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Beer Review: Abbey Grand Cru – New Belgium Brewery

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New Belgium, the makers of the excellent Fat Tire, and 1554, also put out a Belgian style ale by the name of Abbey Grand Cru. Though not as smooth as other Belgians, such as Chimay Grande Reserve, the Abbey has a decent yeasty flavour to it making it a good “average day” substitute.

The colour of this Belgian is beautiful – something like the type of dark woods that should be in the room where a fine gentleman would be drinking this beer.

If you’re not familiar with the Belgian Ale’s you do NOT serve them cold, nor warm, but cool, or slightly chilled. These beers get better with age, and should be stored on their sides so the cork doesn’t dry, in a cool beer cellar environment.

Do you like Belgians? Doubles? Let me know your thoughts!

This review was written by Russell Mann. He doesn’t drink cheap beer. This review of Abbey Grand Cru – New Belgium Brewery can be found on his blog as well.

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