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Barbaric treatment of asylum-seekers and prisoners

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Britain is sending homosexual men back to Iran, where they face persecution and possible execution. The fear and desperation caused at least one to take his own life …

Hussein Nasseri looked out on to that cold, grey Sussex sea in June 2004 as he made his way to an activity centre.
Did any of the elderly residents and holidaymakers squint at him, or even automatically smile at him in the way old people often do, as he passed them on the street? If they did, he probably didn’t notice.
He went into the activity centre car park and shot himself between the eyes.
Hussein, 26 years old, was a gay man who fled Iran and came to Britain. He had already spent three months in prison in Iran for being gay and feared execution if he was sent back.
In June 2004 the Home Office refused to grant him asylum and was going to send him back to Iran.
So he killed himself.

Read this excellent post on Musings from Middle England and if you are in the UK write to your MP; I have.

(Found on Tim Worstall’s Britblog roundup.)

But when it comes to pure barbarism, it is always hard to beat America. There’s an account on Women’s eNews of woman who had to go to court to enforce her right to an abortion, which of course she had to pay for, and made just in time.

But what really struck me was the account further down the story of a woman who spent the last three weeks of her pregnancy chained to a hospital bed, having to call for assistance to have her chains moved when she even wanted to turn over.

Now I’ve never been pregnant, and don’t expect to be, but when you see heavily pregnant women they usually look very uncomfortable and shift around regularly trying to find some relief. Just imagine!

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  • But you see, Ms. Bennett, homosexuals are expendable. Hitler slaughtered at least a million in concentration camps. Nobody gave a shit. Iran executed two teenage boys this summer for homosexuality. It didn’t even make the front page. Homosexuality is a great scapegoat for the ills of any society. Drop a hurricane on the Gulf of Mexico? Blame a fag. Fly two airplanes into the WTC? Blame the queers. Give women equality and dignity? They’re a bunch of dikes.

    What does it say for a ‘civilized society’ when a parent would rather see their child dead than gay? There’s nothing Judeo-Christian about that school of thought. We’re so preoccupied what people are doing in the confines of their bedrooms that we’ve lost our focus on what’s really important. Am I becoming a man who’s filled with anger? You bet I am. I’m not letting anyone in this country tell me I’m a second rate citizen. I’m equal to every other human being on the planet and if my personal human dignity can’t be respected then kiss my tuches.

  • ukexpat

    The problem with New Labour is that it is really the Conservatives in disguise — this sort of thing, along with the emphasis on law and order, warmongering in Iraq etc are the sort of thing you would have expected from the Thatcherite Conservatives, not the old Labour Party. Labour’s socialist founders must be spinning in their graves.