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BCS Championship: Alabama-Texas Live Blog

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In 2005, USC was so dominant that ESPN actually anointed them as one of the greatest football teams ever… before the national championship. This was especially annotated by an ongoing roundtable SportsCenter segment featuring analysts Kirk Herbstreit and Mark May wherein each day they compared the Trojans to some of history’s all time unstoppable teams and whether or not those legendary squads could handle Matt Leinart, Reggie Bush, and that defense. The consensus was that, yes, USC would wipe the turf with just about all of them.

Weeks later they went and lost to Texas in the Rose Bowl. So, um, is there a return policy for this throne and crown?

This was not only the worst display of premature coronation in ESPN’s history, but it’s a great lesson in how not to unlearn history for tonight’s national championship.

Yes, Alabama is heavily favored and many of us, myself included, are damn sure they will win. How could they not? Nobody’s scored more than 24 on them all year, and look how Texas struggled against Nebraska and allowed so many points against Texas A&M. I’ll tell you how they could not. USC-Texas, that’s how.

So this shall be what we watch tonight. Our correspondent (yes, we have correspondents) in Los Angeles will be providing live video commentary throughout the day on the game. Once the showdown begins around 8 p.m. tonight (probably more like 8:20), join myself, J. Newcastle, and some other surprise guests for all the fun you can shake a royal scepter at.

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  • JA Hernandez

    I’ve been a Texas fan all my life and I’ve never seen a quarterback give up on his team. And for the rest of the team you all played a good game.