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Beat the Summer Heat

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Back in February, I made a drastic move across Canada. I moved from the hustling, bustling city of Toronto to the middle of freaking nowhere on Prince Edward Island. I wanted to be near the ocean and enjoy the lifestyle that people are accustomed to there… instead of the go-go-go vibe you get in the city. I was feeling worn down and I had heard that the weather was lovely because the ocean moderated everything.

There are times when I wish that I still lived in Toronto, but this summer is definitely not one of those times. I’ve been hearing stories of this ridiculous heat wave and I even heard that today is supposed to be over 100 degrees with the humidity. For me, that’s just unheard of in Canada. Here in the middle of nowhere on the East Coast, it’s a nice moderate temperature, sunny with a cool breeze. The bugs are sometimes bad, but all you need is a screen tent and some comfy chairs and you’re set.

I know that seems a bit like gloating, but I’m here to offer you some advice for keeping cool during this horrible heat wave the rest of North America seems to be experiencing. Just please keep in mind that you should try your best to find ways to cool down that don’t involve hiding away in your home with the air conditioner cranked. Remember that after summer and fall comes winter and even though it’s boiling, this is the time of year you want to covet your time outdoors.

  • Move to the East Coast – OK, that might not really be practical, but if you can’t up and move, just go for a nice vacation… there’s lots of lovely tourist things where I am, like Anne of Green Gables! Who doesn’t love that fictional Canadian ginger?
  • Stock up on popsicles – This also might not be practical over a period of time, but they are yummy and they do help for a short period. If you’re watching what you’re eating and don’t want to ingest whatever is in commercial popsicle, there are naturally flavoured popsicles, or you can opt to make your own. Hop on over to your nearest kitchen store, purchase a popsicle maker set, and use juices or smoothies that you know you will enjoy.
  • Swimming – I am a fish. I’m about 98% sure that in a past life I was a mermaid, although where I get my irrational (or maybe not so irrational) fear of jellyfish is beyond me. Those little bastards creep the heck out of me and therefore I don’t really enjoy swimming in the ocean. However, if you do like the ocean, chances are it will be cold and it will definitely help you cool down. No ocean? No worries. Find a friend with a pool or visit a local public pool to enjoy.
  • Minimal clothing – If you are female, I know there are a lot of fellas who will love this suggestion. Less is better at this time of year, though. Summer is a time for nice dresses, short shorts, bathing suit tops, and other clothing items that the less they cover, the better. Also, wearing lighter colours will help keep the sun from being absorbed into your clothes and making you extra hot… Black is not a good colour for the summer, people!

Beat that heat wave, folks! Get out there in the world and show mother nature that you can’t be conquered by temperatures from hell (literally!). Don’t spend your summer days cooped up with the AC cranked; the world is your oyster. Enjoy the short-lived days of summer!

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