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BCS Championship Game Preview: Alabama vs. Texas

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The BCS Championship Game will be televised on ABC January 7, 2010 at 8:30 p.m. ET.

BC Sports will be live-blogging the event starting at 8:15 p.m. ET. 

Alabama and Texas prepare to play the last game of the college football season for the BCS National Championship Thursday at 8 p.m. EST televised on ABC. 

There are breakdowns, match-ups, and previews galore for your perusal. Here is a gathering of opinions from some of your favorites at BC. 

Josh Hathaway – Sr. Editor, BC
Alabama 27, Texas 6
Everything you know is wrong. Get ready for it, America. Alabama is going to win and it's not going to be close, but not for the reason you think. Well, not only for the reason you think. yes, the #1 ranked Crimson Tide defense is going to pulverize a one-dimensional Texas offense lacking in dynamic playmakers. There are five reasons Alabama is going to win and do so convincingly: Drew Davis, Mike Johnson, Will Vlahos, Barrett Jones, and James Carpenter. The Alabama offensive line will allow them to score points, regardless of what Texas' very bright defensive coordinator Will Muschamp dials up. Alabama has skill position talent all over — not just Heisman-winner Mark Ingram — but it all starts with the most dominant offensive line in the country that will allow the Tide to prevail. They'll give the MVP to someone else, but we'll know the real story. 

Matt Sussman – Sports Editor, BC
Alabama 17, Texas 7. 
This will also be the halftime score, sadly. There will be plenty of defensive fun for the whole family, and in the end, Josh Hathaway will not be heard from for weeks.

Alan Rouse – The Gridiron Breakdown/BCSCG Corespondent for BC
Alabama 28, Texas 17 
This is what we have all been waiting for. After a month of pretty non-intriguing bowl games that have missed the mark, we get to see Alabama and Texas square off in the Rose Bowl Stadium for the BCS Title. It should be a very close hard fought game. Can Texas run an uptempo offense and keep Alabama off guard much like Utah and Florida did last season? Or will Alabama be able to impose its will offensively on a great Texas unit that has yet to see a running attack the likes of Alabama?

I expect Alabama to come out on offense like they did against LSU and Florida – spread the field and throw the ball early in the game. This will set up the bruising rushing attack of Ingram and Richardson as the game wears on. I believe this game will be close till about half time. But if things work out the way I see them Alabama pulls away in the 4th quarter and chews tons of time of the clock control the ball and play swarming defense. I may be a homer but I expect Alabama to win.

Eddie McCoy – Auburn Football Insider
Texas 31, Alabama 24
This game is going to be a battle along the trenches and the team that wins that battle will win the Championship. Texas did a poor job against Nebraska, but mainly because they had the best defensive player in the country and one of the best d-lineman that I've seen in several years in Suh going against them. This game, they have one of the best defenses in the country going against them in Bama. Bama's defense thrives on confusing the QB and having the QB check into bad plays. The million dollar question is whether this defense will be successful against an offense that is truly high tempo and fast paced and doesn't make many adjustments. In the Auburn game, when Auburn's offense got up to the line and ran the play quickly, they caught Alabama in some bad spots and I expect Texas to do the same. With that said, it really comes down to Texas's D vs. Alabama's O. I think Muschamp will take away the run and force McElroy to win with his arm. McElroy was able to take advantage of that same situation earlier in the year, but Texas' defense is one of the best and in the nation. I like Texas to hit some big plays and play a bend but don't break defense and win this game in a much higher scoring game than most figure.

J. Newcastle
Alabama 27, Texas 14
I expect this thing to start wide-open and turn into a slug fest as the game progresses. Texas's offense isn't as bad as they looked against Nebraska; it's a bit short-sighted to think of Colt McCoy in the microcosm of that one game the same as it would be to judge Alabama's Mark Ingram for his performance against Auburn or Tennessee. Alabama's offense is going to surprise some people because they are going to match Texas big play for big play and score for score early in this contest. I won't be surprised to see the Crimson Tide with a slight lead at half. The third quarter is where it's going to turn. There's only so much Texas's offense will be able to do against the vaunted Alabama defense and a couple of negative plays (sacks, interceptions, fumbles) are going to swing the momentum to the Crimson Tide. Then, Alabama is going to do what no other team tried or successfully did against Texas – they are going to line up and road grate them with the tandem running of Ingram and Trent Richardson (Look for a screen pass from the shotgun to one of these guys that results in major yardage). McCoy's good but he's not Vince Young and this isn't going to be a repeat of the 2005 BCS CG. Alabama's been the most consistent top team all year and this will be the crowning moment of an incredible run.

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  • kelly

    Alabama may win or Texas.Who knows,but i go for bama.

  • Josh Hathaway

    They’ll also be looking for the Loch Ness monster, I’m sure. Every team wanted to stop Mark Ingram this year, too. 12/13 failed. I’m sure every team Alabama faced wanted big plays. Not many of those were surrendered. We’ve seen good defenses stifle Texas and I don’t see anywhere they have a matchup advantage that will yield these big plays.

  • Jay The Sage

    Those big plays you just commented on are what texas will be looking for dude.

  • Jay The Sage

    Had not Terrence Cody blocked that field goal, Bama woulda lost to Tennessee.

  • Jay The Sage

    And Bama won 26-21 over Auburn mann. . .

  • Jay The Sage

    Ok Josh, but lie and say that it’s not going to be a close game. You misinterpret wat i’m saying. They’re gonna be scoring on both sides. You know it as well as anyone else. Bama is still coming out on top.

  • 11

    They did put up a fight. That’s fair. But Tennesee scored 10 points, and Auburn scored 21, 14 of which came on big plays. 10 and 21 equals 31 combined in those two games. Florida scored 13, and their offense is far better than either AU or UT.

    No one has sustained drives against Alabama all year. For Texas to score 30+ points, they are going to have to hit four or five big plays.

    That may well happen, but it hasn’t happened yet. That’s my point. No one has sustained drives against Alabama yet, and I don’t think Texas will either.

  • Josh Hathaway

    Wait… you think Nick Saban is thinking, “Everyone wants a good show, so what we’re going to do is let Texas put up a few points and then we’re going to shut them down and win?” Okay, you don’t even get a seat at the little kids’ table. We’re going to get you the locomotive from Mr. Rogers that takes people to the Land of Make Believe.

  • Salsa Shark

    Auburn? Seriously?

    C’Mon. ‘Bama toasted those punks 26-7.
    They’ll beat Texas by 20.

  • Jay The Sage

    even auburn put up a fight, remember?

  • Jay The Sage

    my badd, i mean tennessee. they won 12-10

  • 11

    Bama destroyed Arkansas by five TDs.

  • 11

    I predict that when the sun comes up tomorrow, it will be red, not yellow. I know it has been yellow for millions of years. Ignore all data and trust me: Tomorrow, the sun will be red.

  • Jay The Sage

    Everyone is going to want a high scoring game. Alabama isn’t just going to win, they’re gonna look good doing it. This isn’t just some championship game. They know they got this. They’re gonna let Texas put up some points. Even you can’t lie and say Texas isn’t gonna bring everything they’ve got. And remember, Bama barely won against Arkansas. . .

  • Josh Hathaway

    How is Texas going to score 34, JayTheSage? They got 13 against a good but lesser defense in Nebraska. That’s another Hall of Fame vote for Bartkowski there.

  • Josh Hathaway

    And I had a grammatical error I’d like to clean up. Texas hasn’t successfully run the ball on anyone and no single back has gained 100 yards against a Bama defense in over two years. There is no statistical evidence or logical reason to think any of these Longhorn backs will end that streak. If Texas wins — and they won’t — it won’t be because they learned how to run the football after not being able to for four months nor will it be because Alabama suddenly forgot how to stop the run. The difference between Alabama vs the run and Texas vs the run is that Alabama’s numbers came against statistically better rushing attacks than Texas’ did. This is going to be an epic beatdown and you heard it here first.

  • Jay The Sage

    I just want to add that tomorrow night is Greg McElroy’s night to shine. Think about Alabama’s stats. Ingram has averaged almost 10 y.p.c. after contact. Jones is the go-to guy on the team. Upchurch (if given the chance), will make big plays, and Richardsons’ speed makes him a force to be reckoned with. Then we have one of the best defensive backs in college football. Alabama 35, Texas 34. Enough said.

  • 11

    Excuse me: That’s 7:30 Central, 8:30 Eastern. I don’t want anyone to miss the first hour of the game. That may be all that’s worth watching unless you are a hardcore ‘Bama fan.

  • Josh Hathaway

    Shipley has 100 receptions and that’s nice, but we’ve seen him shut down and taken away. Co-Beastley? I’m sorry but James Kirkendoll isn’t putting fear in the hearts of anyone and neither Dan Buckner. Ship is a borderline first-round talent. He can have his seven catches for 70 yards and Texas still doesn’t get in the end zone.

    As for Tre’ Newton, no single back has gained 100 yards against Alabama in over two years and none of these guys on Texas of all teams won’t be the first team to do it.

  • 11

    No playmakers. I am standing by it. Texas can’t and won’t move the ball. They are going to need turnovers against a team that doesn’t turn the ball over and big plays in the special teams.

    McCoy can’t get to the outside against Alabama’s secondary. That Texas o-line is going to get blown up the way Nebraska blew it up, and McCoy is going to be throwing every down. That’s a bad idea, too.

    But don’t take my word for it: Tune in Thursday at 7:30, 8:30 Central. Get yer popcorn. Set the DVR. Call a friend.

  • Daneric Johnson

    People People!! I can almost Guarantee you that this will be a Coming OUT Party for Tre’ Newton! No playmakers, I guess Shipley and his Beastly Co-Receivers aren’t 1st Round Enough For ya….
    Texas 24 Alabama 21

  • Still can’t believe the most they’ve given up this year was 24.

  • Josh Hathaway

    Why on earth does you think Alabama is going to go out and forget how to play defense? Look, if you want to pick Texas, that’s fine. You want to say 17-13 or 21-17 even, we can talk. You are wrong, but we can talk. You just told me that Steve Bartkowski is the greatest QB of all time. Go sit at the kids table. Here’s your AU sippie cup.

  • 11

    I could not possibly disagree with Eddie McCoy more. This game does not come down to Alabama’s O v. Texas’ D; it will come down to the opposite.

    You admitted that Texas doesn’t make adjustments on offense. How in the world is a team that lacks playmakers and relies on its QB to make all its plays going to move the ball on a Nick Saban defense?

    Texas’ offense is a less talented version of Florida. If you watched that game, you know that didn’t go too well for the Gators.
    No one has explained to me yet how Texas is going to score. They could play this game twice and the Longhorns wouldn’t get to 31.

    Alabama 27, Texas 7