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BC Radio – March 13, 2006

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BC RADIO MARCH 13, 2006: BC RADIO MARCH 13, 2006 (1:33:02)



Mary Williams and I cover the Oscars from last Sunday and discuss an article she wrote concerning the flap over a spread done for Redbook magazine.

Eric Berlin brings the big picture as we discuss his article about Web 2.0.

Joan Hunt joins me again for BC on the Blues as we learn about her love of the music of Joe Bonamassa.

Sal Marinello examines the continuing saga of Barry Bonds and steroids, a subject he has written about twice (HERE and HERE). Matt Sussman and I give our National League predictions for the upcoming baseball season. Suss even manages to squeeze in more curling.

Foreign Affairs correspondents Duke De Mondo and Aaron Foley bring us reports from Canada and Northern Ireland, respectively. Foley tells about Canada’s changing role in the war in Afghanistan and the discussion Canadians are having. The Duke gives us a St. Patrick’s Day preview.

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  • I think the feeds and segments are ready. There is a delay between uploading them here and them showing up on iTunes but we should be locked and loaded.

    Thanks to everyone who played along.

  • How the hell did I miss the term “metric buttload?” And why the hell am I laughing at our segment? I heard it the first time I was there.

  • started listening, but there’s a thunderstorm, so I need to get offf.

    thanks for all your hard work Josh!

  • Now I remember that i hate hearing my own voice. good Job!

  • I had a great time and can’t wait for next week!

  • Metric buttload is a highly scientific figure and was used in lieu of the less scientific “shitload.” Either way, it’s a lot.

    Suss, I had fun with that segment as well.

  • Apparently there is a small issue with the full-show MP3 at the moment. If you download the show through iTunes, you get the full shabang. If you download the full show from this page’s link, you get a clipped version… a few minutes from the front shaved off. I am working to resolve this (which means I asked Phillip about it).

  • I believe the technical snafu has been corrected. Download away!

  • another glorious instalment, DJ, sounds even better than it did last time around. beautiful beautiful work. everyone was fantastic, i was just pained at the absence of The Great E.O! get him back for #3, none a this slackin off!

    but yes, really really enjoyed this. and you are a tremendously good host. i knew that anyroad, an surely you knew also, but best to say it again.

  • Duke Said: but best to say it again.

    And again. You ARE a tremendously good host DJ

  • You would all say that, unbanished ones.

  • You would all say that, unbanished ones.

    Are you saying YOU were banished Matt? What are you, Jar-Jar Binks? : )~

  • No, Suss is more Newman than Jar-Jar.

    Thanks, Duke. Thanks, Sir Mary.

    I am beginning to put together the pieces for this week’s show {HINT!} =)

  • It will be my season long quest to avert eternal bannination. So watch your back, because I’m not going away. Although throwing a tennis ball over there may distract me just long enough for you to escape.

  • Suss, you make yourself such an easy target.

    Prepare to be vanquished by my SHEET of INTEGRITY!

  • Good stuff guys. My first time hearing Mary, and what a nice, sane, down to earth voice you have…I was expecting some demented shriek, haha!

    Oh, and nice touch with the Dream Theater at the start!

  • My first time hearing Mary, and what a nice, sane, down to earth voice you have…I was expecting some demented shriek, haha!

    Well Sir Fleming – don’t know to thank you, or smack you.

    Truthfully, tho – sometimes I feel a bit demented. Especially when shrieking.

    But that dosn’t make good radio – and even worse TV.

  • Sir Fleming, I did actually think mostly of you when I threw “6:00” in there. I forgot to use it this week. I am going to have to remember it in the future. Portnoy is just unbelievable.