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For Immediate Release

19th April 2004

In Front of or Behind The Camera…

Raven Black Music have once again booked the Guild Hall in Gloucester for a video shoot on Friday 23rd April.

The bands in question are Stiff Kittens UK, local boys Murdoc, and Raven Black’s latest signing V0iD, and all will be filmed for posterity…

RBM would like as many fans to be there as possible to make the video for Stiff Kittens’ “Strength”, that MTV are ready to consider for MTV2, truly magnificent.

Since that story ran Seren Quested of the MTV network has been in touch again looking forward to receiving the new video for presentation to the playlist team soon.

This follows numerous conversations with MTV2’s Jim Hickey who liked the previous Stiff Kittens Video, also shot at the Guildhall, but whom suggested some changes.

“We are very excited that MTV liked the material sufficiently to contact us and make constructive suggestions on how we can get our bands on their screens”, said Dean G Hill of Raven Black Music and WWW.TOURDATES.CO.UK.  “We have gone out of our way to seek out genuinely talented bands across the UK and have had a particularly good response from South Wales, The Wye Valley and over the border in the Forest of Dean, where the gifted lads n lass from Murdoc hail from, but bands from all over the country are invited to submit demos for future projects, as Tourdates and Raven Black are in the process of building a new record label.

The ticket price has been set as low as possible in order to just cover the venue’s costs and so that as many people as possible can make it.  Anyone attending the gig is positively encouraged to bring along their own video cameras and submit their own footage, the best of which will be included in the final version, to make sure we have the most dynamic and interesting live video possible.  Everyone who attends the gig will have their name credited on the video, and as special thank you, for all the support shown so far from the music lovers of Gloucester, Raven Black Music, in association with WWW.TOURDATES.CO.UK were out on the streets of Gloucester giving away free copies of Stiff Kittens UK’s previous EP “The Raven Sessions”, recorded with the Manic Street Preachers and Cult producer Steve Brown.   The response from those we met that day was great n we look forward to seeing many of them on Friday.  Also any of the readers, listeners or viewers responding to this story before the show by e-mail: GlosVideoShoot@Tourdates.Co.UK will go into a prize draw to win one of 20 copies of the last video Stiff Kittens’ “Big-Boned”, and tracks from the accompanying EP received airplay on Storm Rock Radio, Total Rock FM and of course our much loved Forest of Dean Radio.

Come and be part of this special happening, dance like a kiddie in a psychedelic sweet shop, shake yer chains n’ get yer ugly mug on the box 😉

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