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Beer Review: Sam Adams and Cigars

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People generally look to the more potent spirits for cigar pairings, but, in my experience, a good beer can be an excellent accompaniment to a handmade stogie. And by good beer I mean a well-crafted, flavorful brew, not that watery stuff that is constantly advertised during televised sporting events.

Now don’t get me wrong. I’ve had more than my share of Bud, Miller, Natural Light, and PBR… And many times with a cigar. However, when I want a beer that actually adds to my smoking experience, I turn to something a little better. And one of the most dependable makers of excellent flavorful beer is Sam Adams.

Here are three of the many varieties that Sam Adams makes, and some suggestions for pairing them with cigars:

Boston Lager

The Sam Adams Boston Lager is the flagship beer of the line. It is a hoppy brew with little in common with the traditional, watered-down lagers I mentioned earlier. Amber in color and aromatic in scent, it has a nice bite. It also is the easiest Sam Adams beer to find – available on tap in most bars and many restaurants. I would suggest pairing it with a medium-bodied cigar with a little spice, perhaps something with a Cameroon wrapper.

Black Lager

Sam AdamsThe Black Lager is not one of my favorites. While very smooth, I found the chocolate flavors and grainy finish a bit unpleasant. Still, I know beer lovers who think this beverage is the best made by Sam Adams – so I think this is sort of a love it or hate it brew. If you’re having a pint of the Black Lager with a cigar, you’ll want something that accentuates the chocolate flavors. Try a full-flavored maduro like a CAO Brazilia, a Padron Anniversary (Maduro), or a La Gloria Cubana Serie R.

Boston Ale

The Sam Adams Boston Ale is a classic copper-colored American ale. Crisp, fruity, and well-carbonated, it is a lighter-bodied brew. The Boston Ale is very drinkable and versatile enough to be enjoyed with a meal, or just with a few more Boston Ales. It also is can be enjoyed year round. Pair this beer with a mild, creamy cigar like a Macanudo Natural, a Davidoff Grand Cru, or an Ashton Classic.

Those are just three of the over 30 beers brewed by Sam Adams. Now pop a top, light a stogie, and enjoy!

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