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Belgium gets sour with impunity

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Belgium, one of the smallest countries in Europe, is becoming famous not because of its ancient monuments, castles and cathedral, which have attracted thousands of tourists into the country, but the gross abuse of human rights and the constant mistreating of foreigners with impunity.

Last year, a Brussels court convicted four former police officers of assault, battery and negligence in the case of an African asylum seeker, who died in 1998, during a forced repatriation. Semira Adamu, died from suffocation when a cushion was pressed on her face to prevent her struggling during an attempt to repatriate her to Africa.

Five police officers answered the charges in court, one of whom was acquitted, three were given one year suspended sentences, whlie the fourth, the unit’s superior, received 14-month suspended sentence. Human rights campaigners in Belgium weren’t happy with the suspended sentences.

“These police officers are murderers and they should have been to prison for the rest of their lives. If this offence had been committed by an immigrant, the court would have used the full force of the law,” said one of the human rights campaigners.

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