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BC Sports Treehouse Fort Headlines For July 8

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The following is a partial transcript of the July 8 episode of the BC Sports Treehouse Fort.

Suss: In a tennis match for the ages, Spaniard Rafael Nadal broke Roger Federer’s streak of 5 straight Wimbledon singles championship with a 5-set tiebreak win over his Swiss counterpart, in a match that lasted well into Sunday evening. In fact, the country of Spain stayed up so late Sunday night watching Nadal win, that Monday afternoon after lunch they had to take a nap.

Tuffy: SI’s Peter King says that Brett Favre has sent a text message to Green Bay Packers GM Ted Thompson and sent his agent to attempt further contact with Thompson. Thompson has reportedly rejected all advances from Favre to this point. It is believed both facts are true since King stated them in a jealous voice, as if he wished Favre would try to contact him that hard.

Suss: The Cleveland Indians traded pitcher CC Sabathia to the Milwaukee Brewers in exchange for four minor league players, including top prospect Matt LaPorta. Many consider this a good trade for both teams, especially since each team is receiving equal units of mass.

Tuffy: Alex Rodriguez’s wife has filed for divorce; she has allegedly sought comfort from singer Lenny Kravitz while he has looked for moral guidance from Madonna. We here at the Treehouse Fort were willing to acknowledge this was possibly true until the New York Daily News suggested the family’s children were staying with Soleil Moon Frye until things blew over.

Suss: Joey Chestnut defended his 4th of July Hot Dog Eating Contest title over Takeru Kobayashi. They both ate 59 hot dogs in regulation time, then Chestnut won the tiebreaker by being the first to finish 5 more hot dogs. The contest was compared to other exciting championship games this calendar year, such as the NCAA mens basketball championship, Super Bowl XLII, the Wimbledon final, and the Champions League final, assuming that all the aforementioned title games ended in angioplasty.

Tuffy: Seven Red Sox and seven Cubs players were named to the 2008 All-Star Game in Yankee Stadium. Hank Steinbrenner has refused to let any Red Sox players into the Yankee Stadium clubhouses until the Red Sox take back the injured Johnny Damon.

Suss: After losing in the Marian Hossa sweepstakes, Edmonton Oilers general manager Kevin Lowe said to a reporter that Hossa’s decision to sign with the Red Wings was a business decision only, speculating that, “Who wants to live in Detroit?” Lowe had to briefly interrupt his interview because he realized he forgot to plug in his car.

Tuffy: Bulls guard Derrick Rose and Heat forward Michael Beasley met on the court for the first time as professionals in Summer League action. Beasley outscored Rose, but Rose posted 14 grits to Beasley’s three.

Suss: And finally, a study published in the British Medical Journal reports that there is an increase of sexual activity among 70-year-olds, than in previous years. They do note, however, that sex between septuagenarians should regress back do the mean as soon as Greg Oden returns from injury.

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