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BC Podcast – Mondo Radio Episode Eight!!

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DisclaimerThe Mondo Irlando Podcast contains more swearwords than one may find socially acceptable. A multitude of F’s, plenty of Shit’s, and even one or two C’s get flung around the airwaves like nobody’s business. If in doubt, do not listen, is what.

So here it is, after a fortnight spent trawling the filthy waters of the yakuza underworld in pursuit of the motherfucker what slighted my family, I got a break in the mania for to sit down and fling The Mondo Podcast Episode Eight onto the old cyberspace get-up.

You don’t need an iPod or nothin’ like that for to listen, although certainly you can utilize such a peripheral should you be in a position to do so. Failing that, just listen through Winamp or something.

Just left-click to listen online, or right-click to save someplace nice.

The Mondo Podcast Episode Eight.mp3

If you don’t wanna know what’s gonna be hitting the airwaves, don’t scroll down, since it’s only a playlist right the hell there. Suggestions, comments and so on can be left below the post or, alternatively, just Fling A Sodding Email.


White Zombie – Thunder Kiss ’65

What better way for to announce the arrival of The Mondo Irlando Podcast Episode Eight than this demented gem from Rob and co. “1965!”, hollers Rob. Holler along, and think about why a song about how things used to be so much better and cooler is opening the latest instalment of The Duke’s radio banter. Should’ve ended after the time travel, man.

Willy Mason – Still A Fly

Second showing for Mason in as many Podcasts. After this he’ll be relegated to the “Played Too Much” pile alongside Billy Bragg, The Libertines, Bright Eyes and The Manic Street Preachers. So make the most of it, is my advice. This is from his current record, Where The Humans Eat. It’s astounding.

The White Stripes – You’re Pretty Good Looking For A Girl

Prepare yourself for the imminent release of Get Behind Me, Satan with this burst of glory from second record, De Stijl. Brilliant is what it is, and we can only hope the new adventure is a third as invigorating.

Weezer – No Other One

And another offering from the second record of a band about to release a newie. This is a fairly typical slab from the masterful Pinkerton, a tale of being stuck with someone you don’t especially like, but fuck it, who else is gonna take you?

Aaron McMullan – I Do Believe You Are The Devil

Cause if I don’t plug it, who the hell will? It’s from 120 Removed, which you can get Right Here

The Magnetic Fields – Epitaph For My Heart

69 Love Songs is quite simply one of the very best records ever fucking made. And infuriating. A triple album shouldn’t be this memorable, this infectious, this consistently brilliant. And yet it is. Every heart-wrenching second.

Thanks folks.

Missed past episodes? Grab Them Here.

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About The Duke

  • Right on, Duke! This is going straight into my Monday morning and off to work playlist.

    Great musical line-up in store, too. You’ve got Zombie’s best rocker (arguably) and an unbelievably fantastic White Stripes number. Incredible diversity from that little brother-sister tandem. Another slower, almost retro-pop number I love from that album is “Apple Blossom.” … or is that from White Elephant? Can’t quite remember.

  • apple blossom is indeed from De Stijl.

    An i know truly this instlament is poor. But i can only put it down to bein outta the game for a fortnight and burnt-out on account of extra-curricular activities.

    But the playlist rocks!

  • Some time tonight I’m listening to Dumpster Bust 5 and Mondo 8.

    Of course, I’ve said the exact same sentence over and over again for years.

    Er, that’s a little fucking spooky. I’m on iTunes shuffle see and this song comes on. It plays for a few bars before it enters my consciousness and I say out loud to girlfriend “What the fuck is this?” Quiet like, not shouting.

    It’s “I Do Believe You Are The Devil” by one Aaron Duke. In other words – as I was attempting to test, I didn’t recognize it as “nonprofessional music.” I just put the 120 Removed songs in there last week. You can tell how much I haven’t listened to music this week that it just came up.

    Now it’s “Enter the wutang (36 chambers)”

  • haha i always dreamed i would open for Wu Tang.

    an how cool that you didn’t recognise it as “non professional”

    that makes a fella feel rather wonderful.

    and honest to god, i apologise for the fairly rusty nature of this un. but hey, its just a podcast, right? next week there’ll be a new one and no-one will ever remember #8

  • Chris G


    Excellent show. I actually liked it more than #7. But what do I know. GG Allin is foreign to my ears. Perhaps you could play a sampling of his work some time? If you already have, my ignorant apologies. Glad to hear you back on the airwaves, or whatever you call these Podcast things. That tune from 69 Love Songs was amazing.

  • chris, thank you man!

    regarding GG, he was a demented motherfucker who made fairly awful punk, but who was one of the most fascainting performers i’ve ever witnessed (albeit via the medium of film). shitting and throwing it at the audience was one of his many, many stage tricks. Thats if he was on the stage. As often as not he’d run among them covered in dung and throwing chairs at them.

    but you’ve highlighted somethin – these things don’t work nearly so well if the lsitener is unfamiliar with the folks being ressurected for to dance about the place.

    That you liked this one means a lot, man, cause i honestly had to think long and hard before i put this up. i uploaded the show sometime yesterday, but it took a loottttaaa listens before i decided to go for it.

    i think the playlist probably saves it. thats some great music.

    and if you like that magnetic fields number, if you havent already, then i reccomend 69 Love Songs with not a seconds hesitation. Every damn track pretty much is up to that standard, if not better. A truly 100% no bullshit solid gold masterpiece.

  • chris, furthermore – it may be because it’s ten to five in the A.M, but you instigated a re-listenin, and i must confess – i am now rather fond of mondo podcast 8. the long winded banter which i thought to be diabolically shitty is actually, dare i say it, rather amusing, to me, if no one else.

    hmmm. who’d a thunk it?

  • Dude — hit the sack, my man. I thought I was bad going to bed between 2 and 3 every night.

    That said, I have to wake up tomorrow at 6 … and I’m quite fearful I’ll be up until 2 or 3 working on my own Dumpster Bust Radio #6.

    Ah, to suffer for one’s art… good thing I filled up on some awesome Thai food this eve…. so I’m not really suffering then, I suppose, am I?

  • Mmmmmmm. Thai food.

  • Just listened on my return trip from work and it was brilliant as always, Duke — really enjoyed it. Silent letters, woeful confessions to inter-denominational priests, adventures with “pot noodles” (I believe… in the States we call them Ramen… strangely enough my friends of many many years back used to make fun of Ramen [rah-men] and say rammin’ [raim-in]… as in Rammin’ in a Cup… goes to your bit in the show… kind of ironic I suppose) and so forth.

    And the assertion is made that I am, indeed, a demented bastard.

    This can not be more the case, I’m afraid to say.

  • heh, glad you liked it Eric. i’ve come round to it a tad by now. i think the lack of a big set-piece type thing made me think it was horribly shitty, but maybe it’s not that different to the rest. who knows?

    either way, thank you good sir.

  • now here’s something interesting! i talked about emo in that podcast, and yet its not mentioned once in this post. and yet an advert for Dashboard Confessional’s official website crops up up top there via the google ads.

    maybe it just makes the link with Weezer. who knows?

    Whatever the case, certainly i’m dissapointed that the Bright Eyes TV ad turns out to be about eye-drops, as opposed to floppy-fringed fellas hollering about their baby done upped and off.

    I’ve come to the conclusion i’d do Bright Eyes if he were a lady.

  • I’d forgotten what a great riff was — White Zombie’s Thunderkiss ’65.

    Pot O noodles bit. Funny. When yo get to 10 we need a Best of Duke. Same with Dumpster B. Another classic podcast to burn (up) for the sake of your children – except it’s out there now.

    That powder at the bottom – always gritty in the teeth.

    Pot O Noodles = Cup O Soup to the unBrits out there. I figured you more for boffing an Oxo cube 😉

    Actually, don’t worry I haven’t spent any time figuring – (that would be a lame joke of mine.)

    I used to eat the Pot O Noodles – all the time while watching Neighbors after school. Never thought I would again – even less likely to now.

    Of course, I do eat apple pie so you never know.

  • thank you Temple. i think there was too much yackin this time, and the songs were shorter for some reason, so it ammounts to too much duke.

    but yeah, those noodles, man. heh.

    we don’t speak now. it had other things goin on.

    and Thunderkiss is indeed a HELL of a riff. sometimes a fella just needs somethin demented.

  • Duke – one thing I’ve been meaning to mention is that personally I dig your show the most when you combine the comedic element with something you care about or something going on in your life. That’s not meant as a critique but more of a personal preference, I suppose.

    Gotta roll out now…

  • What I was trying to get to earlier was that I dig the show most when you tie in comedy (or not) with real stuff in your life: tribute to Johnny Cash or obsession with Kirsten Dunst vs. jerking off a politician.

    Or was that real (hahhaaha…)?

    Maybe I’m biased at the moment as I’m trying to work the personal a bit into my own certainly less hilarity-based show.

    Just one bloke’s opinion at any rate.