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BCRadio – April 10, 2006

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Another big week for BCRadio!

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SEGMENT 1Eric Olsen: Eric wrote an article connecting the recently discovered alleged Gospel of Judas to a character in Harry Potter.

SEGMENT 2Ken Edwards: Ken discussed Apple’s plan to allow Mac users to run Windows as well as his review of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion for the Xbox 360 (Oblivion review in full interview below).

SEGMENT 3Matt Sussman: Suss gave an update on the curling world championships and he and I re-capped the first week of baseball season.

SEGMENT 4 – BC On the Blues: Joan Hunt gave us a preview of a CD she will be reviewing for the site and also talked about the passing of Buddy Blue.

SEGMENT 5Eric Berlin: EB and I recap episodes three and four of The Sopranos in anticipation of his latest BC missive on the hit television show.

Some supplemental readings from our “Spin Around the Site.”

These are your Editors Picks.

BC of the Month: Sadi Ranson-Polizzotti

Confessions of a Fanboy 002 – An Evening With Oasis:

Bonus Downloads:

Eric Olsen’s full interview.
Ken Edwards’ full interview.
Matt Sussman’s full interview.
Eric Berlin’s full interview.

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  • Great stuff as always, DJR. Our segment amped me up to the point of motivatation needed to write a review of last night’s episode… now I’m tired, losing sleep on Sunday night looks to be the status quo from here on out !

  • Thanks, EB. I enjoyed the hell out of our segment, too. Now that BCRadio is alive again for one more week I am going to get over to read your review.

  • joan/James Blood Ulmer …be careful there joan, dip too far back into the Ulmer catalog and you will discover some veeeeeery different music.

  • Wow! James Blood Ulmer!! I worked with him for a while when he did his “Are You Glad To Be In America?”, album back in the day, which was some of the fiercest music I’d ever heard at the time.

    I’ve also got a cassette recording somewhere of him playing the flute to an audience of one! This was in my office, not an official gig by the way. If memory serves the tape is labelled “Blood On The Flute”.

  • I can’t wait to read Joan’s full review of that CD. ::Hint Hint::

  • that’s right christopher…what’d be interesting would be a review that compared/contrasted “Are You Glad To Be In America?” (a brutal twist on jazz & funk) with Ulmer’s latest.

  • Well- by the Blue Balls of…

    I didn’t expect my name to be tossed around like a … ball.

    But thanks Suss – for the little shout out : )

  • I guess we shouldn’t have even brought up Boot Camp and the PS3 price, but at the time that was fresh in our minds. So the gaming segment turned into a technology segment, minor details.

    That was fun. And I am glad the first one is over! Now on to the next one. Thanks DJR.

    Oh and here is article on Macworld about Boot Camp that I was talking about.

  • i’m a little mystified by this whole windows on a mac thing. i mean, if they just ported vmware to the mac, wouldn’t it be close to the same thing?

  • VMWare is already running on the Mac. And they have XP running on the Mac via VMWare. But it is not as fast.

    The next step is virtualization of Windows XP (or Vista, whenever that ships) inside of Mac OS X. Running Windows alongside it instead of having to reboot would also be nice.

    The question will be if we see a first party application for that. Parallels is working on a piece of software right now. But I would rather see something from Apple to be honest.

  • Balls are for tossing, fucks are for flinging, Marys are for… I am so totally not filling in that blank.

  • Marys are for…

    Buying drinks for?

  • Yes, that’s exactly what I was thinking. Have a drink on me.

  • Cool. A little AC/DC too!

  • Mary, you did the right thing by going to the WCC and writing it up.

  • Suss- Thanks.

    Is this when we both turn and stick out our tongues at Sir DJ?

    : )~

  • It certainly warrants some kind of mockage at this time, because we all know when the tape is rolling there’s no chance to penetrate his aura.

  • Sir Mary has been seduced by The Dark Side. Bring it on, you two.

  • She went on her own accord. And I know you may think that’s some kind of Sithian logic that makes it all right, and you’d be accurate with that description. Nonetheless, it was her decision to go to Lowell and watch world class curling.

  • Sometimes you just have to let it go no matter how hard you try to keep someone from running over the ledge.

  • Nonetheless, it was her decision to go to Lowell and watch world class curling

    That is true Matt –

    However – you do remember batting your eyes at me and asking so sweetly to pretty pretty please write something up.

    HA – playing both sides against the middle – what fun!
    ::going off and hummming ‘How Lovely to be a Woman’ to myself:::

  • Shhhhhhhhhh

    (For the record, there was never any eye batting done on this side. The ManCard™ remains valid for now.)

  • OK, how about you threatened to kill my family if I didn’t write up the Curling thing!?

    That manly enough for you? : )

  • Now it sounds like an episode of 24 which I support much more than curling. Does the “K” stand for “Run, Kim, Run?”

  • Dear sweet misguided Sir DJ

    Me? Run?

    The K. stands for Kickass. Don’t you know that by now?

  • Sir Kickass is nowhere near as funny as Sir Mary.

  • Well, actually that is true.