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BCRadio Podcast – June 26, 2006

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We have a short (by BCRadio standards) podcast this week but plenty of good stuff.  Mary Williams continues in her role as BCRadio’s Chief TV Correspondent and keeps us updated on Entourage BC Publisher Eric Olsen has some interesting news in the world of information technology and internet piracy.  Matt Sussman and I take a look back at some sports predictions we each made, and Mark Saleski and I discuss the new Guster single “One Man Wrecking Machine.”


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  • Thanks, EO. I think the pace works well for us, too. It is difficult not to let conspiracy theories roll around the mind when so many of the entertainment companies and news outlets are owned by the same people and a story like this gets underreported.

  • Well, someone here’s gotta be at least sort of intrigued by the World Cup of Soccer, and I guess that someone is me.

  • Eric Olsen

    nice job – I think the new “brisk” pace is rocking! It’s astonishing that moer hasn’t been made about employees as the source of 70% of unauthorized movies on eh Internet

  • I giggled at DJ, “They had me at time-machine”

  • Sahm, the car is a Toyota Corolla. I don’t buy American cars. Did that. Once. Never again.

    Soccer = no bueno. The Heat won’t repeat and I think Saleski and I might fan the Guster flames one more time in which case you are right- I was completely wrong not to have a sample or two from the disc.

  • Nice show DJ (and everyone else!)

  • Oh yeah, and the podcast… a pirate’s life is a good one indeedy. Soccer is much more fun to play than watch. The Heat will not repeat. And no Guster sample to share with your audience?

  • That all depends on the car you bought, DJR. I’m pegging you as a Dodge Magnum type of guy.

  • I bought a Guster CD after buying a new car. That’s right. The real news is the first CD played in my new car was Guster. Sir Saleski, I blame and thank mostly you.

  • bastards!

  • Do you think someone pirated it?

  • the story’s tough to find on the internet as well.

  • I thought EO’s story about global piracy and its origins was very telling. Isn’t it interesting that it is not making the rounds in the so-called mainstream press?

  • And maybe I should mention, looking at the subhead, we are not the ones doing the internet piracy.

    Yes, Sir Mary has a title to go along with her sirness. How splashy is that?

  • Oh sure! I am proud :::kicking Mark under the table::Proud to watch TV, proud to be an American —

    Sure, all kinds of proud going on.

  • mary tells me that she is proud to be the chief tv correspondent.