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BCRadio Podcast – November 7, 2006

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Insurrection 2006 is upon us because this show is being brought to you on Tuesday rather than Monday. This is a day better than last week!

This week's episode touches a little bit on Election Day. There is also mention of Britney Spears' pending divorce. Once those two topics were dispatched, we were joined by Eric Olsen to cover Tom Cruise's latest venture. We also welcome back Joan Hunt, who bought me a groovy new CD in order to tell you about the Blues Bash.

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About Josh Hathaway

  • Following up on the opening monologue, Democrat Jim Folsom Jr., a former governor, is now Alabama’s Lt. Governor.

  • I was listening to the podcast with earphones and I detected a lot of heavy breathing.

  • Heavy breathing? Ha! I did have more trouble with my filters than normal. I will have to re-listen and see if I pick up the same.

  • S.Rod, did you notice this “heavy breathing” more during the phone calls or from my intro?

  • I just found it – during Joan’s segment. We had phone connection issues that night. She had a bit of buzzing and mine picked up louder than it was supposed to. Damnation!

  • I hear it in your conversation with Joan. Then again it could just be phone static.

  • I guess I should have hit refresh before posting…Ooops.

  • S.Rod, it is unfortunately a combination of fck ups. I am going to be more mindful of it in the future, but thanks for pointing it out.

    It’s funny… I have gotten so used to the limitations of my East German surplus equipment that I don’t always listen critically to the sound quality. I am taking note of this for the coming week.

  • And I know this is my 10,000th comment on my own article which is a something I try to avoid but I think it is worth telling you all that the CD Joan got me is the Amazon link for this article. It is worth owning! Thanks, Joan!

  • Mark Saleski

    i do not “mutter” anything about my vinyl collection.

  • If it’s not a mutter, what is it?

  • Mark Saleski

    usually a taunt. somehow, it becomes a mutter.

    jelousy will do that.

  • Jealousy is a terrible thing.

  • Josh, I’m so glad you like the CD! It was one of those impulse buys on my part and I can’t tell you just how much I’ve enjoyed my copy. So good, it should be mandatory for all blues lovers, y’know?