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BCRadio – June 12, 2006

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It's our fullest show yet.  Eric Olsen discusses increased fines for broadcast indecency, Joan Hunt added a great new blues compilation to her collection, Saleski cops to some guilty pleasures. Dawn Olsen is a prophet, Sussman is wrong about the NBA Finals, Sal Marinello is right on about steroids in baseball, Ken Edwards has a fancy new toy, and Sir Mary has found a new show to alleviate her Jack Bauer withdrawal. 


Ken Edwards DS Lite Review 

Want to hear some blues, courtesy of BC on the Blues' chief blues correspondent Joan Hunt?  You can download "Kassie Jones, Pt 1." If you liked that, here is Part 2.

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About Josh Hathaway

  • And would you believe someone remembered to update the iTunes feed all by himself?

  • Good work DJ!

    And you’ll be proud – I actually listened to the WHOLE THING this time.

    Thankyou for not making a ‘you made sense’ and ‘good question’ mix.

    See, you used good sense again in not doing that. : )

  • Sir Mary, I am so pleased to hear you tuned into the whole show. I let the remixing go this week. I had such a strange week last week I cannot even begin to describe it.

  • he said “nipple”…huh huh….huh, huh, huh

  • Sir Mark – which one are you? Beavis or Butthead? : )~

  • which was the shorter one? beavis? i think that’s right.

  • I got to quoting from Beavis and Butt-head last night at home. I am going to have to bust out with those DVDs- no question.

  • p.s. mary sayin’t that you’re right in no way implies that you actually ARE.

  • Hell of a lot better endorsement than Lionel Richie boy over there.

  • you never had a hot chick in any of your videos! feh!

  • Besides, Sir Mary could kick both of our asses.

  • Josh, I just remembered something, ‘that’s how I roll’

    Oh, well, at least you and I had a good chuckle out of that one.

  • Ah, yes. That was a classic moment, too.

  • Sussman’s NBA pick isn’t looking good at the moment.

  • …kinda like shaq’s freethrow shooting.

  • We have to call what Shaq does at the line something else. I’ve seen shooting. That ain’t it.

  • painful, ain’t it?!

  • That Shaq never seemed to markedly improve bothers me. All these years in the league and he never got better at the FT line- at least not significantly so.

  • Besides, Sir Mary could kick both of our asses

    Sir DJ – at the risk of saying, “you’re right” —

    You’re right!

  • true…but if i was able to think fast enough…i could utter the “magic words” mid-kick….breaking your concentration enough to commence a decent run in the opposite direction.

  • Magic words?

  • lol, you mean the ‘safe words’ ?

  • she who must not be named.

  • oh Mark – that would just fuel the fire dear. And when I say ‘dear’ I really mean ‘FF’.

  • We have to call what Shaq does at the line something else.


  • Dammit Jim, er…Josh, you forgot the link to the MP3 for “Jelly Roll”.

    You’re so up to $100 USD now. Oh, and I don’t accept Monopoly money.

  • Dammit, Beavis: you didn’t send me the link. Wait, Saleski is Beavis.

    And how come my tab keeps rising and I still have no Taj Mahal?

  • You’ll get your Taj Mahal next week. I’m making up packages for folks tomorrow.

  • And I added your links. So we’re cool. 😉