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BC Gaming Hockey Spotlight

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Are you like us? Football just doesn't get your blood pumping like hockey can? We've got you covered with a face off between NHL 10 and NHL 2K10. Will EA Sports have another breakaway year on the virtual ice? Or will the return of series creator Visual Concepts breath new life into NHL 2K10? Matt Paprocki takes to the ice below.

Face Off: NHL 10 vs. NHL 2K10
It is immediately apparent from the opening face off that 2K10 feels sluggish. EA’s NHL 10 is beautiful in motion, the grace of the players skating across the frozen pond looking and feeling natural.

Xbox 360 Review: NHL 10
One of the few games to use analog controls purposefully, NHL 10 fails to improve the system, but it manages to keep that immersive nature. In tight games, you feel yourself pulling back and slapping the analog stick forward to mimic the motion of your digitally controlled counterpart.


Xbox 360 Review: NHL 2K10
The 2K brand of hockey has been a mess for years, at least since 2K7 when EA Sports revitalized their own franchise for the new console generation. Developer Kush has been kicked off the series, replaced with creator Visual Concepts last year, yet the remnants remain.

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