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BB in trouble again

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CMU reports:

Bobby Brown has gone AWOL and could face time inside for failing to complete any of the conditions of his probation from a drunk-driving conviction.
Brown failed to complete the conditions of his probation from the Apr 96
arrest, which included participation in a risk-reduction program, completion
of 240 hours of community service, six months of twice-weekly Alcoholics
Anonymous meetings and an order to submit to random alcohol and drug
screenings. Now a warrant has been put out for his arrest and police are on
the look out for the former popstar.

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  • And Whitney still doesn’t have a clue. I read the cover story about her in Essence last month. She is still heads over heels for that repulsive creature who married her for her money.

  • Dew

    Actually Mac Diva, I must disagree. WHitney was definitely no angel when they married. Mrs. Houston is a very strong willed and intelligent individual and I doubt seriously she can be easily persuaded to do anything she doesnt want to, hence she probably already had the habits and having someone to share them with only allowed them to glutton in holy matrimony.

    And also, Bobby isnt the leach we would like to make him out to be. I was harshly reminded, while on the Riaa gold and platinum database the Bobby already had money. Although not close to the 30 or so million Whitney has sold, Bobby still had double digits multi selling albums in which he owned publishing and majority royalties.One big reason he split from New Edition he made millions more on his own and yes he is still spending My Perogative money. So they are not hurting at all, I mean besides the self inflicted injuries.

  • But, is Bobby spending his own money or hers? And, remember, he has scads of outside children he must support. That, his habits (pun intended) and his legal fees could eat up his money pretty fast.

    I am not writing a brief for Whitney, however. I agree that she brought her troubles on herself, mainly.

    BTW, this weird relationship interests me enough that it is knocking around in the back of my brain as the possible basis for a novel.

  • Dew

    It’s been the better part of 15 years and Bobby and his money are still going strong, even with the kids. Mind you,I’m no advocate for him, they both have made some questionable decisions, the most conspicuous of which was choosing one another. But tis their bed to frolic and make up.

    A novel? Seriously? About them? Seriously?