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BCRadio – April 24, 2006

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Download this week’s episode of BCRadio!

Segment 1: Mary Williams: Sir Mary and I talk some 24. [DOWNLOAD SEGMENT] Segment 2: Joan Hunt: BC on the Blues begins a series looking ahead to next month’s Blues Awards.[DOWNLOAD SEGMENT] Segment 3: Sal Marinello: Sal and I talk about the continuing saga of Barry Bonds and we turned out to be right. [DOWNLOAD SEGMENT] Segment 4: Matt Sussman: Toby Keith on a broomstick? [DOWNLOAD SEGMENT] Segment 5: Dawn Olsen: Captain EO throws me a curveball and Dawn and I discuss Hollywood’s #1 screwball: Tom Cruise.[DOWNLOAD SEGMENT]

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  • So we’re talking about 24 on the 24th? That’s a government conspiracy if I ever heard one.

  • Watch it now, Suss… Sir Mary is the DAK of BCRadio (Designated Ass Kicker)

  • A smoother listen, DJR. The segments flowed well throughout, and I also liked the On Writing reference. I swear, no one hates that book. The part about him almost dying made me queasy though.

    Anyway, it’s funny, but Dawn Olsen sounded exactly as I imagined. Although I expected her to rant more, or get more passionate about her opinions. Maybe that’s just how I’ve read into some of her comments here. Not at me of course since I’m a ghost, but when she defends EO in an argument or something. But I enjoyed that segment.

    Alas, one technical note— is it me, or are you beefing up the phone convos so much (which sound leagues better than your first episode btw) that it’s making the iChat with Suss sound low by comparison? In other words, give Suss some beef.

    So lastly, Yoshe, you’ve mastered the P2P discussion… don’t you think it’s time for a little menage a trois? Get multiple voices debating a topic. Maybe even inject a little venom if possible… capture the true essence of BC. Just my humble opinion though.

    But if you’ve come this far, perhaps you’ll dare to go a little further. Don’t settle. Good work, man.

  • No way would I mess with anyone who went to the WCC. She can wear that title proudly.

    Dawn, you mentioned Katie Holmes’ parents. Did you know they live about two blocks away from where I hail?

  • Dawn

    Wow, Mark I am not sure how I should feel about that assessment 🙂

    I thought I sounded like a butthead, but in my defense I was neither prepared nor warned.

    Sabotage I tell you, it was sabotage.

    Thanks DJR for your patience!!

    Matt – I had no idea you were so close with Hollywood A-listers. I bet the city of Toledo is both proud and embarrassed!!

    (of Katie that is.)

  • Eric Olsen

    are they related to Larry?

  • Boys & Girls, that was a hell of a lot of fun this week and somehow the show managed to get uploaded in near record time. I still haven’t figured that one out yet. Yeah, I did. EO told me to shut you all up instead of letting you drone on forever. He even told me to shut HIM up. Which I did. Completely. OK, Dawn gets the big assist there. =) She really was just handed the phone with no prep time at all. That, my friends, is impressive. She and I were awesome, to just be honest with you. The rest of you were crap. I kid. I kid. Picking on Sussman might be one of my five favorite things on the whole planet. Sir Mary still frightens me. You all should have heard this week’s outtakes with her. That’s all I’m going to say. And Joan is still hellbent on cabana boys and world domination…

    In all seriousness, I had a lot of fun this week. I am putting out the invite to the other boys and girls to encourage additional participation.

  • Sahm, I didn’t amp any of the phoners up or turn Suss down but I hear what you mean. I am going to have to light a fire under that boy and get him to put some energy in it. That and I am just going to have to turn the iChat segments up louder to keep the volume levels more consistent.

    As to the 3-way… that has everything to do with not having 3-way calling and not being able to get me and 1 guest to shut up. Actually though, a 3-way segment is something on the list of “to-dos.”

  • The three person segment may happen in “Project Jasper”

  • “…dj radiohead….rimshot!…”


  • ‘Tis true, Suss. Just remember the air pump to blow her up. Nevermind. Keep walking.

  • I really wanted good trumpet fanfare there, couldn’t find any so I went with the rimshot. Thanks, Saleski. Suss liked that one, too.

  • Excuse me, Josh! I was fantastic! You were pretty good. And Dawn ranks second only to me.

    So there.

    Where the fuck’s my cabana boy, eh?

  • “Picking on Sussman might be one of my five favorite things on the whole planet.”

    Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens
    Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens
    Picking on Suss (sorry this doesn’t rhyme)
    These are a few of my favorite things

  • DJR: Give up one pint of beer a month and you have your system. 3-Way Calling: $4 a month. Problem solved? You’d even be saving empty calories for the sake of community bonding. If not, then maybe a solution would be to have a discussion with two people on the same line… like Dawn and Eric. Or me and my evil split personality. Crap, how’d that get on there? Wait, don’t hit publish. No! 🙂

  • Regarding Comment 11, um, she just always looks surprised, what’s wrong with that?

  • blues performer of the year goes to Marcia Ball for the gulf coast sympathy vote.

  • Sahm, good thoughts. I use a calling card for all the long-distance calls I personally place (some of my guests call me). Not sure how 3-way would work with a calling card going.

    And if I had Dawn and EO on the same line at the same time, it would still only be a 2-way because I’m just hitting record and letting them go until Garage Band shuts them off (which is what happened this week when I talked to them separately).

    Now… you and your evil split… that could be fun.

  • Sussman! That was awesome, dude! You have to throw stuff like that around on our segments. Stop wasting it on these comments. ^5!

  • That took me six minutes to figure out. I’ll give you gold, DJ, but your segment’s gonna be 45 minutes long with a lot of dead air.

  • If Jay Leno can have his jokes on prearranged cue cards, then so can Suss.

  • Oh, If only I could get a sassy organ ditty and a black man laughing every time I made a joke…

  • Suss, that’s on the list after we get Joan her cabana boy and me some new recording equipment.

  • For now I’ll settle for crickets chirping.

  • …and the crickets will chirp. Let there be no doubt about it.

  • Saleski, you could well be right in your prediction. I would not be surprised at all.

  • Eric Olsen

    Josh, if we can figure out one of these conference calling services, it might be great to have a free-for-all with 5-10 participants for an ending segment

  • We could be like The View. That’d be sweet.

    …was that out loud?

  • If I don’t have a drinking problem now I will by the time BCRadio is through with me. Hells holy acre, none of us shut up to let one other person get a word in edgewise, let alone 5-10 of us.

    Still… it would be cool. I don’t know what the technical aspects of it would be like but its worth keeping in mind.

  • Besides, when The Duke returns he is our closer. The Duke is our Mariano Rivera. Make that Lee Smith. I’ll not sully the Duke’s good name with a New York Yankee.

  • if we’re going for closers, the Duke is our al hrabosky.

    …well, except for that hungarian part.

  • Actually the Duke was great for a few weeks and now he’s missing in action. he’s our Mark Wohlers.

  • How cool is it that Sal and I were ahead of the curve vis a vis Barry Bonds?

  • I think voodoo magic is to blame here.

  • Have you heard back from Toby Keith?

  • Shockingly, he doesn’t read Blogcritics. or Fark Sports. He does, however, have a rather humungous supply of beer.

  • All the more reason to put him on the ice.

  • Sir Mary hasn’t weighed in yet. Has anyone heard from her?

  • Sir Mary still frightens me

    And how is that dear Sir DJ?

    OK OK I’ll put the bag back over my head next time…sheeesh!

    i will try to be back later to listen to the actual segments. supposed to be finishing up homework with a stubborn child right now.

  • Goodness gracious – you must be frightened – Here I am finally responding, and …


  • I’m all smartassed out … saving up for the next episoid

  • we were all ascared into cowering submission.

    or something.

  • Teaser for next week:

    Phillip. Winn. Debut.

  • “Only the whole thing is done in this…”

  • ack – timing was never my thing. Oh, and btw – Dawn, Welcome! You sounded great!

  • Dawn

    Thanks Mary, I am in esteemed company.