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BC Podcast – The Mondo Irlando Radio Thing Episode 2!

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Disclaimer – The Mondo Irlando Podcast contains more swearwords than one may find socially acceptable. A multitude of F’s, plenty of Shit’s, and even one or two C’s get flung around the airwaves like nobody’s business. If in doubt, do not listen, is what.

Mondoirlando.com and Blogcritics.org thrust Episode Two of The Mondo Irlando Podcast Radio Thing into your digital face.

In this instalment, you’ll get music from the likes of N.W.A and Nina Gordon from Veruca Salt, plus The Duke examines the influence of Satan in popular culture, and talks to Charles Manson. Oh, and you’ll hear Manson doing Look At Your Game Girl, also. It’s the one Guns N’ Roses did.

Remember, Podcast is just a fancy name, really, and all you need to do is left-click for to listen online, or right-click to save the MP3 someplace nice. You don’t need an iPod or MP3 Playing Peripheral of any nature, although probably they would make bus-journeys all the more exciting, much like having a penis growing out the side of your head might do.

The Mondo Irlando Podcast Radio Thing Episode 2.mp3

Thanks folks.

The Duke resides at Mondo Irlando

Missed the first one? Then you’ll want to Click Here, I’d wager.

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About The Duke

  • i’m offended to the back of my balls!!!!


  • heh, i do hope it wasn’t too painful, mark.

    and upon further listening, i note that i missed how Nina Gordon refers to Manson in the NWA cover. Rather eerie, if maybe one used their imagination. Which i heartily endorse…

  • incidentally, Mark, what did you make of the tunes?

  • n.w.a’s, yours, or mansons?

    actually enjoyed all three a fair amount, even the bit you did that you seemed to think had a high suck factor.

  • i was referring to the “proper” songs, heh, therefore not counting my own. But thank you anyhow.

    I think the beauty of the manson stuff just adds to the overall tragedy of it all.

  • yea, it’s kinda creepy….like you don’t even feel right listening to it, much less enjoying it.

  • definately. And that right there is probably one of the least creepy. stuff like Cease To Exist just seems… off, in some way.

  • er .. I may have posted about this

    Don’t do coy very well, do I?