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“Batman: The Dark Knight Returns” – Review

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I’ve never been a huge Batman fan (I’m more of a Spiderman guy), but on the recommendation of another blogger (bloggist? Anyone know the correct term here?) I gave Batman: The Dark Knight Returns a read during my continuing “Let’s Give Graphic Novels a Chance” read-a-thon, and here’s what I’ve come up with.


It’s not bad, but it’s not great either.

While I loved Miller’s art (honestly, it’s just breathtaking), sometimes the story sorta crapped out one me. I very much enjoyed the notion of an older Batman with aches and pains, but Robin the girl wonder grated on me pretty quickly. I liked the more complex story and plot, but got really tired of the Reagan stuff. The graphic realism and grittiness was a lot of fun and a welcome change, but then the banter of the Mutants and the Sons of Batman bored me.

And pretty much that’s how the book went for me. Every time I found something I really liked, I found something soon after that balanced the equation again.

I know most of your comic book, I’m sorry, graphic novel aficionados see this volume as one of the best examples of the genre, but to me, Mr. Casual Reader, it’s a mixed bag.

I wanted to really love this, but if I’m to be completely honest with myself, it’s not something I’d pick up again. And yet I’m not giving up on the genre. I got a pile of stuff from the library this morning and I’m looking forward to digging in.

And I guess, in that way, Batman: The Dark Knight Returns was a success.

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