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Baseball Comes Home to Chicago

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I’m not going to deny it, I feel very good for the Chicago White Sox. After more than eight decades of fruitlessness, the South Siders won the ultimate trophy and glory.

This is, of course, a deja vu-like throwback to last year when the Boston Red Sox won their first championship title in 86 years. The similarities are there: A 4-0 sweep of their NL competitors (the Astros), and the last out was made on a bouncer to the pitcher (although it was actually the shortstop, Juan Uribe, who threw to first).

And so, as yet another frustrated team can comfortably leave their tortured past behind them, that begs the question: Can the Cubs or Indians be next?

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  • I am pulling for the Cubies!

  • I’ve said it multiple times — it will be another team who ends in ‘X’

    Hence, next year’s winner is the Arizona Diamondbax.

  • I would love to see the Cubbies get a title. I am a Red Sox fan, so I don’t get caught up in the White Sox-Cubs rivalry; I’d feel good for both teams.

    Well, it’s “Diamondbacks,” so we’ll see if that prognostication pans out.

  • MCH

    Right on, MEM. I’m a Bosox fan too, and was rooting for a Cubs-Red Sox series a couple years ago when they were both in the playoffs and didn’t make it. This year’s series was great, featuring two teams that haven’t been there for decades; excellent, competitive back-and-forth games; and standout pitching and defense.

    So, the Bosox get their first World Series in 86 years…the Chisox claim their first crown in 88 years…and, since next year will be the 100th anniversary of the Cubs last title, in 1906…GO CUBBIES!!!