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Bat Boy found in Cave!

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Yes, its been about ten years since the little critter was discovered and fled from his cave of solitude. Ever since then the Weekly World News has told us about his capturing, escape, capturing again, amazing escape once more, and his whereabouts making him one of readers favorite… uh…. things.

But what is bat boy? Is it a human? a bat? is it capable of life on land or in a metropolis? This is where Bat Boy the musical steps in.

Based on the WWN story, Bat Boy the Musical follows the adventures of Bat Boy in the small hick town of hope falls as he tries to become a accepted member of the community. After playing to rave reviews in LA and Off-Broadway, BBtM is now becoming a popular show amongst theater groups with small budgets (even though the off boradway show had plenty of grandure). The script was published in September, so my guess is the show is just starting to pick up steam. You might very well have a Bat Boy on your front stoop one day.

The musical is full of fun songs which will make you laugh, and the cast recording has some wonderful voices. In the end, however, the heart of BB:tM is in its sincerity and its a strong theme against discrimination.

The CD is perfect for all your theater friends, while you may wish to save the script for someone a little more hardcore. Both sit on my desk like trophys near my BBtM poster, ticket stub, coasters, and dog chain.

In the end the show boils down to one thing; “Hold your Bat Boy. Love your Bat Boy.”

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About Bat Boy

  • Michael Gomlak

    I flew in from the east coast and popped in to see BatBoy, wow what a great fun filled two and a half hours! The cast was great and Justin Greer was quite a treat. I hope the folks in San Fran enjoy it as much and pack the theater with riotous laughter. I’d recommend this show to anybody who likes to laugh.

  • nasty nash

    batboy is the man of the year i believe not only has he endangered the lives of many but he has also taught us many lessons