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Beast of Satan guitairst sentenced to 30 years

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CMU reports that the Italian metal murder case has resulted in a stiff conviction. Not surprising considering the brutality of the events that transpired. However there was some thought that he would be given a lesser sentence because of his co-operation with the police.

…The guitarist in an unsigned Italian metal band has been sentenced to 30 years in prison for his involvement in the sacrificial killings of his band mate, his girlfriend and his bandmates’ girlfriend.

Actually, this is a really horrific story. Andrea Volpe of Itlaian band Beasts of Satan was found guilty for being involved in the murder of his band mate, 16 year old Fabio Tollis, who was killed after he tried to stop the murder of his girlfriend Chiara Marino who, in turn, was being targeted
by Volpe’s cult because they believed her to be a reincarnation of the Virgin Mary. Volpe also Pezzotta….

Nothing like a few black metal nutters to bring the whole genre down. At least this didn’t happen in Norway for a change.

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