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BC Sports Treehouse Fort Headlines For July 18

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The following is a partial transcript of the July 18, 2008 episode of the BC Sports Treehouse Fort.

Tuffy: The greats of the sports world gathered on a grand stage this week to honor the best and most beloved of their field in an overlong spectacle that disappointed in parts, was wrought with errors, and finally ended in the wee small hours of the morning. No, not the ESPYs; the All-Star Game was Tuesday.

Suss: Yes, the longest All-Star Game in MLB history ended in 15 innings, with the AL winning 4-3. Were the game to last any longer, a series of penalty shots would have been taken between both teams to see who could get the most ground balls between Dan Uggla’s legs.

Tuffy: Five thousand gallons of molasses spilled on a Texas highway this week, shutting down the road until cleanup could be completed. Local authorities insist this spill has nothing to do with Brett Favre’s slowness in making a decision.

Suss: Through two rounds in the British Open, Greg Norman is in 2nd, shooting back to back par 70s. Among the names at the top of the leaderboard also include Jim Furyk, Sergio Garcia, David Duval, Ian Poulter, and Jean Van De Velde. Experts predict the high gusts merely blew the standings upside down.

Tuffy: U.S. gymnast Shayla Worley has broken her fibula, making her the second U.S. female Olympian to break her leg this week. Soccer star Abby Wambach broke hers in an exhibition against Brasil earlier in the week. USOC officials, fearful of a third victim, have assigned the U.S. weightlifting team to carry female Olympians at all times until their events are complete.

Suss: Hideo Nomo, one of the first Japanese pitchers to emigrate to the major leagues retired from baseball on Thursday. The announcement shocked baseball fans everywhere, because they thought for sure Hideo Nomo retired five years ago.

Tuffy: The Yankees have a tentative deal with former Mariner Richie Sexson following his release from Seattle. The deal will be finalized once he is finally able to make contact with the signature line of the contract.

Suss: And finally, Miami Dolphins quarterback Josh McCown injured his finger on a chain saw. Doctors are ruling the injury as a “lacerated attempt at getting out of playing for the Dolphins.”

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