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Belated Matrix Review

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I saw the Matrix: Reloaded at the IMAX theater, previously I had been a Reloaded virgin and a Matrix baby, only seeing the first movie all of 10 times. Though I am the kind of girl who is friends with people who make out during the Matrix and quote You’ve Got Mail incessantly, I honestly think Reloaded is one of those movies that on the surface is really deep but when you get deep it is really shallow. The best line from the movie was, “Some things change and some things don’t.” OH Really?! Thanks for that Morpheus, I almost expected him to follow it up with, “Some people have brown eyes and some people don’t.” What was the deal with all the soliloquies? If I wanted to work I would have read a book, its like they have to beat you over the head with it so you get it. They were probably thinking,

“We could show them what this movie is about through clever camera shots and innuendo, using the power of the motion picture allowing the audience to be engaged and thinking….or we could just give them some very computer animated fight scenes (watch the stores for the video game, can you beat the Agent Smith Level?) and beat them over the head with the obvious in boring soliloquies.”

“Genius! Lets do the last one! And to make it worse we will do one of the boring speeches in…a fake french accent! Oh our American audience will loooove that.”

And that is not enough of a beating for the audience, oh no, we have to take this movie in places desperate druggies hide their crack. The final shove is made through the symbolism, I know you are thinking, “What symbolism, Lyz? That “Architect” in charge of creating everything in a white suit and beard, that doesn’t mean anything. Or when they call Neo the Messiah and bow down to him and think he is the “Savior” of the “Free World” which isn’t that “free” in the first place, they made that up.” And I say of course…Because some things are symbolic and some things aren’t.

The part that gets me is all the trauma and arguments that people will have over this, I can hear them now, “Is Zion a Matrix within the Matrix?” “What is the significance of the number three, and does Trinity have anything to do with it?” “When was the last time I showered or saw the sun?”

Speaking of depth and meaning, the random orgasm scene, yeah that was cool and necessary to the plot, yeah because I can see how they would need that to save the free world…yes.

Ah, who am I kidding? You know I am dying to see the third one.

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  • Scott Hillis

    Not sure who you think delivered the “boring speech” with a “fake French accent”. The only two characters who spoke with European accents were the Merovingian and the Architect. The Merovingian (the guy who gave the woman the orgasm in the restaurant) was played by a French actor and the Architect was played by a German actor. So where’s the fake French accent?