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BBC Week In Pictures: February 19-25, 2005

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I visited the BBC website to look at their pictures and found this past week’s picture review. What a nice surprise to find they do a weekly picture review… I love looking at wonderful pictures!
My favourites include:
 a man holding his hunted fox against a wonderfully dramatic sky backdrop. I look forward to the day when we no longer get pleasure from killing our animal friends;
 a crafstman making a lantern in preparation for the Chinese lantern festival – this one has a fabulous perspective and colour;
 a man collecting scrap metal in Banda Aceh, Indonesia. This reminds me of all poor people everywhere on our planet who eke out minimal subsistence by foraging in dumps. Just a visual reminder for me of why we have to collectively create a way for everyone to get the food, clothing, shelter, health care and minimal money substance required so that foraging in dumps would only be a hobby for those who choose it;
a strange but delightfully different tennis court where tennis stars Andre Agassi and Roger Federer may have battled fear of heights in addition to each others shots;
a wonderful ‘perceptions vs reality’ shadow shot of Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai, symbolising a conclave of the same name held in India this past week;
fresh, colourful, vibrant new life surrounded, threatened even by snow showers. I really love the symbolism of this one!;
Iraqui Shia women weeping. Image symbolised several pet topics:
1) the instinctive human attunement to our inner divinity, despite culture and other differences. This expresses itself as active involvement, intrigue or disdain for religious or spiritual matters;
2) how women represent ‘heart’ on our planet and that until women come into full balance within themselves and with men on all levels everywhere, the full expression of the power of heart, which is love will not be fully experienced in our collective lives;
3) the importance of releasing emotions to maintain some semblance of sanity in today’s world. 😉
Here are the BBC pics. Enjoy!
I think I’ll review these pics on a weekly basis, unless somebody else is already doing this. I don’t remember seeing weekly reviews on BBC’s weekly picture review here at BC. Has anyone?

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