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BC Sports Treehouse Fort Headlines For November 23

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The following is a partial transcript of the November 23, 2008 episode of the BC Sports Treehouse Fort.

New York Knicks coach Mike D’Antoni forced Stephon Marbury to dress as a New York Knick to meet minimum roster requirements due to injuries and trades at MSG. However, the previously-scorned Starbury refused to play after receiving an offer of starter’s minutes for the night. New Knick Tim Thomas immediately requested the same deal. No change in his box score line is expected either way.

Tyler Hansbrough, North Carolina basketball star, returned to action just in time to defeat vaunted UC-Santa Barbara. David Eckstein returned the presidency of the Gritty Gutty Winners Society and took his position as treasurer. Little known fact: the GGWS’ books always balance at 110%.

At the game, former tennis great Jimmy Connors was arrested outside the UCSB Thunderdome arena. Officials could not comment on the event, though there may be jurisdictional concerns at the root of the matter. Connors could allegedly be heard screaming at campus police as he was taken away, “But I was beyond Thunderdome!”

Shaquille O’Neal has started using the social chatterer network, Twitter, this week, much to the 140-character glee of young people and online marketers. The trend has started to grow across the league, though Trail Blazers center Greg Oden still thinks people are mocking his restless leg syndrome.

Ken Rosenthal of Fox reports the Rafael Furcal sweepstakes has really heated up. Note to lottery fans everywhere: if you’ve entered the Rafael Furcal sweepstakes, you probably have a gambling problem.

P.J. Carlesimo was let go by the new Oklahoma City Thunder owners after a 1-12 start to the 2008-2009 campaign. When reached for comment, Latrell Sprewell asked, “How much are you paying to talk to me, again?”

Charlie Doherty’s “What Were They Thinking?”

Donovan McNabb, for not knowing NFL tie rules
Lew Wolff, A’s owner, for suggesting the MLB playoffs be shortened by having a 1-game first round
Phil Savage, Browns GM, for writing profane e-mail response to fan after Browns win over Bills
Jamelle Horne, U. of Arizona basketball player, for inexplicably intentionally fouling UAB player with 1 second left in tie game
Evan Grant, a Texas sportswriter who inexplicably left AL MVP Dustin Perdroia completely off his ballot (link goes to an audio interview)
Katy, Texas HS cheerleaders for hazing the JV cheerleaders by binding their hands and throwing them in a swimming pool

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