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BC Podcast – Mondo Radio Episode 12 – “WAAAARRRR!”

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DisclaimerThis edition of The Mondo Podcast has been rated NC-17 for excessive bad language and a couple instances of “conversations of a strong sexual nature”. To put it in perspective, the Mondo Podcast, with one exception, has been routinely R-Rated. One louder, is the point to be made. Plenty F’s, C’s, Shit’s etc, and talk of “adult situations”.

Mondo Irlando and Blogcritics.org take a Dyson to the gutter and suck The Mondo Podcast Epsiode 12 out the most wretched corners of the digital hereafter.


War has been declared!

The Duke and pals hide out in a trench for to swear like there’s no tomorrow, on account of maybe there won’t be…

To listen, just right-click the link and save someplace nice, or left-click to listen online.

Following said link, there’s nothing less than a playlist.

The Mondo Podcast Episode Twelve.mp3

Tunes What Get Whistled Herein

The Distillers – The Young Crazed Peeling

“Are you ready to be liberated?????” ask Brody and co. A brilliant romp from off of Sing Sing Death House, still the best Distillers record, in so far as The Duke would announce.

Dashboard Confessional – This Ruined Puzzle

A guest selection, is what this amounts to, but thankfully it’s beautiful as all hell, even if a fella has to swallow all sortsa “My baby done me bad” type shenanigans.

Todd Snider – Iron Mike’s Main Man’s Last Request

East Nashville Skyline was one of my favorite records of 2004, so why the hell wouldn’t you be beside yourself with the thought of how wonderful this number’s gonna be? It’s all about Mike Tyson and such, and as witty and touching as anything Snider wraps his nicotine-ravaged yap around.

Johnny Cash And Joe Strummer – Redemption Song

A fucking incredible duet, you’ll need no convincing. This is taken from the unspeakably gorgeous, if truly horrifically named, Unearthed box set, being four CD’s of outtakes from the American Recordings sessions, plus a fifth best-of from said records.

Nirvana – Sappy

Another box-set offering, this being a glorious number which has surfaced on sundry bootlegs over the years under a dizzying array of names. Verse Chorus Verse, Laundry Room, Sappy, who knows what the hell it is? Other than fantastic.

Loretta Lynn – High On A Mountain Top

From another of my favorite 2004 offerings, this deliriously uplifting affair from Loretta’s collaborative record with Jack White. What better tune for to send you off smiling?

Well, that’s your lot folks.

You can grab the Blogcritics RSS feed HERE, and thereby get the Mondo Podcast soon as it surfaces, plus any number of other wonderful shows.

If you got a comment or anything, fling an email to The Duke, or leave a comment underneath the post!

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Thanks folks

The Duke resides at Mondo Irlando

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  • Great episode, Duke!

    I am waiting for a return of the word ‘fuckglands.’ I thought for sure you would drop that one during the buggery portions of the show…

    My is annoyed with me for singing “Ice, Ice Motherf*cking Tea” and saying ‘fuckglands’ every day. You have warped my fragile mind.

  • glad you dug it DJ! an man, how amusing is it to see mention of “the buggery portions of the show”!! hahaha

    an i share your ice-t related misery. a man can’t help himself. those rhymes, man, who can’t want to holler them out loud at every oppurtunity??

  • and i must ask, also, did you have any trouble with the accent this time around? it’s a bit more hectic than usual, i think.

  • No, I did not have any trouble with the accent. I had trouble laughing quietly enough to still hear the cast and not disrupt my co-workers.

  • But I have to say I was alarmed about something else: if the Fahey clans cannot find peace, is there any hope for the rest of us?

  • DJ, i only hope the Fahey clans find peace. and where the peace lies, is in accepting that no, it’s not Fay-Hey.

    and i think i mentioned someplace else or something that the scotsman’s poem is possibly my favourite mondo podcast moment. in that it’s the one i can imagine listening to without punching myself. mine ego will now go scuttling back to the caverns, in anticipation of Mondo 13, which, you’ll be aware, is set to be momentous.

  • What do I need to do to my fing machine to be able to listen to podcasts. They just won’t stream anything more complicated then words. As soon as the music started I felt like Scottie on Star Trek.. It’s breaking up Capt.

    You have an accent?


  • You’re better off downloading the whole file first, then playing it from your own machine. If the audio skips with streaming playback, your connection may not be fast enough to support high-quality streaming media.

    Once the whole file is present on your local drive you should be able to play it back without any problems, unless your machine was built before the 1990s.

  • gypsyman, i can only assume Victor’s advice is the best advice available. if you download it, you’ll have no problems. And yeah, an accent, as they say, on account of the northern ireland residence.

  • Thank you. victor and duke.

  • Duke, just how long is your podcast. I went to download from your link and was given a file of 59mb to save. The next one would be on the air by the time I get that one down.
    Dial up sure had it’s disadvantages.


  • ach, this is a terror, for sure. i been tryin various means of gettin the file sizes more reasonable. this was, believe it or not, the best i could get.

    it’s just over an hour or some such.

  • A good download manager will help a great deal for obtaining large files over a dial-up connection to the Net.

    I’ve had good luck recently with Star Downloader, which has a freely available version for private individual use, and does not seem to include any spyware or other malware baggage. At least, none showed up on my system after I installed it.

    With the proper settings on a good download manager, a 59 MB file can easily be obtained in just a few hours (5 to 6 hours would be my rough estimate over a 56k modem). If you are too impatient to wait that long, you can have it download overnight while you sleep. That should give it plenty of time to finish, unless your dial-up connection is extremely slow (slower than 28.8 kb/second).

    Best of all, if your download gets interrupted in the middle for some reason, a manager utility can resume from the point where it left off, instead of having to start over from the beginning.

    Good luck!

  • Great job on the show as always, Duke. Scotch poetry — now that I can listen to all day. And the music was fantastic as always.

    Overall, the energy was super high and flying — really enjoyed it, man.

  • thank you Eric! glad you dug it!

    i’m very fond of the scotch poetry myself. i’m sure keats wrote a similar ode one day or other.

    and victor, thanks for helpin out with that reccomendation right there!

  • Bennett

    I hate missing out on this stuff, and will paypal $10 to anyone who burns me a CD and mails it to me in Vermont.

    I too have dial up (out in the sticks) and am lucky to get 24kps transfer speed.

    So, the offer is there. Email me if you are willing to do this…anyone!

  • Even if you were on a 14.4 modem, using a download manager would get you the file a lot quicker than having someone mail you a CD.

    However, if you get someone volunteering to mail you ALL of The Duke’s podcasts on CDs, take them up on it. For that much data, a couple of discs by snail mail actually might give you higher bandwidth than dialup.

  • Bennett

    So…. Dukie… Wanna SELL your podcasts?

    All of ’em?

  • goodness, i missed this request. Bennett, it is all too obvious that you haven’t heard them. i’m sure some sort of sending could be arranged, however. but this talk of financial malarkey is all the hilarious in russia. i MUST mention this in podcast 13.

  • Bennett

    Hey, I need my accent fix. Email me and I’ll send you my address. Have you heard the Robin Williams piece on Scottsmen inventing golf? From a live show broadcast on MTV I think. Hilarious! He does accents better than most.

    Personally, I think I need a BC baseball cap with an embroidered logo “You’re Entitled To Our Opinion”, and believe that there is a potential gold mine for BC from this, and from reselling your, and Eric Berlin’s, and other BC podcasters work.

    What’s ten-fifteen bucks for an hour of music that I wouldn’t hear if you guys didn’t assemble it for me?

    I ask you?

  • i think the Powers That Be would question such an enterprise, by way of a quick kick to the legal-glands.

    but yes, emails will be exchanged.

  • Bennett

    Naw, I suggest it only to help EO defray the site expenses.

    “Legal glands…”


  • by powers that be i was of course referring to the RIAA, who, i might add, would have no reason whatsoever for to accost a fella in the first place, since nothing untoward has been done.

  • Bennett



  • I found myself singing “Ice, Ice Motherfucking T” again today. Damn you, Duke. Damn you in the damn fuck glands.

  • hah DJ, it is a song fit for no end of hollering!

    “Bush, Quail an Clinton got a problem wi’ me!
    The motherfuckin T
    I give less than a fuck about any a them…
    Or their fuckin police friends!!”

    marvellous marvellous marvellous

  • Duke, I downloaded this and it was a good listen, quite funny. Since this is the first I heard, I give you props for capturing your voice in your posts almost perfectly.

    Also, I hadn’t heard that Nirvana song in almost 12 years. Thanks for the flashback.

  • Mark, glad i could be of service! and thank you for the kind words, also!

    and Bennett, i forgot to send you that email!! do you still want me to send those items?

    and this is as good a time as any to announce that Podcast 13 is taking all the long in the world for to get done. it’s all on account of it being a more technically complicated affair. if the worst comes to the worst i’ll fling a podcast 12.5 somewheres between now and then.