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BC Podcast – Radio Mondo Episode One!!!

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DisclaimerThe Mondo Irlando Podcast contains more swearwords than one may find socially acceptable. A multitude of F’s, plenty of Shit’s, and even one or two C’s get flung around the airwaves like nobody’s business. If in doubt, do not listen, is what.

Hey folks.

So what this is, is the very first Mondo Irlando Podcast. What a podcast is, in case you didn’t know, is a fancy term for amateur radio program. You don’t need an iPod to hear it. All you need to do is left-click, or maybe right-click for to save the mp3 for later.

In this first instalment, what you’ll hear is some music from the likes of Ice-T, Lucinda Williams, Selfish Cunt, Billy Bragg, and even a bit of Derek And Clive. The language is never anything less than shocking, is what. Limited vocab, motherfucker.

Also, you’ll hear The Duke’s thoughts on break-up albums, and an in-depth critique of the 1999 Kirsten Dunst picture Dick.

The Mondo Irlando Radio Thing.mp3

Be sure and leave a comment, and so on.

Thanks folks.

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  • glad you liked it chris. incidentally, what did you folks think of the music? anyone gonna be rushing to amazon via yonder link and pickin up the Selfish Cunt for example?

  • Chris

    Damn that was entertaining! The Lars comments had me laughing my ass off. Good for you sir. I was grumpy until then.

  • also, i feel i should add that the “c” word has very, very different connotations here in the United UK, and is in no way the kind of very misogynist insult that it maybe is over in the US and such. So please don’t think the Duke was being all misogynist when said term is used on occasion.

  • hey folks. Angela, i apologise for the accent. At least feel comforted in the knowledge that folks who’ve lived with me for years don’t understand me either 🙂

    Drew, whilst i feel somewhat guilty for your flogging, i can’t help but feel that said flogging is a compliment of sorts. Thank you, various floggers. And drew, also, the flogee.

  • Nah, I got used to Duke’s accent after around 3 minutes, and not only do I understand every word he says, but I can watch Intermission without having to use subtitles. Thank you, Duke!

    The Michelle Williams letter “Hey Eminem, sing to me that song…” caught me off guard and made me chuckle out loud at work, causing me to get publicly flogged a la Jim Caviezel. But it was worth it.

  • Couldn’t make out the English that was there very well, but certainly a preponderance of those curse words! 😉