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Ben Moody who?

CMU reports:

The frontman of rock band Seether, label mates of Evanescence, reckons he might have been responsible for the departure of co-founder Ben Moody from the chart topping band. Seether’s Shaun Morgan has been dating the other co-founder of Evanescence, Amy Lee. He reckons it was their relationship that angered Moody, leading to the guitarist to break his creative partnership with Lee and quit the band midway through their European tour.

Writing, somewhat vitriolicly, on his band’s website Morgan writes an open message to Evanescence fans: “Right now you need to A.)Blame Ben Moody’s shitty attitude, and subsequent leaving of Evanescence on somebody, namely me. (Feel free to look up any big words in the dictionary or ask your Mommy). B.) Consider the fact that the guy really isn’t the greatest guitar player in the world and that Evanescence might be better off with somebody else. (Oh my God, did I actually dare to write that about the great Ben Moody?) C.)Grow the fuck up. The only person I have to care about in Evanescence is Amy, and I really couldn’t care less about Ben Moody or any of the skanky hoes he bangs on the road. Get a life and try to understand that your hero is nowhere near as cool as you think he is.”

He ends up his rant with a message to Moody: “Now, drink your milk, have your cookies and go to bed before Mommy gets angry”.

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  • ben

    I hope the wwe superstar Big Show can throw Shaun morgan from on top of Malaysia’s petronas towers right on to the bottom into a truck below full of durians!


  • silverr

    This is getting kind of out of hand, isn’t it? It’s over. What’s done is done. Talking about it isn’t going to change it. Ben was the heart of Evanescence (or was in my opinion).
    In a way, Shaun Morgan’s only hurting himself by doing that duet with Amy, since she basically stole the show, both on the radio and in the music video. Then again, I guess Morgan himself is like that, since I only saw one shot of the rest of the band in the “Broken” video.

  • Amy

    What I don’t understand is why each message on here is almost the same…surely if it’s ben written before it doesn’t need writing again??

  • http://don'tknowwhataURLis Lori

    Hey people. Okay this is not about grammer or anything boaring like that, but what the hell is going on! Okay, Ben wrote the “music” in the band and amy helped with the lyrics. For all of you who don’t know some of the personal facts about ben and amy here it is. Ben had been with amy since they were 15 and were once engaged to be married. Then along comes this ugly mother fu@*er and she takes off with him on his tour bus for a week without telling ben. If that were me i’d be messed up and just a bit mad too. I sympathize with ben. It really sucks that he left but i would’nt want to see my ex smooching all over somebody else either. Amy has a wonderful, “real” voice and i respect the fact that she had a chance to share it with all of us. But i really think that Ben had every right to leave, and amy really shouldn’t have been so surprised at his decision to leave. I mean, when they won the grammy he didn’t even get a chance to say HIS thank you’s. And he wrote most of the friggin music. Well i’ve said enough. Don’t mean to offend anyone. Thanks

  • http://don'tknowwhataURLis Lori

    to that Sarah chick who thinks that all of the facts are on Have you ever herd the saying “don’t believe everything you read?” Maybe Ben said certain things in his interviews becuse even though he left the band he doesn’t want to totally fuck the band over. Amy isn’t evanescence. She is a big part of it. A part in a band that she was offerd to join. She wouldn’t even be in evanescence if it weren’t for ben. I get my stuff from actuall sources. My brother-in-law is in a band and the producer of evanescence told his producer that AMy took off with that ugly dude from seether for a week without telling ben or the other guys in the band. To me thats pretty shitty to leave and not tell the other band members that your gonna head out for a week. anyway i love amys voice and bens musical talent. Best to both of them.

    And i have a question for anyone who knows. Who is the male singer in the songs from origin? Is it Ben? That would be so cool of it was. Thanks

  • Lauren

    ummmm….Lori, please don’t try to act like you know every detail of Ben and Amy’s relationship. You. don’t.

  • Billculle

    Ahh the beautifully flame-ridden world of open anonymous forums.

    Here’s my take on the whole ordeal, with a few tasty jabs here and there for good measure. First of all, you grammar nazis need to hit IRC where you can bot-flood each other into nothingness.

    Second, fame is very new for Evanescence, as they have been in the spotlight for roughly a year now. First off I don’t know anybody’s producer or other bullcrap, I am simply a music enthusiast who happens to enjoy the “Fallen” album. I have been to their show in Montreal, which was shortly after Ben’s departure, and that’s when my appreciation for this young group flew out the window.

    It started off quite well, with Seether putting on a respectable show, then wowing us all with an impeccable cover of Nirvana’s “Rape Me”, down to Cobain’s raspy teen timbre. Then came Finger Eleven with a mind-blowing performance (as usual). But when the main act came along, after a very long technical delay, what I saw was this lost little girl singing her heart out, backed by a bunch of angry monkeys. It didn’t hold together at all, all you could hear was the saturated mixing deck and the roadie’s futile attempts at finding the panic button. The band members were deliberately playing _against_ Amy, drowning her voice with their noise. But the little girl kept on singing and gave it her 110%.

    What I saw was not a band, just a bunch of emasculated teens fighting for a spotlight that was never theirs. A glorious example is the “band” version of My Immortal, a blasphemous rendition of an originally touching piece, now littered with lackluster rock sounds just so the other musicians could say “I was there too!”.

    This bright young singer would be much better off with hired musicians, professionals defined by contracts and dollar signs, people who are paid to perform, and thus can be replaced if needed.

  • http://don'tknowwhataURLis Lori

    umm laura. Quit acting like your the shit. Cuz your not.

  • Lauren

    aww…looks like someone doesn’t like it when you point out the fact that she’s just as uninformed as the rest of the masses. boo fucking hoo.

    and the name’s LAUREN.

  • silverr

    Billculle, I would be totally with you; your delivery of your opinion was great, except for the fact that I definitely don’t think Amy should hire a bunch of proffesionals. Then it wouldn’t be Evanescence, it would be ‘The Amy Lee Show, and the Rest of her Hired Performing Monkeys’ and would be as bad as Ashlee Simpson or whatnot. I think the other band members simply feel hidden, and maybe they do want to say, “I was there, too,” but they *should* want to. What would Evanescence be without the music part of it? Frankly, Amy Lee singing a capella wouldn’t really charm me. I think she should find band members who are okay with the fact that she’s going to get the attention, like Lacuna Coil did, but the rest of the band should click with her. Otherwise, what’s the point of even having a band instead of selling records under your own name? So, now that Ben has left, it really isn’t Evanescence. It’s just a young girl who seems to have charmed everyone. I, however, won’t buy it. I need music.

  • You Wish You Knew

    Wow. I spent the last few hours reading these comments, and needless to say, I am surprised and overwhelmed out of my mind. And this is going to be long, but I have intense opinions on the subject of Evanescence and Ben Moody. So be prepared for the extensive response.

    First off: I think what Shaun Morgan openly wrote on his website was completely misinforming and doubtlessly fallacious. I don’t think that he exactly knew what was happening with Ben Moody leaving in the first place. Yes, Ben Moody and Amy Lee were formally engaged: I am completely aware of that. But doesn’t anyone realize that their relationship was a thing of the past? Amy Lee began dating Shaun Morgan long before Ben departed Evanescence. They just decided to keep the situation fairly private for the time being. Doesn’t anyone realize this? Shaun didn’t cause Ben Moody to leave the band. He has no hostile feelings towards him at all for his and Amy’s relationship. Ben left because of a different reason, not because of the two’s relationship.

    Now, I’ve had a chance to sit down and speak with Ben Moody personally. So don’t explode on me and say that I don’t know what I’m talking about. His reasons for leaving Evanescence was not because of Shaun. It was because of the way Evanescence was being sold. I know, I know, the lead vocalist is almost always portrayed the most when it comes to bands. (Examples: Lacuna Coil, Metallica, Korn, Nickelback, Linkin Park, etc). But Amy just took things too far. And even though I know you people are going to stand by Amy Lee and say things like, “Oh, Amy is so fucking talented, you’re just jealous!” and bullcrap like that, you know that it’s true. Take a look at the jacket cover of the Fallen CD. You see how Amy’s face was plastered all over the cover? Watch a few Evanescence videos, as well, and you’ll see that the record company is selling Evanescence through Amy. (Watch My Immortal and Everybody’s Fool for verification. They focus their videos solely upon Amy Lee). Now, I know: record companies will do whatever it takes to make their music advertise well. But they were only selling a beautiful face and charismatic vocals of Amy. What about the rest of the band? Where does that leave them?

    I’m surprised that Rocky Gray (the drummer of Evanescence, if you morons don’t know) didn’t leave the band with Ben Moody. If anyone deserves more credit than they’ve been given, it’s him. He has a fantastic talent in what he does, and yet, if you listen to Evanescence’s Fallen CD, there are hardly any drums in the base of the songs. Mostly it’s just technical rhythms, that makes you believe that someone’s playing drums. (Listen to Going Under, My Immortal, Hello, and Missing if you want good evidence). What does this have to do with Ben Moody? Really, I don’t know. But he’s part of Evanescence, and he should have left the band to work at something better with his time.

    What you people have said in the beginning and middle of this forum has really pissed me off, beyond words. A lot of you claim that Ben Moody is not a real guitar player. Hell yeah, he’s a string rocker, but that doesn’t mean he can’t play. Just because his chords are different, you say he sucks. Let me inform you imbeciles who can’t tell a good guitar player from a bad one: Ben Moody has a load of goddamn talent, whether it’s being songwriting or guitar playing. (Look at Nirvana. That was a bunch of grunge music, and see how many people liked them? I didn’t think the music was that spectacular, and it wasn’t. Ben Moody can play a hell of a lot better than they ever could, and he could do better than a lot of other people’s guitar playing). I don’t know what kind of musical shit you have been listening to lately, but if you think that Ben is a horrible guitar player, then you must be listening to a load of trash.

    Don’t get me wrong: I see everyone’s opinion on this argument. I have no problem with Seether and/or Shaun Morgan. Their band has talent, every one of them. And I’m not bashing down on Amy Lee, either: I think her vocals are amazing and pure, and she can pull off a lot of inclusive notes. But it’s the way she is portraying herself in Evanescence that I don’t like. People say all over chat rooms, “ohhh i luv evnesnce!!! i luv her music!” when it’s NOT her music. It’s their music – all five of them. Amy Lee wouldn’t have lasted this long in the spotlight if it wasn’t for the four supporters behind her, providing her with the haunting music. Amy’s vocals in itself isn’t enough. If Amy decided to leave the band and go solo with her music (which she probably should have done in the first place, honestly), then she wouldn’t make it. Each member in the band has provided to Evanescence’s success, and all the money and recognition is going to Amy Lee. That’s not right, and people should know that Amy isn’t the ONLY member in the band.

    Like it or not, Amy Lee is better off by herself in the spotlight. But if truth be told, she already is alone. Evanescence is never going to survive. Never. They might still sell copies of their music because they’ve persuaded so-called “goths” to buy their albums, but they’ll never be anything. In my opinion, they never were anything to begin with.

    I agree with the person on here (I am too lazy to scroll up all the way and look for the name) who said Amy had just as much talent as Avril Lavigne. If you look at it perfectly (which none of you are bothering to do), then you’ll see that it’s true. Avril sings, and is loved by a fan base of would-be “punks” and sells a lot of music because of a good-looking face and clean vocals. Amy does the same thing. Sure, Amy has better vocals, but not by far. Not at all.

    And for all of you who will bash me and say that I’m wrong about things that I’ve said here – don’t even waste your time. You people are brainwashed by MTV and useless garbage articles that can’t depict the truth from the fiction. I won’t be coming back to this forum, either. Your insults to me, defending Amy Lee and whatnot, will be useless to my time. I simply came onto this forum for a bit of amusement to get a point across that I’ve been trying to get out for the longest time. Nothing more.

    If you want to e-mail me and you wish to talk to me about this issue some more, feel free to do so. But don’t spam up my Inbox with pitiful messages that don’t mean anything to me. If you want to contact me, do it for something important and please have a point for doing so. My e-mail is

    Ben Moody is here to stay, no matter what. He has more talent than the remaining members of Evanescence put together, hands down. He brought and co-created Evanescence, and managed everything about it. Without him, nothing will be the same for that obnoxious, so-called “band.” Right now, he finally feels free on his own without the burdens of the band, and he’s going to be here to stay.

  • Duane

    Well, sure, maybe that’s all true, but I thought this was a post about grammar. What’s all this talk about .. what is it … Excrescence? Coalescence? Putrescence? Irridescence? … something like that. And who is this Ben guy? Anyway?

    Now, let’s get back to the juicy grammar (not “grammer” — grammer is someone married to your grampa) discussion.

  • Lori


  • dave houk

    Seether is just another “Nirvana-ish cookie cutter bad” like a million others. Amy Lee has one of the greatest rock and roll voices since Ann Wilson and Pat Benatar. Ben,I feel your pain.

  • dave houk


  • lori

    Ok LAUREN! perhaps when you stop arguing with 12 year old kids you might come to realize that people have different opinions than others. I don’t have the time to argue with you about other peoples lives i just say what comes to mind. And guess what? i can do it without being a bitch too! isn’t that awesome! Happy life to you.

  • DrKnowledge

    Good lord… Look at all these people who don’t know a damn thing about this topic sounding off on gramar and who did what to who…

    Freaking weak. Get a life people.

  • CarbonDate

    Seether still blows. Because Shaun Morgan so blatantly imitates Chad Kroeger, Nickelback will always be the second-worst band out there.