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We have this strange misconception about bears in our society. Our children have teddy bears that they snuggle up with when they go to bed. We watch “Bear and the Big Blue House” episodes on television and read about “Little Bear” in books to our children.

Well, bears are neither “snuggly” nor “little.” And if you ever meet a bear out in the wild, you will understand this on a first-hand basis.

And you will be scared to death.

It doesn’t matter if you are a “Man’s Man.” You may be one of those guys who have never cried in your entire life. Or, you may be one of those guys who only cry when you are watching a war movie and the guy gets both of his legs blown off in war but still keeps fighting on. It doesn’t matter. You might cry when you see a bear. A bear can reduce even the toughest man to tears.

So, if you see a bear in the wild, don’t get bogged down in moral ambiguities. Play dead. Or, better yet, if you have some pepper spray on hand, make the bear cry instead. Bloggers speaking about bears can be found at sites like polarbearblog and mainehuntingtoday.