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BCRadio Podcast February 14, 2007 – 24, Anna Nicole Smith, & Aaron McMullan

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Download the BCRadio Podcast.

It is the Valentine's Day edition of the BCRadio podcast.  It's not supposed to be.  The show was supposed to be up on Monday.  Loyal listeners have learned to be very patient with me as we occasionally run behind… like this week.  So download this week's show.  It's better than stale chocolates. 

This week's episode is a biggie. Glosslip's Dawn Olsen recaps the sad saga of Anna Nicole Smith and Mary Williams recaps this week's double shot of 24.

We also have the return of Duke De Mondo, or Aaron McMullan as he is also known.  There are big things happening for the Duke and you will find out all about them on this week's program.

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  • DJR – you are gonna laugh hard at this one. I was having one hell of a time with the iTunes feed. I just figured it out tonight, I think it was an errant dash in one of the iTunes tags. Yea, I was pissed.

    The good news is that the feed works now, and I am fairly certain that I will be able add future shows to the feed without error. I hope.

    I learned a little more about iTunes tags tonight, for those interested, Apple (of course) has the best reference.

    For everyone else out there in radio land, the podcast feed is now working again.

  • Let’s absolutely hear it for The Duke. I’m having one of those fucking records when they come out.

  • Dawn

    The Duke is one sexy beast! We are all excited for you!!!