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A bed is a piece of furniture used primarily for sleeping or relaxation. The bed size is determined by the size of the mattress and box springs it will accommodate ranging from crib size to super king. The word beds often refers to mattresses, which come in various styles including memory foam mattresses, traditional spring and waterbeds. Most countries use 4 standard bed sizes: single or twin, double or full, queen and king. There are many common types of beds.

An adjustable bed is often used for someone needing medical attention and can be positioned to take the strain off the body. An airbed is an air inflated mattress that is often available with a firmness control.

A bunk bed is two or more, usually single or twin beds stacked one on top of the other and are common choices for children and dormitories where space is a premium. In many parts of the world, divan beds also double as a type of sofa during waking hours.

A captain’s bed is a platform style bed with a set or drawers or storage areas built into the platform. Canopy beds have a four poster style with an overhead framework for cloth or fabric to drape.

Many sleep experts have made a connection between quality of sleep and the type of mattress you sleep on. There is never a shortage of news in the blogosphere about beds, since consumers often search for ways to reduce fatigue and improve sleep.

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