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Being Human Finale Recap/Review: “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Me Killing You”

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If you thought the SyFy finale of Being Human was going to be an imitation of the British Series One finale, think again. Although there were similarities, this finale offered a few juicy twists to keep it original in its own right.

The finale began with Aidan (Sam Witwer) in the hospital cellar, fighting for his life after Bishop (Mark Pellegrino) attempted to dust him at the end of the last episode. While Josh (Sam Huntington) and Sally (Meaghan Rath) anxiously watched over their friend, poor Nora (Kristen Hager), still outside of the supernatural loop, hesitantly complied with Josh’s vague instructions, violating hospital protocol in the process. This was the final straw for Nora—she could no longer be with Josh if he continued shutting her out.

As worry for his vampire buddy consumed him, Josh recalled when and how he first met and befriended Aidan. These flashbacks seamlessly weaved the past and present, laying the foundation for Josh’s move later in the episode.

Not wanting Sally to lose her chance at crossing over, Aidan implored her to return home and pass through the portal/door that appeared just before Bishop attacked. Though she initially refused, Sally eventually returned home, only to find the door gone. All is not doom and gloom for Sally: she can now physically hold solid objects.

Celine (Nathalie Breuer), understanding all too well the strength Aidan would need to fight Bishop, unsuccessfully tried to convince him to drain her. When Celine wheeled Aidan to the hospital elevators, a brief stare-down with Bishop prompted the evil vampire-cop to threaten Josh and his family—unless he agreed to deliver a message to Aidan.

When Josh weakly (and adorably) informed Aidan of Bishop’s desire for a vampire-vampire showdown in the old factory the following night, Sally realized a full moon was on the horizon. With Aidan still weak, Sally thought it might be better if Josh blindsides Bishop with his inner werewolf.

Aidan, determined to face his nemesis, returned to Celine, who finally revealed what Bishop did to her years ago. Following a touching farewell, Aidan gently drained Celine. Meanwhile, our favorite werewolf returned to Bishop with a change in plans: Aidan will fight him in the hospital cellar, not the factory.

After what felt like the final supper between our paranormal friends, Aidan headed to the factory, seemingly unaware of Josh’s plan to claw down Bishop. Once in the cellar, Josh reminded Sally to close the door upon Bishop’s arrival. Sally sweetly told Josh he is not a killer, locked him in the cellar, and left him alone…or so she thought.

Just when Josh was in the process of transforming, Nora opened the cellar door to check on him. Fearing for her life, Josh roughly removed her from the cellar and slammed the door. Nora watched in horror as Josh became werewolf-Josh. The shock proved too much for Nora–she fell to the ground in extreme pain, apparently losing their unborn baby.

Favorite moment of the night alert: I loved the moment when werewolf-Josh and Nora made emotional eye contact under the door. So sweet!

Ultimately, Aidan knew about Josh’s intentions all along. He persuaded Sally to ensure Josh’s safety and reroute Bishop straight back to the factory—this was Aidan’s fight. When Bishop arrived, the battle began.

As the fight progressed, Bishop gained the edge. Just when Bishop was ready to inflict the final blow, we saw Sally standing behind him, holding the stake. Unfazed, Bishop caused Sally to doubt herself and drop the stake. But while Bishop intimidated Sally, Aidan was able to strike from behind, behead his rival, and turn him into dust.

In the final sequence, we discover several intriguing details: Nora feels closer to Josh now that she knows he is a werewolf. The pain Nora felt was not only from losing her baby–Josh scratched her when he removed her from the cellar. Will she become a werewolf even though Josh wasn’t fully transformed when he scratched her? Hegeman (Terry Kinney) appoints Aidan as the new leader of Boston. Will he embrace his role as leader of the vampires?

Or better yet, will the vampires accept him as their leader? In the same breath, Hegeman alludes to this mysterious “she” who wants to meet Aidan. “She” sounded like an important figure in the vampire world. Will she be like the vampire queen on True Blood? Stay tuned for season two!

The final scene was a flashback of Aidan and Josh walking past their present day home just as Sally’s body was removed from within. I found that moment to be a little eerie, even chilling—fate certainly intended for them to find each other…question is, what does fate have in store for our little ghost, sexy vampire, and adorable werewolf?

Observations: As a fan of the original Being Human, I am elated at the twists and turns thrown at us in this version. However different they may be, both versions do send a similar message: Though these characters are inhuman, they feel, love, and protect just like everybody else. Maybe they are more human than they think.

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