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BC Sports: Now Under New Management

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Hey, it's been a sensational five years. Apart from that one time I flaked out, I never really flaked out here. But a lot of reasons — mostly the thrill of setting sail for uncharted Internet waters — has led me to abandon the one faux-throne on the Internet from where I've perched the longest: sports editor of BC Magazine.

Gather round, everyone. [opens large novelty storybook]

Blogcritics Sports began in 2005 as a means of corralling our pennings about strange athletic events into one discrete location, because other editors were rather sick of dealing with them. And since then, it's been nothing but a cavalcade of fresh thought by dozens of funky contributors. A lot of sports blogs and TV stations recycle the same talent, but at BC we really do have our own unique brand of quality writers.

But here has been the best part of being with this website: the opportunity to grow as a writer and be seen by others. It's a well-connected website, but by no means the biggest name out there. With that in mind, it affords people the opportunity to try new styles of writing, see what works, and reap rewards for it.

And that's basically what I and others have done here. I've tried everything. I've compiled over 1,000 BC articles, Technorati posts, and tag articles. I've written semi-private essays specifically for writers on how to improve themselves. There was also that time they let me run this website. That was pretty neat.

Some of those things worked. Others didn't. But ultimately it strengthened me as a writer and hopefully helped others find their way.

But it's not just about what I did (as cool, thick, and inexplicable as that resume is). So many other bloggers brought forth gold throughout the years while I adjusted a comma or two for them.

Sal Marinello was around before me (in fact, in 2005 he was "the other sports writer"), and his ongoing investigative work on performance-enhancing drugs reached a national audience, leading to mentions on ESPN and radio interviews and so many other good things. On the lighter side, book author David Mazzotta was our Bill Simmons. "NFL Picks of a Thoughtful Fool" was a weekly 3,000-word juggernaut which I always anticipated editing, mostly so I could read it first.

Dennis Tarwood's winding travails through the blogosphere also commenced at BC, so now you know who to blame. Masquerading under the assumed name Tuffy, his first article was a shot across the bow of predictability. Fast forward to 2010, and he's writing for SLAM Online, interviewing Steve Nash before the game while jotting down notes on his iPad, both of which are equal in size. And he never fully left; he became indentured into co-hosting the Treehouse Fort podcast for the last three years with me.

(And if you miss the Treehouse Fort, don't worry — I still plan on doing that as an independent project. Probably away from the ornery, volume-challenged BlogTalkRadio which served its purpose as a beginner's radio studio.)

Matt DeTura. Outstanding MMA writer who went out of his way to educated the ignorant. Earl Lundquist. Sublime soccer writer who added the perfect amount of personal narrative. Alex Kramers. Unabashed and diligent Sacramento Kings fan whose zealousness gained him the chance to write for NBA.com and nab some insider access. Anthony Tobis. If you ignore his unholy alliance with the Yankees and Notre Dame football, he's been masterfully presenting the current rosters and their endeavors against their predecessors. Jay Skipworth. Wonderfully comprehensive SEC football writer. Spurts by Casey Michel, Dexter Fishmore, Ethan Booker, James Dickson, and Aaron Whitehead were brief yet magical.

I'm not omitting anyone on purpose; we've just had so many good men and women come through. Hell, once we even had a blind NBA writer. Contrary to popular opinion, he's not studying to become a referee.

But now it's time for me to venture outward. There are millions of people out there who I've failed to piss off, and it's my never-ending quest to reach out to them all. But at the same time … it's a tearful farewell of sorts, especially for all the editors and current writers that remain and tirelessly make this place better every day. 

But the swanky news involves not me, but the replacements: three men, to be exact, all of whom are veteran BC writers. Chris Bancells is the new head honcho. At either arm is Victor Lana and Charlie Doherty. They are poised to lead BC Sports into a new era of prosperity, prophesy, and proper grammar. Plus, together they have more hands and brain capacity than me. Probably a better aggregate work ethic, too. They're gonna do great, and you're lucky to have them.

So that's it for me. Oh, I'll drop back from time to time when no one else wants 500 words that I burped out and I'm too lazy to start another WordPress blog. That's the other cool part about Blogcritics: you never really leave forever. You can't. Because once you sign up, they sort of have power of attorney over the deed to your house.

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  • Jesus

    Your comments following the death of David Foster Wallace have forever marked you as a flawed human and a clueless rectum. If you’re now unemployed, you richly deserve it.

  • We’re really gonna miss you… until you come back. Not as Sports editor, okay, yeah, I get that. But you’ll be back somehow.

    You’re one of BC’s brightest stars, dude!

  • It says a lot about you that you’re being replaced by three people, Sussman. As always, you have the best wishes of the entire editorial staff with you as you move on to other things.

    And a hearty welcome aboard to Chris, Charlie, and Vic!

  • It’s been a privilege, Matt.

    So bon voyage, which never means goodbye. I wish you all the best.

  • RJ

    Best of luck, Suss!