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BCRadio Podcast – July 17, 2006

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In the department of "better late than never", we bring you this week's show…with a twist: the first ever BCRadio Podcast Sidekick.

This week marks the first time I have met a member of the BC Universe in person and we just had to book him for the show as both sidekick and segment contributor.  He also came up with this week's "BC Radio Truth or Dare with No Dare" question.

More important: Dawn Olsen rejoins the BCRadio Podcast and we discuss Lohan, Cruise, Suri, and size.  You have to hear it.  Joan Hunt also returns to the fold, as does Ken "Gameboy" Edwards.

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About Josh Hathaway

  • Dawn being suckerpunched by Lindsay Lohan is my favorite thing.

  • Drawing straws is my second favorite thing this week.

  • when was the first time you sent a letter to somebody via snail mail?


    how about, “when was the first time you heard suss say something stupid?”


  • Dear Jesus. I love Lindsay Lohan as an actress but can you stay out of the news for one fucking week? Just go sit on your couch and watch a DVD or something, bitch.

  • I hear you, Chris. As a Pete Doherty fan I got really fatigued with the daily drug bust stories.

  • Thanks, Saleski. These comments today have been on fire. I am glad I am not the only person who thought that was lame as shit.

  • Some fun points in this one, DJR… it’s too bad you can’t get a live guest every week. It definitely adds something that the phone loses. But yes, I know your plight. BTW, double check your tracks… You have a blank space from 27 to 31.

    My wife and I quote from several films to each other, but mostly in private. If quoting in public, we do so in code so no one around knows what the hell we’re talking about. One fav is the Fat Guy pleading to Captain Hadley in Shawshank Redemption. Classic shit.

  • I deliver the line of the year, DJ, and my fish-in-a-barrel flaws are exploited for all to mock. Keep it up, DJ, and I’ll publish my tell all book depicting the DJRadiohead Household Experience.

  • Dawn

    Suss – I get the hint that you were being sarcastic with your “always a treat” comment about me. Maybe I am just being sensitive.

    “chirp chirp chirp”

  • Why are you wasting your time picking on me when you know you won’t win there’s an army of Oprah soldiers waiting outside your house?

  • The Wife To Whom He Is Married

    Sussman – a tell all book? You want an exclusive? I know stuff that would make your glasses fog up!
    I might could get used to this blog-thing-stuff…whatever

  • Oh crap, DJR. Worlds are colliding. And this thread just got way more fun.

  • uh oh….big trouble’s comin’

    dang, these wives are problematic.

  • The Wife To Whom He Is Married

    If you think Josh is trouble…I’m infinitely more scheming…I’m so twisted it’s a wonder my own guts don’t strangle me 🙂

  • He’s in trouble all right. It’s not the “I’m moving in with mother!” kind of trouble, but rather the kind to which you alluded — plotting, scheming, wearing him down until BCRadio is nothing more than Our Fearless Host™ crying for 45 minutes to the tune of “Even the Losers.”

  • Dawn

    Ooooh, DJR is being called out by his better half. Yikes, I am out of here!!!

  • TWTWHIM is way too long… I think DJRadioWife would work much better.

  • Blah! Now they are saying that Texas Hold’Em will not be free on the Xbox Live Arcade, even after months of being told it would be. I would assume this means it will not be ad supported, but who knows.

  • S.Rod

    BC Radio all Truth No Dare:

    If you were in a fight online or in person which BC’er would you want to have your back???

  • S.Rod… I like it! That’s pretty good. We’ve already started recording this week’s segments but I am going to hold on to that one for a future podcast. Thanks for playing the home game with us!

  • S.Rod

    Sorry for the late entry…Sahm had me tied up.

  • So that’s how Sahm rolls? Should have known.

  • For the record, duct tape does not count as “tying up”.