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BCRadio – March 27, 2006

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BC Radio: This is the full-version of the show. [1:07:50]

SEGMENTS: You can download the show one segment at a time.

Segment 1DJRadiohead: I open the show and drop my first solo segment. I talk about my new series on Blogcritics, Confessions of a Fanboy and give you an excerpt. [09:00]

Segment 2Joan Hunt: BC on the Blues. This week Joan talks about her involvement in her local blues association. [10:48]

Segment 3Sal Marinello: Sal stops by to provide more in-depth analysis of the Barry Bonds steroid scandal as well as the need for better strength/conditioning techniques in Major League Baseball. [10:38]

Segment 4Eric Berlin: The Big Picture is still on hiatus but we have EB in to talk more about The Sopranos. [10:46]

Segment 5Mary Williams: We welcome our friend Sir Mary back to talk about The Hot Topic and 24. [10:49]

Segment 6Eric Olsen: The Chief, Eric Olsen, gives his thoughts on the War in Iraq at the three-year mark. This is the full version of EO’s commentary. An abbreviated version appears in the show.[23:59]

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About Josh Hathaway

  • I had glitches and snags galore. I hope it is all together OK this week. Let me know if I manked anything up and I will fix it.

  • I shall listen to more tomorrow. I caught Sal (because otherwise he’ll beat me up), parts of EO and DJ, and look forward to Joan, EB and Mary (as always)

  • Suss, I missed having you this week even if you are banned for life. I’m looking forward to doing it again for next.

  • Yeah well tonight I may post my “renegade” segment here in the comments.

  • Temporary glitch with the individual SirMary segment. You can hear Sir Mary in the full BCRadio podcast. The individual file will be online very soon.

  • You have all left me no choice. My segment was fabulous and I will proclaim it so loudly here on this thread.

  • i believe that your mancard gets revoked for blowing your own horn.

  • Bitterness, Saleski. It’s just a pity. Beating on one’s own chest and pimpin’ one’s work is by no means unmanly.

    You just sit there in your little lavender corner and do your time. You will get reinstated in due time.

  • bitterness? i didn’t even know there was such a thing as a man card until a few weeks ago.

    by the way, it’s fuschia.


  • If you know the difference between fuschia and lavender we might have to revoke you for life, Saleski. Geez!

    This is why you have to be a weekly guest: to defend yourself.

  • actually, i don’t. in fact, i had to look up that friggin’ color just to spell it right.

    excuse me, i’ve got to go chew some tobacco….

  • All this manly talk is making me vermillion in the face

  • Hate that I couldn’t get that whole fuschia right. Yeah, that is a right pisser there.

    I am going to start introducing you on BCRadio as the lavendar Mark Saleski and the Vermillion Banned Matt Sussman. This will please me no end.

  • Hey did you see the tits on that one girl in that one magazine where girls wear bikinis? Cause I did and was aroused by it.

  • You were doing great until you used the word “aroused.” Aroused is nice evidence of a vacabulary (and vocabularies are good things) but that is not a ManCard word. =)

  • dang, this stuff’s complicated!

  • You were doing great until you used the word “aroused.” Aroused is nice evidence of a vacabulary

    So – DJ, the above typo is your way of insuring that YOUR card does not get revoked? Its such a manly thing to misspell eh? : )~

  • I type at 7-damns-per-minute which has nothing to do with gender.

  • happened to see letterman last night, the top 10 was Top Ten Ways Barry Bonds Can Improve His Image

    it wasn’t one of dave’s greatest…but after the reading Paul & the band played Elvis Costello’s “Pump It Up”, which i DID think was pretty funny.

  • That is an awesome segue or musical “jokelette” or sorts.

    I think all Barry can hope for to improve his image is hope that OJ kills someone else.