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Barnes and Noble is Scum

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I’m all about from now on. B&N screwed me.

I’ve been reading all weekend about stuff I should have been reading two weeks ago. Am I lazy? No. B&N is at fault. They were late in delivering my books. Late, and arrogant.

I called their so-called “Customer Service” line twice. Once, I was told told to call back later. The other time, I was mocked and hung up on.

I guess they don’t want my money. So I’ll go where I’m treated a ‘lil better:

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  • SirGeorgesPianoBroke

    Reading a lot of these I observe a lot of irrational judgements and customers or employees who would rather paint everything black and white as opposed to addressing problems individually. Aside from corporate, people have to realize the sociological factor that lies here. The customers and possibly employees you get depends a lot on where the store itself is located. Sorry if I’m spurring controversy here but some of these stores that have the employees living nightmares: what’s the average age group, educational levels, income bracket, crime rate, possible average IQ of the area you’re in? Sorry to say but a ton of these factors are strongly correlated to the way people act, and there are countless statistics to support this.

    I myself have been a bookseller at B&N in Deer Park here in Illinois, and I’ve also worked as a “Genius” at an Apple store and at Geek Squad; albeit all were in high school which was several years ago. I’ve pretty much noticed the same trends among the costumers, it’s not as if B&N has a magnet for attracting sucky people. If your B&N is in the ghetto, then yes you will probably have people wanking and homeless people stumbling in.

    One thing I must point out though (and there have even been articles in BusinessWeek and Fortune about this) is that B&N lacks corporate dynamic. They might be a Fortune 500, but only because unions ruined Borders (highlight this benefit leeches of B&N) and Amazon is never going to establish itself in retail, allowing B&N to monopolize bookstores. Nothing wrong with this, but there is when corporate lacks the need to seek improvement whether it be from industry experts or simple suggestions from booksellers themselves then there’s a problem. It’s almost as if B&N is sailing on smooth seas because the storm happened to miss the ship, but not because the ship is strong. A company which focuses on quarterly profits over long term ones and lacks dynamic in improving store communication, technology in store and with shipping, not to mention management order in a lot of stores seems like a company which got lucky when Borders sank and no other competition kept B&N from taking the retail market in bookselling. Oh well, that’s my two cents.

  • SirGeorgesPianoBroke

    On a second note, if anyone from the Deer Park B&N is reading this: if you keep minimizing your science, educational, history, philosophy, and classic lit sections to bring in more toys and action figures (because you already have so many that you have to put those stupid action figures from that zombie movie or harry potter on each damn bookshelf end in the store) then your warp and implode for managing to inverse the damn definition of a BOOKstore and breaking the universe. There will be a black hole in the place of the store where all the morons who used to come and harass me about missing pieces to the one of thousands of board games we would sell can jump in. That is all :-D

  • Suchaya

    Wow! Even 6-8 years later Barnes and Noble still can’t get it right?!
    I am livid!
    I currently reside in Australia, yes, I understand it is international and far away from the USA but I’ve never experienced such SLOW delivery and poor customer service from any other online provider in the USA.
    I have been waiting over a month for a simple Journal.
    Firstly, the first customer service email gave me an incorrect ETA date.
    The second email practically just cut and copied the same standard answer which I had received before (and I did follow the advice previously) – then they continued to be sarcastic about their “assistance” and threw the blame on Customs and the local postal service in my country – which I had already called (as advised the first time), and they stated that they wouldn’t be interested in with-holding a simple Journal, which is not a high risk or suspicious item.
    I’m still waiting for my Journal to arrive…

  • Toitanya

    I work at a Barnes & Noble in AZ. We have a manager who does not even speak to his employees. It makes for a hostile work environment.

  • anon

    Just finished my job as seasonal help at my local B&N. We were given only the most basic training. I figured out a lot of things on my own as I went along.

    While the seasonal employees worked there, the regular employees (who know their jobs quite well)had their hours cut drastically so the company didn’t have to pay their higher wages. Of course, the seasonals, who don’t know the job well at all, were left to find and order books, run the cash registers, fix drinks in the cafe, clean the restrooms and reshelve the books as best as we could. Which most of the time was disastrous.

    Treating your employees this badly is the same as treating your customers badly. Shopping there during the holidays is not a smart thing to do. I won’t be a B&N employee or customer ever again.