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Battlestar Galactica Set to Go Into Hyperdrive in Season 3: Spoilers Included So Beware!

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The Season 2 finale of Battlestar Galctica, entitled ‘Lay Down Your Burdens- Part II,’ was frakkin’ fantastic. Spoilers follow; you have been warned…

Advancing the clock one year later was a stroke of genius by producer Ron Moore. Womanizing President Baltar has settled on New Caprica with over half of the fleet (and it looks like half the single women as well in his chambers!!!). Apparently, the Cylons have not detected them in the nebula. But complications still arise. Starbuck’s husband, Anders, is dying of pneumonia unless Kara can get Pegasus Commander Lee to give up some medical supplies; Galen Tyrol is Union President fighting for the rights of his people, with a pregnant Cally by his side; and, Roslin has gone back into teaching, trying to derive some satisfaction out of her former assignment while being assisted by Maya (who has adopted the Cylon hybrid baby, now named Isis).

But all that changes when a Cylon armada appears overhead and Centurions march into the camp in Nazi-like fashion. Supposedly, when Gina blew herself up and Cloud 9 with the nuclear device Baltar gave her, lingering traces of radiation were detected by the Cylons, hence explaining their presence on New Caprica. Led by the ‘changed’ Six and Eight (from the earlier ‘Downloaded’ episode), the machine race plans to hold the humans hostage while they initiate their new plan (whatever that might be). And as the Raiders zoom overhead, all Kara can relate to Galen is that they will fight them until they can’t. Wow, what an awesome cliffhanger. And coupled with the impressive special effects, this is sure to go down as one of the best (if not most controversial) episodes of the series for daring to be so different.

One would think that news would not be forthcoming so soon on Galactica‘s third season, but it did late this week. NowPlayingMagazine interviewed Ron Moore about the direction he would take with the next batch of 20 episodes. Included below are edited highlights of the interview.

First up, Battlestar Galactica will not be Occupation New Caprica for long. While the Cylons will hold the fleet on the planet, a resolution of sorts will occur by the fourth or fifth episode. According to Moore, “I don’t think it will take quite as long as it took us to wrap up the arc at the beginning of the second season.” The humans will return to the Battlestars Galactica and Pegasus very quickly and resume their journey to Earth.

Secondly, a new arc on the Cylon home world will be introduced. “We’re going to do an ongoing Cylon story where we’re going to be cutting over to the Cylon world for the first time.” As Lucy Lawless (Number Three aka D’anna Biers) is joining the cast for at least 10 episodes, one can only speculate that she will be one of the Cylons on the home world who will try to convince other models that it is the wrong thing to negotiate with the humans. Hopefully, Brother Cavel will show up too; an inside source at the SCI FI Channel has indicated that negotiations are underway to bring back Dean Stockwell to the series in the upcoming season.

Finally, Baltar will further go down the path to darkness and corruption. “[We plan to make him] more of an antagonist.” Whether his character will ever reach the depths of depravity as the original figure played by John Colicos has yet to be determined. When asked whether Gaius will be sitting up in a high chair giving orders to the Cylons like Colicos, Moore could only indicate with a chuckle, “I don’t know… That’s still a possibility.”

In other Season 3 news, SCI FI issued a press release earlier this week announcing that it would delay the series premiere until October 2006. (The release is available at thefutoncritic). Immediately, the boards went crazy, with some fans in “gloom and doom” mood. But a SCI FI source told this reviewer that “BSG is going nowhere.”

Reasons for the delay in airing the next batch of 20 episodes were provided:
1) SCI FI wants to have original programming throughout the entire year instead of at 10-week intervals; 2) the entire set of Galactica episodes will be shown uninterrupted; 3) SCI FI wants to try out other series that are less arc heavy in BSG’s summer timeslot; and 4) it is hoped that a new combo of programs can occur in October, like Season 2 of Dr. Who with Galactica‘s Season 3. All these reasons make sense to this reviewer. Further, the source indicated that Galactica is their premier show, having reached critical acclaim and bringing recognition to the channel. SCI FI remains hopeful Galactica will last several more seasons, and with this programming move, it very well might.

So remain hopeful, keep watching Galactica and perhaps Who as well, and stay tuned to more developments regarding this exciting show as yours truly continues coverage for many seasons to come.

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  • October!!!??? I didn’t know that…. More time to rewatch the entire run thus far and prepare for the return.

  • exBSG Fan

    Frakkin’ Fantastic? Are you kidding? The finale was awkward and boring. The “extra” 30 minutes were for abour 28 extra minutes of commercials. The decision to skip forward an entire year was ludicrous and took away a lot of the emotional involvment fans invested in the characters. Season 2.5 demonstrated that the writers have lost their way. Instead of dealing intelligently with global issues they took an easier and less compelling approach of writing personal stories. And then at the end it was almost like the writers gave up. Unless things change (change back to the original style and premise that made BSG great), season 3 will be the last.

  • Well exBSG Fan:
    You are entitled to your opinion as I am mine.
    And I stand by it.
    It was frakkin’ FANTASTIC!!!!!!

  • Jim Steele

    The season finale was excellent. I’m very happy with the direction they took it. Season 3 will be very interesting…

  • I agree that it was a brave move to time-lapse within a season finale and just carries on the originality BSG has brought to the genre. It also shows the creative control the writers have instead of doing tv by numbers with muppet test audiences shaping the plot and the short-termism that pressure from network’s fear of falling ratings usually brings. To hear of a possible seven more series (as well as UK comedy Peep Show surviving the chop on Channel 4) proves there really are Gods of Kobol. I’m a bit surprised that there are season 3 spoilers out already but with the wait until October it’s good to have the imagination whetted. What happened to the Sharon that was with Helo in the last year? Has she been killed and uploaded into the pissed off looking model that arrived on New Caprica? What powers wil the Cylon baby have, psychic abilities, x-ray vision or just a glowing back? There hasn’t been any duff episodes so cheers Ron and keep the genius flowing.

  • Tim Whalen

    The last two episodes were just plain ludicrous. These two could have been from the creators of South Park and not BSG. They skipped answering the questions that needed answering by using the trick of jumping a year into the future. If they were going to do that they could have just left the show ending with the planet being settled and started next year on the planet. So many shows have done this already. 24 and Andromeda come to mind. I just feel so used by these last two episodes. They tore the heart out of some of my favorite characters with these shortcuts. I will still watch it because it is the only SciFi show around but the last two episodes remind me of what happened to some other shows that were about to be cancelled and tried to tie up a bunch of lose ends.

  • prokopis, Greece

    well, is anybody that can tell, in witch episode, the bsg is searching for earth?????

    exept from episodes in cobol and these ones that starback is went to caprica, THERE IS NO SEARCH FOR EARTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am a fan of Galacting from when i was 8 years old.

    the storie of this serie, in my opinion is very-very weak and absolutely out of his slogan.

    it is a pot-puri of something, like space running…

  • Queequeg, France

    Boy, that was a really great finale, that’s for sure! Though I had never been a fan of the sci-fi genre, I gotta say BSG turned me into a real sucker. Man! Now that’s some frakkin’ good show !! No bug-like E.T., no over-the-top special effects, no really cheesy episodes !! Just great story telling, good characters, real good plots. And an amazing cliffhanger to end Season 2!!
    No matter what others might say : Mr David Eick, you made me a fan of your show… Or should I say shows ? 😉

  • exBSG Fan

    So what made it so frakkin’ fantastic? That they shocked you by jumping ahead a year? Surprise for the shock value doesn’t make a series. Or was it frakkin’ fantastic that they completely switched their approach and instead of dealing with major issues intelligently and with detail they glossed over the plot? Or maybe it was frakkin’ fantastic that they alienated a large number of their viewers so now only the fanbois are left to suck on whatever milk toast Messrs Moore and Eick can put out?

  • James

    Look… either you loved the end of season 2 or you hated it. Personally the more I have thought about it the more that I like it.

    It seems that a lot of folks are unhappy with the time jump. More specifically, what has happened to our favorite characters during that time? I think that RM has a direction which he is going with this and some of the details will be filled in for us in season 3. Will there be flashbacks? Probably. Can he fill in the gaps? Certainly.

    If this show is to survive then it cannot become stale. Staying in space episode after episode can only last so long IMO. I think taking the risk gives RM more options for the storyline.

  • The Scifi Channel should have gone with Bryan Singer and Tom DeSanto, proven producers of excellent Scifi. They had already created an excellent X-Men movie, Scifi should have grabbed Singer before he had to move on to direct second X-Men movie with DeSanto. Singer is directing the new Superman movie and then a Logan’s Run movie. DeSanto is producing the new Transformer movie with Steven Spielberg, way the way to not go Scifi Channel.

  • Well, the DeSanto-Singer project did not go through. RDM is now doing the show & he’s doing a great job. No use crying over what might have been. Either Galactica fans will like the show or not (as James indicated). And I think it was frakkin’ fantastic!!!! (sorry exBSG)

    The door has now been opened to introduce new stories. And while the search for Earth will continue, we can take a look first-hand into the Cylon Order this coming season (we did get a glimpse in the wonderful ‘Downloaded’ episode).
    Unfortunately, TOS made the Cylons mindless robots and had an Imperious Leader that was hardly menacing. Take it away RDM. We new-BSG fans will follow you.

    And here’s to three or more seasons of what I consider to be THE BEST sci-fi show on television.

  • When I first heard about plans about remaking BSG in 2003, I was extremely doubtful about the reimaging of the original series. I watched the original series when it came on in 1978 when I was 14 and still remember watching the pilot episode on ABC.

    When I started watching the new BSG miniseries and the series last year, I was totally floored by it. It ranks as one of the best science fiction TV series ever. At least on par with Star Trek and Star Trek TNG. Maybe even better.

    After watching the season finale Friday night, and watching again on TIVO last night, I have to say the writers of the series are some of the best ever on TV. I had to rewatch the season finale to really appreciate the risk the writers took in moving the series ahead by one year. Well done!

  • Bdogz

    Have loved almost every episode up to season 2 finale. I Hated it, thought it was pretty much a cop-out. Reminded me of all the laughable Star Trek episodes dealing with saving the universe through Time travel and the “magical” time line.

    Just this Sci-Fi Junky’s 2 cents!

  • SloBlog

    I love Scifi. I can’t say that I am a fan of the last 30 minutes of the Season 2 Finale. The Colonial Fleet was disciplined and intact in a galaxy without war for for years and this all goes to pot in a year? The only story that makes sense was the Chief getting married. I would like to have seen the reasons why Gaius sunk so low. I’m hoping the last 30 minutes was a dream sequence.

    Lucy Lawless in clothes is awesome. Kill the sleazy Starbuck as soon as possible.

  • MegaDeth859

    Posting your opinions is great, but don’t try to make people agree with you or convert them to anti-BSG. I love BSG and love the direction that it is going. I don’t mind the time jump, it did catch me by surprise, but then again that’s what the show is all about, surprises. About being ludicrous, you should really ask yourself if you were even a fan to begin with. Have an open mind!

  • cranky1c

    The jump is a risk, but if the promise of what’s offered in the article is fulfilled, this could be a revival for the show, which I think was spotty this season: really good when it was good, pretty bad when it was bad. The one shot episodes muddled the pacing and after a while you started forgetting what the larger motivation of the show was. These arcs with the cylon homeworld, resuming the quest for Earth, and bringing back Stockwell, who was just awesome, are hopeful signs. Also good to see Baltar evolve into a less ambiguous villian. Thanks for the info, J.I.

  • dogo6

    The mini series was so fantastic, but both seasons have had there good and bad parts.
    I agree the time jump was weak for the finale and the last couple of episodes were just poor.

    I mean 50,000 survivors floating on barges in space really couldn’t give a hoot about presidential battles. (there seems to be more reporters then survivors sometimes)

    I hope season 3 improves

  • I think that we may be reading to far into the writers material trying to find some GREAT MEANING to the whole series thsi early in the show. The finale was just that A FINALE meant to leave us wondering. It’s not supposed to give us alot of answers, or show us exactilly what we want to see. The point of these two episodes was to redefine the way we think of some characters, while we cement old relationships with tried and true characters we already know. I am willing to let the creators do what they will with their show and I will enjoy it along the way. The only advice I can give critics is just give Ron Moore and the writers a chance.

  • natie bsgguy

    I think BSG is nuch good tv show,. I like to learning. I thki n I like it very ver y muck/. I think Dr Batler is a Cylon, and There wil nebe much joog action FRAKKIN FANTASTIC!!!!

  • NOOG

    Dr. Baltar is obvioyusly a malfunctioning Cylon.

  • mike

    First off, i have greatly enjoyed the series fron the onset,it,s not 19-78 so I believe the episodes reflect the proper imagination for a science fiction series in this day and age. The use of tech. reflecting more realism and explainability, combined with a strong human element in the story line,lends strong credibility to the sci-fiction community.
    keep up the great wrk!

  • mikemos

    It was an excellent finale. It allows them to show an inhabited New Capirca without going through all of the cylon-less episodes and predictable downward spiral of Baltar. I’m sure we’re going to see ‘flashbacks’ though.

    I love the vision of an occupying force coming in to “improve” humanity (a la the U.S. occupying Iraq). Kudos R.M. We’ll see who doesn’t come back next season. Fan-bois only? I doubt it.

  • H0ser

    The idea to halt BSG until october is crazy. They want to team it up with season 2 of doctor who, BLAH. Im already on episode 4 of doctor season 2. Why show new episdoes of BSG with repeats of doctor who. CRAZY i say.

  • Jay

    The last 30 minutes of the finale seemed so unreal. I was hoping it was Balter dreaming, and yet felt like maybe I was the one dreaming. Hated it immediately, went to bed in a huff and went on about it for hours the next day. But now that I’ve had time to cool my heels, I can’t help but think…how BRILLIANT the whole thing was! This show has a way of “alienating” fans from the story and characters but bringing it all around (almost) full circle in a way that makes me feel all cozy and goose-bumpy at the same time. Season 3 will be the best so far!

  • Rosie Powell

    I thought that the Season 2 finale was at best . . . mediocre. Nor did I care for the second half of Season 2, which was very disappointing. It seems to me that Ron Moore is turning the BATTLESTAR GALACTICA franchise into a second-rate version of BABYLON 5. I hope that he will do better with Season 3.

  • Paulypops

    I can’t help but agree with the people who have suggested that some continuity has been lost by jumping forward so far so quickly. I wish they had more of a build up to this change – rather than the previous few episodes being about unrelated story path.

    I probably enjoyed the series when there was more talk of prophecy and there was a sense of the mystical about the whole thing. I hope the writers have a long term plan for where the story is heading.

    Something really cool to see would be – BSG finds earth and attempts to enlist our help with their fight with the Cylons. Our own internal disagreements hinder such progress when the Cylons find earth too and attack… could be very interesting.

  • jluglue

    Comparing season 2 to season 1, i didn’t like it as much. No, I didn’t say I didn’t like it. Just not as much. My problem wasn’t the season finale, but more the fact that the crew/show lost focus – finding earth. Now this can be viewed both positively and negatively, as if you think about it, after searching for as long as they have, who wouldn’t lose focus? It seems to show the truth of the matter in that regard. Maybe not the greatest material for a show, but I think it was necessary. Now with the season finale and 1 year time skip. I actually didn’t find anything wrong with that. In fact I felt it was artfully done. The people below seemed to be operating like zombies, trying to scrape out a living. And if after 1 year, no major developments occurred, then that means they’ve been scraping and surviving for an entire year. That last half an hour artfully showed what’s been happening for an entire year. Also, it shows the consequences of the crew losing focus. So maybe the loss of focus wasn’t for nothing afterall. Season finale was well done in my mind. We’ll see what happens in season 3. (all tingly inside with anticipation)

  • miniv

    I thought the saeson finale was good, but after a finale for a seris you like it makes you want to know whats happening after and so a lot of people just go on the internet to look for stuff they only thing that annoys me is that we have to wait so long for season 3

  • killerapp

    People. . .come on. . .
    The sci-Fi genre generally produces over the top crap. This is the first si-fi mini-series I have seen that stands the smell test. Sci-fi at its best uses unusual situations to ask the simple question: “what it is to be human given this situation?” So far BSG has done a fantastic job of keeping the humanity. movies and shows of this type often use nice graphics and THX sound to make up for the fact that there is nothing of substance there (george lucas could learn a thing or two by watching BSG).
    As to the end of season two, so what? They skipped a year. The show is about an escape on space craft is it not? I thought it was perfect. The characters I know and appreciate were stranded on a starship not a planet. . . If I wanted that I would watch Lost.
    Its easy to be critical when you don’t have to write the episodes. So far this show is the best one I’ve seen in this genre. Hands down.

  • Scorpion


    Never say that BSG is cheating or that the people responsible for the making of the show are unimaginative or using shortcuts! It simply IS NOT true, and don t insult the makers of South Park, it just isn t fair to these people b ecouse all they want to do is make some money , stay at their jobs and entertain us!

    Ask yourself two questions :
    1. Can anything, exceptions ofcourse, move your behind from the TV while BSG is on ?
    2. Would you trade a night with Catherine Zeta or Angelina, while not pregnant ofcourse, for an exclusive right to see the premier of BSG SEASON 3 tonight?

    The following is just my opinion but I have been wrong on so many times I even stopped counting after the second one, that is the reason there are no three questions, :() lol

    If any of your answers is no than you are not a person that should even be discusing BSG! No offense please, really please couse only a true fan can say or feel a relevant issue for the BSG. The BSG was made for these fans¨! The makers of the series will hear us and act acordingly couse they themselves are fans too. So don t be dissapointed for the “shortcut” couse it could be a secret weapon for Season 4 or a completely different show!!

    Just believe that they are going where no Cylon or Hunam has gone before and asking a lot of tricky questions along the way ! hehe.

    But will they provide answers ?

  • 24Karat

    Man, the finale episode of season two was absolutelly sensaaaational I think anyone who says that they liked the “first half” of season two or that it’s turning into something else like Babylon 5 (4 Frak’s sake) is not really much pf a BSG fan and I’d like to see them write & produce a better Sci Fi show. Kongratulationz to everyone who had anything to do with the production of BSG. Keep up the outstanding work & thanx.

  • 24Karat

    Just want to add that if they didn’t leap a year further down the track in finale episode then imagine all the bullshit you’d have to have seen on “New Caprica” setting up, hunting and gathering, a relationship between Callie & Chief Tyrell (sounds like Star Trek). NO THANX!!!!!! That would be an entire season in itself. Why are people so hung up on things like that? Sounds to me like these sort of so called BSG fanz should be watching “Days Of Lives” or “Neighbours”.

  • jake-bsg-super-fan

    love this show, really love it.


  • Taishanglao

    The 1 year jump was Balthar’s dream you guyz…don’t you realise thats why the story was so lame…it was trying to be unbelieveable, different to what we know and expect…coz it wasn’t a real part of the story. The dream started when Balthar rested his head on the office desk…he is dreaming about the consequences of his decisions…

    Here’s the clincher…in para 4 in the above article: “The humans will return to the Battlestars Galactica and Pegasus very quickly and resume their journey”

    Pegasus was not blown up by the nuke…

  • dean

    10 episodes slots were better. Writers get writers block. It is hard to keep it fresh and original. THe series / ratings will drop unless they can bring aboard more writers or get new characters

  • John

    I hope they stay away from that god/religious mumbo jumbo ceylon god etc stories. It is total rubbish and just plain lazy and a filler by the writers who can’t come up with any better stories. I dread watching that rubbish. Also the TV audience ratings plummet every time they screen those stories. Stick with Shakespearean stuff like crimes of passion stories like murder, greed , corruption, power, love / hate jealously human weakness like money etc emotional human stuff like losing loved ones etc. The presidential stories / humble school teacher who lusts for power and doesn’t want to give it up and continuess to stay in office even if it means rigging the electoral voting system was good. The writers have got lazxy when there is plenty e to work with and they have lots of characters to work off. They can develop some of the chracters even without the ceylons involved. Even killing off an occassional lead actor would be good. I would like to see some good old scandal where the ceylons blackmail one of the lead characters. Or compromise them that could jeopadise their career. Getting someone killed in a training accident or shooting a civilian ship thinking it was a ceylon. Drinking on the job or taking drugs etc.

  • me

    I dont understand people searching for things to read about BSG and then taking the time to bag on it. This is the best show i have ever whatched. Not the best scifi, the best period. If you could do better you would. So shut up and watch , or dont. But leave us in peace.

  • PubliusClodius

    Great review, and very informative as well!


  • CC Coleman

    I was overseas doing other things this last season and I want to know when it is coming out on DVD so I can catch up – I’ll be gone again by the time the next season slowly rolls up and I’ll be searching again for the next season when I return.

    Being in the Merchant Marine and a Navy Vet you know – I can’t dislike BSG. I can relete to this more than other Space Ship SCIF-EE shows. Oh, but I am a SCIF-EE fan and always have been.

    Floating out on the ships like I do is boring with Drama made up as we go along. Our shoreside command is bureaucratic/moronic and once we go out to sail all that crap goes out the window.

    Anyway – I have some long waits ahead and I hope the series keeps going along like the mini and first season. The second season seemed like bridge season to where ever they are going. Hope it is a good place or goes B7 at the end – that would be life for sure.

  • Guiness

    The Directing is the best part about the show. And James Olmos, of course. The last episode was a tad awkward, as many of you mentioned, because we have lost touch with our beloved characters, even after spending the last 10 episodes focussed more on character development and less on story. The appeal of the show is that the characters eveolve with the story. The last 10 episodes we good, but seemed to be a little too “space soap opera” and i actually found myself getting sick of some of the characters. I still consider James Olmos to be the “COMMANDER” and not the admiral or whatever rank they decide to give him in season 3. The title suited him better. We’ve only had a few episodes to get used to all the changes in rank, job descriptions and hairdoos. I have an open mind, since the creative geniuses are still behind the wheel. Its still the best show on tv and the plot is far from getting old and tired. No matter how much you whine and complain, I am certain you will be watching season 3… Chief Tyrol’s season 3 beard is Frakn awesome.

  • tery

    i personaly like the jump ahead a year and loved the ending i was getting realy bored with all the fighting between the humans. witch we all know would realy happen. but at some piont u know they can not make it to were every one is just happy and say hay lets go to earth. The final ep of season 2 left every thing open to the writers they can go anywere from this piont and did not bore us all with all the fighting between humans.

  • RP1

    John- ceylon ? Eh ? Don’t you mean Sri Lankan!?

  • Pat

    Like the new show ,watched the old show growing up .Jumping ahead one year ,so what because of the good writting and time spent on the stroy of each person you can imangen how and what happend to them thats good story when you can see the story on fold in your mind .And did anyone notice how long year is for them 137 days

  • mel1tkos

    I haven’t seen BSG since my teens and I thought the new BSG was and hopefully still be brilliantly awsome, it was great to see the characters develope and mature as if in real time, it showed an in depth personal style of all the characters that was created. And I am certain you wouldn’t shirk from season 3….

  • Jes

    Just finished watching Series 2/BSG DVD. Gripping!. Just one suggestion to Olmos: one-year jumps I can live with but lose the ‘tash!

  • cakresvari

    Ok~ people who don’t like the leap forward, would you really like to watch a year full of them moving down to the planet, setting up the town and no drama with no cyclons? I think it is a risk that the writers took – obviously from all the neg. comments about it – but isn’t that one of the hallmarks of the show and why we like it? The risks and unconventional story telling?

  • kim

    At first I didn’t know what to make of it…it took me a long while to figure out how to feel about the time jump. But then the more I thought about it, the more I enjoyed being rattled by something unusual from the writers. Plus, when you consider that they’re still a long way from Earth, we may have to endure a time jump or two to get there within the next few years, depending on how long the series will last. BSG is a such a vast improvement on the usual crap that pours out of the boob tube. JMHO.

  • tom

    hate the show u r all noobs with a capital N

  • tom

    i rrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy do

  • Daniel

    Just finished watching series 2 and it was absolutely stunning,love the story so far and i am not in any way dissapointed with any part of it,all is good and i look forward to the 3rd.I must enquire however to its connection to the original series where my favourite episode was when the fleet came across 2 planets very close to each other on its path to Earth.Each planet inhabited by people and warring with each other.One finaly launches a salvo of destructive missiles at the other and the Galactica intervenes,saving the day.Will we see such a story in the new Galactica??????

  • Viginti tres

    Holy Tvgasm. That was probably the best bit of tv i have watched, Probably ever.

    I can understand where people are coming from as i didn’t really like the time jumps that occured between episodes but this was truely inventive television.

    I just can’t wait until season three comes out on Dvd because i have no way to get the sci-fi channel.

  • space monkey

    What i like about the show is what every one else likes, the fresh plot lines, the unconventional story telling and i totally dig the space combat, and what i don’t like is the fact that the writers and director only have so much. Don’t forget people, Buffy had to end, Friends had to end and when it gets to the point where Starbucks newest mission is a trip to the shops for a pint of milk, BSG will end too. Enjoy it while it lasts. Or don’t enjoy it, and change the channel! Oh, and Tom, why are we noobs? and noobs at what? Thanks for voicing your opinion on BSG by the way, really well thought out. Let’s start a fight – BSG Vs Firefly! C’mon, there has to be some money to get it back in the game, BSG has proven Sci-Fi can be a rating s winner.

  • boo

    I just watched Season 1 and 2 on netflix and wondered what the reaction was to the finale at the time of its airing. Thank god or gods for the internet.

    I’m surprised that so many people disliked it and/or were so dismissive of it. I thought it really brought the season 2 arc to a close and then through the time jump, allowed our heroes to heal and rediscover themselves in time for something to actually happen. I just don’t think anyone would want to see a year of Starbuck in wuv and the Adamas slowly getting tired and useless. Correct me if I’m wrong. Please send my reply back to 2006 when it meant something.