a better guitar player than you, seeing how I haven’t heard any of your music being nominated for any major awards. C.) You grow the fuck up and stop with your rediculous, remedial-educated comments.
    Oh, Boarders has dictionaries on sale, and while your at it, pick up a Thesaurus to help out next time you try to use big words you don’t understand.

  • Ash

    I cant believe all of this. I dont think anyone will ever really know WHY ben left the band, but for whatever reason, it was pretty stupid. He got more attention than those two extra guys that play bass and drums or whatever combined! So if it was for attention, no way. I mean, if you ask someone if they know evanescence and who the members are, yes they will say Amy Lee, but most others will say Ben Moody. If he left for jealously, that is just stupid too. Im sure Amy loves him with all her heart, just as a friend though. The band would be nowhere without either of them, they did the songs TOGETHER. They are both amazing song writers. What pisses me off is Ben Moody is now writing songs with/for AVRIL LAVIGNE, who im not even going to get into. Im just going to say that now a lot of people are probably going to think Avril a great songwriter when really Ben did most of the work when avril probably only wrote a line or two, just like on her first cd. Then there is the whole ‘amys voice is fake’ situation. Who ever said that, it is bull. Everyones voices get messed around with on a cd, whethere a teeny bit, or a lot. Someone like Britney has no singing voice at all, but it gets tampered with and made better. Amy really does, but they probably have to make it a bit better or whatever for reasons on the album. I watched MTV Diary and evanescence was on there for the VMAS, and she was practicing singing, and they couldnt have tampered with it, it was just her sitting on the couch singing and it was amazing. So once agian, whoever said Amys voice sucks or whatever, you are VERY VERY wrong.
    As for Amy and the guy from Seether. Best of luck to them.
    And as the for the grammatical errors.. whatever. Who cares?!
    And i know i am repeating what others said.. but oh well.

  • . Fallen .

    This was .. interesting to read.

    This message is directed to ROGER and GARY MILLS:

    It’s obvious that the lead singer ALWAYS get more attention than the other bandmembers. We’ve seen it before, Linkin Park, All-American Rejects, Bon Jovi, basically whichever band you choose – the leadsinger always gets the more attention, because they’re heard more. It comes naturally, it’s logical and it makes perfect sense, however – it’s not really fair.

    What you need to remember is that Amy and Ben wrote the songs TOGETHER. It was a colaboration, they were a team. Ben’s songs aren’t nominated for six grammys, THEIR songs are nominated. There is a huge difference.

    I think that Ben wanted more attention than he got, and therefore got pissed because he wasn’t in the center – he wasn’t the star – like Amy is. My own mom has said that “SHE is Evanescence”, and she always will be to some people. Ben dropping off is both stupid and immature, if he had such problems with being in the background he should have done something about it. However, I thought the main reason for starting Evanescence was for him to live out his dream, not get pissed over the fact that Amy gets seen more than he does.
    As for Amy’s relationship with Morgan, I will leave whether or not Ben’s still inlove with Amy unsaid. However, if he did leave because of Morgan, I think he’s yet again making a fool of himself. Jealousy doesn’t look good on anyone. He’s turning 23 years old, he should be more mature than that, and not let a little thing like that get in the way of their friendship and teamwork.

    To Roger, that whole technical device on shows is a cock of bull. I saw them in Copenhagen oct. 20th ’03, and it was live all the way. I know a whole lot about music, I can tell when someone sings live or doesn’t. As for her voice on the record, yes, her voice HAS been tampered with – but every voice does. Comparing Amy Lee to Britney Spears is ignorant and I will leave that further unsaid.

    Now, you both seem to think that it’s unfair that Amy is being looked upon as the only member of Evanescence, yet you both bash her down, saying “she’ll be a has been” and that Ben is Evanescence. They BOTH are Evanescence, no one of them is the band on their own. Then they would be a soloartist, not a band. Amy has written all the songs with Ben, so saying that she “wouldn’t survive without the songwriter” is just bullshit and ridicilous. She is the songwriter too.

    I’m not going to discuss who is the band and who’s not, because it’s obvious no one of them is the band, they BOTH are. However.. The fact that Ben wouldn’t last a day without Amy and wouldn’t come NEAR the greatness he had with her, when Amy is doing just fine on her own, speaks for itself..

    If anyone wants to comment on anything I have to say, please e-mail me.

  • Albino

    Enough with the grammatical discussions, alright? I mean I know this is the site to critique many things….. but basically this is how it is. Evanescence is a band. Being a band member myself, there is one thing that everyone has overlooked. It has been mentioned above lightly, Ben was a part of this band, for many years. A band is a family, a family of musicians. Like any family, leaving it is not the easiest thing in the world. Evanescence will go through some hard times, they may prevail with added venue, but they will not be the same. Having said that, enjoy Fallen, and expect a different sound from albums to come. Say see ya to Ben, he has talent, or he would have not gotten this far. We will see him again.

  • Tice

    my god what r u talking about, this guy is talking crap about ben moody an your talking about grammar?!?

  • Tice

    Fucking LOSER what makes you think that YOU are so cool, oohw, you DARE and say all these things about other people, if you don’t like it, good for you, next time keep it to you!
    break your ego dude.

  • duane

    Although I risk exposing my ignorance to the World, as staarr suggests, I still maintain that English grammar is far more interesting and far more important than the personal problems of some pop band. OK, I’m a moron for thinking that. So be it or so it be, as they say in S. Africa.

  • Although she has had continued moderate success, Alanis Morrissette has never matched the success of her first rock album with Glen Ballard who helped write and rewrite a lot of her songs. I am not saying this will definitely be the case with Evanescence, but it is something worth thinking about that Amy might need Ben Moody to help her realize her ideas as a songwriter.

  • Eric Olsen

    I don’t know but I’ve been told that even in South Africa proper names are capitalized.

    Regarding the meat of the matter, time will tell, won’t it?

  • Gary Mills

    While all you English professors are doing your thing I’d like to tell you that the main reason Ben left the band was because Amy was being a class A bitch. It’s all gone to her head. Someone with the band made a comment to Ben as in…Amy is Evanescence! Ben just sat there and said, “oh really?” Many people done even realize that Amy Lee and Ben are the only two “real” members of that band. That rest are hired hands. Many people also don’t realize that Ben wrote all of the songs. He might not be the greatest “technical” guitarist around but his songs have been nominated for noly around 6 grammys. HIS songs have sold that band only about 7 million worldwide to date. How many records did Seether sell…that is before they were taken off the road the start writing for the next record? So if anyone has any questions…Amy might have the voice but without the songwriter she’s back down to earth. Ben is Evanescence.

  • I wish shaun and Amy a very long and happy relationship.As for the English lesson for shaun by some of the morons in here,Question: When did American English become the standard for English spoken in other parts of the World. Let’s all remember that Shaun is a South African and in South africa, what Americans consider a grammatical error is accepted over there as being non-erratic. Those who (after this message) continue to talk about shaun’s alleged grammatical mistake will be exposing their ignorance for the World to see, which is nothing new for americans mind you. In closing pls stop wasting our time with petty grammatical lessons and rather focus your energies on trying to understand why Ben Moody (fag rudey)walked out on a thriving band like Evanescence. Honestly I don’t know and i’ll leave the speculation to you morons.But whatever it was,it was definately not shaun and if you guys say it was,then You have no respect for this Moody you claim to love,how can he walk out on his livelihood over a girlfriend,a friendship or whatever it was. pls guys catch a wake up.

  • roger

    amy will not be with shaun for very long because he is an idiot — just look at him, the way he acts and the stupid music he plays, with every song sounding the same. moody quit the band because he did not like playing a kareoke show every night with tapes of most of the music and then the band chiming in here and there. and what you all dont know is that amy is not that good of a singer — all of her vocals were run through a pitch correction device in the studio and she even uses one on tour when she sings. its almost as bad as britney spears –if youve been to her live shows youll notice that her lead vocal is very far back in the mix and all the tapes are up front. i have known ben for a long time and he just got tired of living a lie. and to top it off, amy and ben had a lot of help writing those songs. remember milli vanilli. ben has a lot of courage to drop out of the lie before it destroyed him. he will be back with his own music, and she will be a has been long after she dumps shaun morgan.

  • bob

    putting aside Shaun Morgan’s grammatical catastrophe, like any band, Evanescence had many years to write the first album. Now they’ll probably have six months to write the next one. Therefore the subsequent album will not be as good. With the absence of Ben Moody, expect the next album to have some nice piano work and incredible vocals. However all other elements of the music will be changed. It will not be the same band

  • AmyRulez

    Very well said JACK. Not dissing Amy or anything but it seems now that she’ll let just anyone collaberate with them……its not right.

  • AmyRulez

    I’m just gonna say, that it is fucking Shaun Morgans fault that Ben left. I mean Amy and Ben have been together for ages then Shaun comes along sweeps Amy off her feet and Bens left alone. That must have hurt. I was angry when he left but then thought how upset and damn jealous he must have been. SHAUN SUCKS (my apoligies to amy, we still love you)

  • Eric Olsen

    But Duane, Evanescence is soooooo hottttt, and Amy looked so fit in that pirate outfit and I can’t wait for the sequel: “The Curse of the Runaway Guitarist.”

  • duane

    David (#8), the point is that picking at grammar is a helluva lot more interesting than Evanescence. Good comebacks from Bob and Eric, by the way.

  • jack

    remember that ben was a big part of the songwriting process. not a great guitarist or anything. but he and amy were the core of evanescence, and it won’t be the same without him.

    side note, seether sucks… i thought better of amy…

  • Both Bands Suck.

  • Eric Olsen

    Wrong – you DO have to be absolutely perfect or you go to hell.

    “Resultant departure from” would have been better and more precise than “subsequent leaving of,” which is technically incorrect and, worse, awkward.

  • David

    ok is this english class or is it a forum on evanescence? who cares about being perfect on grammar. it is not important. i mean you dont have to be absolutely correct on spelling to talk about a band you like or hate….right?

  • bob

    hey duane. Morgan is really not doing okay. He attached an adjective to a present tense verb. “subsequent leaving” is not correct. You can’t have a word that means “to follow” along with something in the present tense. It makes no sense. If he really wanted to to sound intelligent, he would have said “subsequent departure from…” I still think Morgan is an idiot. Maybe he should ask his mommy what the big words mean before adding them to his limited vocabulary.

  • I just find it amusing that this is considered a big deal at all. This is not like Jimmy Page leaving Led Zeppelin. This just an average guitarist leaving a band that wasn’t particularly centered around the guitarist being the star. They’ll find another guitarist, probably superior to Moody, and the world at large will not care either way.

  • duane

    Bob, I think Morgan is doing pretty well here. The word “subsequent” means “following in time or order of succession,” so I think he’s OK. You will also note his correct usage of the phrase “couldn’t care less,” as opposed to the usual “could care less,” which drives me nuts. However, I would have placed commas after the words “dictionary” and “world” in his message. I would add a comma after “cookies,”also. Right. Now, I’m guessing that “vitriolicly” is not correct. The words “to the guitarist” should be “the guitarist.” I would also omit the commas from around “somewhat vitriolicly” and place a comma after “website.”

    I enjoyed your stab at correcting Morgan, and I, as a member of the Comment Police, have enjoyed attempting to correct you.

  • I thought this rivalry bullshit was reserved for hip hop. I swear if a Seether “mix tape” shows up with a “dis track” on it, I am going to snap.

  • bob

    and i am well aware of my inability to spell

  • bob

    perhaps Shaun Morgan should buy a dictionary himself. He may find that his use of the word “subsequent” is gramatically incorrect.I will explain in the subsequent text. As an ajective the word means “to follow”. I know the stereotype “dumb musician” can be frustrating, Shaun,but you are only exacerbating the situation by using large words that you do not understand.

  • bob

    perhaps Shaun Morgan should buy a dictionary himself. He may find that his use of the word “subsequent” is gramatically incorrect.I will explain in the subsequent text. As an ajective the word means “to follow”. I know the stereotype “dumb musician” can be frustrating, Shaun,but you are only exacerbating the situation by using large words that you do not understand.