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BCRadio Podcast – February 27, 2007: American Idol‘s Antonella Barba and Ace Frehley

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This week's show features five good minutes with Eric Olsen (which naturally turns into more like 10). EO and I discuss the (untrue) rumor that KISS guitarist Ace Frehley committed suicide (he didn't). We also take a moment to discuss our favorite Bruce Springsteen songs.

We are also joined by the Mother Superior of Glosslip, Dawn Olsen. Dawn and I spend most of our segment discussing a series of photographs of American Idol contestant Antonella Barba circling the internet.  One set of photos is legit, the other set turned out to be less.  Neither set rates as particularly classy. 

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  • DJR —

    Listening to the podcast now and am curious about the process regarding book proposals at Continuum. I’ve looked over their site and nothing is really standing out.

    Is there still a general cattle call for new submissions out there now? And if not, are they still accepting submissions in general?

    If you’d be so kind, could you either a.) answer briefly in the most general of terms here or b.) send me a more detailed response at my Gmail address?

    Much appreciated DJR!

    Good work on the podcast as usual too.


  • Glen, the proposal period has closed (I know we covered this offline, but for anyone who listens to the show and was confused by my tale).

    I can’t give a whole lot of instruction on how to do it because they might pass on me. 😉

    I might actually post my proposal in April, win or lose just so everyone can see what I did and cheer me on or cheer me up.