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BCRadio Podcast – October 24, 2006

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In the department of better late than never, we bring you the BCRadio Podcast for this week.  It is late because… well, I sort of explain that.  After the quasi-explanation, I prattle on about Apple and Elliott Smith.  In fact, there is a lot of Elliott Smith content this week.

Also on this week's show:  Eric Olsen continues to provide great coverage of the ongoing Madonna adoption saga, Mark Saleski and I discuss Robert Randolph's Colorblind, A.L. Harper chats up Locksley, and Mary Williams is all over the latest 24 news.



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  • Mark Saleski

    Elliott Smith: still dead.

  • Mark Saleski: still a clown.

  • Less Elliott Smith, more John Mayer. That’s what this podcast needs. 🙂

  • There was a podcast that did that called One Big Happy. Anybody remember that one? =) There was this guy who hosted it who did the most atrocious Irish accent and his wife would just laugh at him.

  • Mark Saleski

    yes, but most people would take Herself’s voice over Elliott Smith’s any day of the week.

    …month, or year for that matter.

  • The same can be said when comparing Herself’s voice compared to the lozenge-needing, Dave Matthews-raping John Mayer. So you do the math.

  • Mark Saleski

    i have decided not to encourage you.

  • It’s probably best that way. So let’s turn the page for a moment. Nice stuff from our Capt. EO regards the Madonna adoption. He has written so very good articles on the subject and I thought that conversation went very well this week.

  • First: Ewan McGregor did Malawi first.

    Second: Michael Jackson has done more with what he was given than any of you could ever hope to do! He started out a poor black boy from Indiana and now he is a rich white woman from Beverley Hills. I dare you to do as much with your life!

    Third: I love you EO (I may even have a little crush on you) but jebus you can TALK! Damn!

    Fourth: I still don’t like the Beatles AND I’m still the head Co-Assistant Music Editor. HA!

  • Oh Yeah, I forgot.

    Fifth: I love the Rob Thomas Santana song! “Smooth” makes me what to get down and dirty. You are a whole truck load of wrong on that one!

  • Ewan McGregor will always be cooler than Madonna.

    The Michael Jackson blast is funny. You get points for that.

    More points for the EO comment.

    head Co-Assistant Music Editor my ass! Please. Not liking The Beatles and admitting to liking that horseshit Santana song are grounds for extreme terminations.

    The Santana/Rob Thomas song is embarrassing drivel regardless what thoughts it puts in your head and other places.

    On the whole, I’d say this totals up to a big bowl of deficit, AL.

  • Mark Saleski

    and here i was, while talking to josh, worried about mentioning the naked woman on the cover of Abraxas…and then a.l. harper comes along yakkin’ about panties and,well, i can’t even mention that other stuff! 😉

  • It’s true Ewan McGregor is almost the new Steve McQueen and that makes him FAR cooler than Madonna.

    I’m glad you like the Michael Jackson comment. It’s funny because it’s true.

    EO makes me giggle. *giggle*

    I ADORE the Santana/Rob Thomas song. It makes me hot and wet all over. And if you could spend some time with me while I listened to it you would like it too.

    And I still think The Beatles were over hyped. They were good but they weren’t all that.

    And I AM the HEAD Co-Assistant Music Editor! HA!

  • You give someone a title and they get all Napoleonic about it. Keep dreaming.

    Even if they were overhyped, and they aren’t, the music big time stands up.

    TheWifeToWhomIAmMarried and the Atlantic Ocean are two big hurdles to you proving your point, although if I am reading between the lines right I doubt any man would be paying attention to the music. Just saying, is all. That song still blows.

  • Mark Saleski

    p.s. loved “good will hunting”

  • I know better than to think you are kidding about Good Will Hunting. What about it did you like?

  • Good Will Hunting is an excellent film.

    I did I embarrass you Mark, talking about my panties and my fanny?

  • Mark Saleski

    a. abused genius (not necessarily the cliche you might think it is) overcomes his damage

    b. minnie driver

    c. Elliott Smith tunes

    d. all of the above

    e. none of the above

    f. “b” only

    g. everthing except “c”

  • H. Robin Williams talks about his farting wife.

  • That movie was riddled with cliche. “It’s not your fault” undoes years of abuse and frees the guy from the bounds of custodial work to become the genius he was always meant to be? It was ridiculous.

    And the Ben Affleck speech- his character was a moron (big stretch for Ben) yet he could formulate that “I dream one day I’m going to go ring your doorbell and you’ll just be gone” bit? Please. That was hubris of a screenwriter trying to write himself an Oscar moment. Wretched.

    I can’t argue with Minnie Driver or Elliott Smith.

  • Speaking as a genius (I’m a gifted writer of course) who was once subjected by the bonds of abuse can I just say that it helps to hear “it’s not your fault”. It has done wonders for me! Read my stuff now!

    And although Ben Affleck is a moron Matt Damon is such a hottie I didn’t care about the Ben Affleck character.

  • Mark Saleski

    gee, i tell the dj that it’s not his fault on the phone all the fricken time…it seems to cheeer him up! 😉

  • Eric Olsen

    thanks Josh, great time as always – you get better and better at running the whole shebang!

    Andrea, I assume putting TALK in all-caps has some sort of implication?

  • While I certainly don’t have first hand knowledge, I feel pretty confident in saying repeating the words “It’s not your fault” is no substitute for real therapy. I don’t think abuse is funny nor do I make light of it.

    I didn’t like the movie. I thought it was far-fetched, poorly written, and cliche. Hell, it won an Oscar for it’s screenplay so go figure. I thought it was the worst kind of rubbish.

    Saleski, you’re still a clown.

    EO, I appreciate that a lot coming from someone who’s been in the business and done this much longer. It’s still fun each week.